Written by Mushroom


As I rounded the final few bends before arriving, last minute nerves began to set in. I reached down to the console fumbling for my cigarettes, keeping my eyes fixed ahead while the headlights fought to penetrate the blackness of an overcast new moon night in rural New Zealand. Drawing my lighter from my pocket I lit the cigarette and inhaled deeply, uncertain, perhaps even a little afraid. Hitting the down control for my window allows an icy flow of mist laden air straight into my face and causes a deep shiver, or was it the growing anticipation of what was to come?

“In 500 metres your destination is on the left.” The GPS tells me to look for the entrance. I flick my cigarette out the window and think how stupid it was to smoke before arriving, how stupid it is to smoke at all for that matter.

Approaching the driveway, I see that letter box as described, large and red with white lettering. Quickly I check the time, perfect, almost exact. Carefully I’m scanning for other cars, everything is clear, so I turn in. Slowly making the 200 metre journey over the seemingly deafening gravel that lines the way. No signs of movement, good. Arrival times are staggered and specific, instruction is that no-one is to meet with, see, or talk to any other person prior to entry. Apparently, you are watched from the time you turn in, and you must avoid all contact, or the door will not be opened for you. Likewise, if you are more than a minute or two early or late, you will receive no answer.

Pulling into the parking area at the main frontage of the house I notice about a dozen vehicles already here. It’s difficult to judge the size of the home which is only partly visible with spilled light from my headlights, but it looks impressive. I find a gap and park. Only when I turn out the lights do I realise just how dark it is, pitch, with only a dim light at the entrance

Opening the glovebox I grab my cologne, and apply two small sprays, to my neck and to my chest. I pop a mint in my mouth, take a deep breath and exit the car. Nerves are high, which I can’t understand. I’ve been to adult parties before, sure this one was a little different, but I had been told what to expect, kind of. I knew the door had a remote lock, that would open and let me in. I had been told that I would be able to see much if anything once inside, and I had been instructed that once I close the door behind me, I would be guided, gently to what was waiting.

Walking up the stairs to the door there are no obvious signs of life inside, no light shining from cracks in curtains, and no noise at all, not voices, not music, just blackness and silence. I press the door bell, which makes no noise outside. Long moments pass in the silence, and I wonder if the bell works. Getting ready to try knocking, and “CLACK!” what can only be the remote lock scares me half to death. A cracking intercom begins to speak.

“Welcome to Elevated James, where your sensory perception is diminished, so your sexual experience is heightened.” Spoke a pleasant female voice through the static.

“When you enter, you will be in a dark area, surrounded by black hanging sheets. You will be helped from your clothes, and they will be stored safely for you. Once naked head forwards, it isn’t far, and you’ll step through the end sheet. Your room is the second door on the left. Inside you will find another guest. She is waiting for you. What happens is between you and her. There are towels and required provisions on the foot of the bed. When you are both ready to leave the room you must exit separately, at least 30 seconds apart. Her first, DO NOT follow her out. Turn left from your door and continue up the passageway to the end door and come through. Come in, and enjoy yourself.”

I turned the handle and the oversize door opened effortlessly. I felt a gentle warmth as I stepped inside and closed the door behind me. With the door closed I could only see the slightest light coming from between the gaps in the sheets surrounding the entrance way. The sheets were the width of the door and I could feel they were blocking out a larger entrance.

As I stood trying to let my eyes adjust, I could see more of the dull light coming through either side. The sheets were being pushed slightly apart and hands were coming through. How many, what gender, I couldn’t tell. But the were gentle, soft. They caressed over my clothing finding my shirt buttons, my belt, my zipper. I could feel the touch of skin as they slid my clothing from me. It was a strange but exciting experience.

Before long I stood naked, and the hands returned from whence they came. With my concentration coming back I could now hear something. I heard several soft footsteps, barefoot, either side of me. I could hear something further off. Whether it was voices, or music, or something else I couldn’t tell. The walls must be well insulated, or the noise coming from a distant part of the house, or both.

Carefully I edged forward and departed the confines of the of the de-clothing area. On the other side of the sheet dim LED lights lined the passage at the base of the walls. Not really enough to see, but enough to make out the walls and prevent you from walking into them.

I found the second door on the left and gently opened it. Similar LED lights rimed the room, but even less bright than in the passage. I could barely make out the shape of a person sitting on a bed. She started to stand, and I closed the door. I almost lost her to the dark for a moment, then the slight shape came back to me. We walked towards each other, I could roughly judge her height but not much more.

“Hi.” I said as we stood in front of each other, neither able to see more than a silhouette of each other.

“Don’t talk.” She gently spoke and placed her hand on my chest as she leaned into me.

I reached out and cupped her neck as our lips came together. My other hand found her waist, and I ran up her back, down over her ass, back up again as I explored her body in the darkness. Her hot skin under my hands revealing her shape to me, her curves, her softness. I take in her scent as I kiss her deeply, quickly becoming more and more aroused.

