Written by Me


I'll relish the moment my tongue first tastes your wet sex and when my lips tug gently on your pussy, making you squirm and shudder. When the tip of my tongue brushes against your clit, your head rocks backwards and your eyes close to savour the intensity of your most personal pleasure Then I'll stand in front of you, watching as you slowly remove my briefs and un-curl my pulsing length and draw it towards your mouth. You lick your lips and look me straight in the eye as my cock head disappears inside your mouth and your lips clamp around it.

I pull back but you suck harder. You grab my ass with both hands and force me to fuck your mouth. The sight of your tits bouncing keeps me rock hard but I can see my precum glistening on your lips with every stroke in and out of your mouth. 

You release a hand from my ass and begin to strum your clit. I feel your tongue working feverishly up and down my penis. Now you have three fingers inside yourself and you withdraw them slowly from your wetness. "Let me taste them" I plead.

Willingly, without removing my cock from your warm mouth, you push your slippery hand into my mouth and I savour the taste of every finger. You let my wet shaft escape your lips, leaving a trail of glistening pre-cum from its tip to your chin. Now I need to be deep inside you.

I lift you up onto the kitchen work surface and part your legs in the sexiest of stockings. I lean toward you and kiss your mouth deeply and taste my pre-cum mixed with your sweet saliva. After kissing and sucking on each erect nipple I grab the base of my shaft and pull my foreskin back revealing a purple swollen head. You gasp at the sight of it and my ball sac swinging beneath. 

"Fucking fuck me you fucker, and fuck me fucking hard!" you yell at me....as if you were going to get anything less. Pausing briefly to stroke your clit with my shaft, I enter your pink cave and feel the walls of your pussy grip as each inch gets further inside. 

"Oh shit, yes, yes!" is your response as I clench my butt and on tip-toes slide in and out of you. As I shaft your wet cunt we kiss, I suck your nipples, you run a hand through my hair and pull my head down between your breasts. You reach behind me and grabbing my ass, force me deeper and harder inside you.

"Finger me, finger me" I cry and you instantly respond with your index finger in my ass. "Oh fucking hell, yes, finger me!" I cry as you slide in and out of me as I continue to pound between your legs. 

"Bone me from behind" you say as I turn you around and bend you over the kitchen table. "...and this time in my ass". With your tits swinging above your kitchen table I drop to my knees and pull your ass wide. In a moment my tongue is lapping like a new-born lamb at your dripping cunt and moving northwards to your tight asshole.

I spit in the crack and watch as it rolls down onto the skin guarding your anal cavity. I stand rapidly and guide my erection towards your top hole. Slowly I push the head inside and I feel a strong resistance. "Ahhh, ooohhh, shiiiiit!!" is your response to my action. I feel your ass lips relax so I push ever deeper inside.

I push to more extreme depths and with your tits still squashed on the table you turn your head to look at me and say "Never...stop...fucking...me...EVER!" Then your eyes close tight shut as my balls touch the tight skin around your anus. While I continue to batter your hole, you reach between your legs and begin to finger-fuck your pussy. Your hand breaks free from your cunt and feels my shaft entering your asshole, your own pussy juices acting as lubricant. 

"I wanna taste you" and you pull away from me and descend to the floor to swallow my sticky length. Still looking me in the eye, you lick all your juices from my balls to my tip. 

"I want you to cum all over me". I place my length between your breasts, now covered in beads of perspiration, and you push them together to increase my pleasure as I slowly fuck the pink valley between them. The sensation is sublime. I feel my balls tighten and the natural chemicals of intense pleasure surge through my brain. "Oh shit, I'm gonna cum!". The feeling of euphoria hits a new high and my ball-cream leaps from my swollen tip and splashes over your mouth, chin and drips onto your breasts. Another spurt flies into your hair and drops onto your cheek. One more jet floods out and onto your stomach and runs rapidly down to your shaven pussy which you catch on your finger and rub up and down your puffy clit. 

This is just too much for you and with my cum hanging off all sections of your body, you hit a shuddering climax. Your head rocks back as you continue to frig yourself and I wipe the remaining cum from my cock on your shiny chin.....