As my cock grows ever harder I can feel it rubbing on her body. I know she feels it too as she starts to push herself against it. I’m moving both my hands over her now, seeing her body by touch alone. Her breasts feel like perfection, ‘C’ cup maybe, pert and full to the touch. Her waist flows into her tight ass just right. About five foot four I think, I can literally and almost see her figure in my mind.

Her hand moves down and takes hold of my now fully hard cock, and she stokes it slowly and gently as I nibble her neck and ear. Light and gentle with the teeth, mixed with soft kisses, hot breath, and wet tongue. My hands now mixing firm with soft, hard with gentle.

Running my fingertips around her inner thighs in circles I move slowly closer to her sweet glory. She opens her stance slightly as I get closer and lets my hand find its goal more easily. I can feel her wetness before I even get to her soft velvety lips, her sweet juices already flowing.

I run my fingers through her moistness, feeling the hotness of her pussy, but not for too long. I bring my wet fingers to her mouth, and let her taste herself, which she does with passion, sucking them into her mouth.

Sliding my finger tips from her face, down her neck to the top of her shoulder I push downward. It doesn’t take much, she knows what I want. Slowly she works her way down my body, kissing my chest, nibbling and sucking my nipples, running her hands up and down as she goes with just the slightest of brushes over my throbbing, rock hard manhood. I run my fingers through her hair as she licks around my belly. For the first time I notice her hair, like strands of silk between my fingers. It feels straight and just over shoulder length, enough for a nice pony tail, or a good fistful. Further down she goes, painfully slowly, but oh so sensually working her tongue and lips over my pelvis. I move my fingers through her hair some more, letting its soft warmth drop against me as I wonder, “Is she a sexy blonde, or a beautiful brunette?”

I spread my stance as she slides her tongue down my inner thigh, back up the other leg inching closer, and closer to my eager stiffness. I can feel my cock rub on her face as she nears, and she tickles my smooth freshly shaven balls with here fingertips.

“That’s her hair!” I think as I feel something soft in her hand as she cradles my balls, “Definitely blonde.” I smile to myself in the dark.

She takes my hardness in her hand, holding it gently as I feel her lips reach my shaft. Tugging and tickling my scrotum she slides her wet mouth up my arousal towards the blood engorged head, now dripping with pre-cum in anticipation of entry.

I twitch slightly as she softly licks and sucks just the very tip, using her lips just right, tasting and cleaning the drops of slippery love fluid produced by my organ.

Now taking my helmet completely in her mouth she starts to stoke up and down my staff. Starting slowly, not too much pressure. Her hot mouth and tongue enveloping and rotating over the tip of my eager phallus. I let out a little gasp.

The heat of her mouth feels incredible. “Is it the darkness and my imagination adding to the feeling of heat?” I ponder. I can’t tell but I don’t remember ever getting head that felt this good!

The tightness of her grip and speed of her strokes starts to increase. I’m looking down even though I can’t see her delectable and obviously well practised action. I realise I’m moaning a little as she deftly massages my package. God that feels good!

Feeling her stop stroking and grip the base of my peaking erection and a slip my hand behind her head. She starts taking me into her mouth, sliding forward and back, deeper with every motion. I’ve got a handful of hair, not tightly. I push softly on the back of her head with each delightful bob of her head, imagining in my mind’s eye my cock reaching ever deeper in her mouth.

Starting to feel some resistance as my pole penetrates towards the back of her face pussy I start to hold her head at that depth for a few seconds between probes. Lengthening pauses slightly with each deep insertion. She gurgles a little, slight noises of distress, until during one long thrust she pushes away, gagging, and gathering breath. My dick is a little larger than average, she needs a rest.

Using my thumb, I clear the water I know is gathering below her eyes, even though I can’t see it.

“Take a break babygirl,” I say. “Suck my balls.”

“Ssshhhhhhh.” Is all she says, and starts wanking my fuck-stick again, and swirling her tongue around my sensitive sack. Nuzzling my balls with her mouth, and expertly kneading my cock, she pulls my scrotum into her mouth with pure suction, moving her head back slowly until it pops back out from her tightly clamping lips. Worshiping my long organ and soft stones with her hands and mouth.

I feel her finger circling my anus. Her finger is slippery, wet. She must be the secretions from her own hot sweet spot. Caressing and rubbing turns into slight probing, no more than the first joint I would say, but by fuck am I getting hot.

A mixture of blood and adrenaline is coursing through my body, dopamine levels rising in waves as this woman tantalises my inflamed penis until I can hardly hold back. I take a hold of my own manness and raise her head with my hand under her chin. I feel her eager lips part at the touch of my meat stick and I hold it to get the angle I want, and feed it firmly in. My hand behind her head again, pushing deeper than before I feel her throat opening, she will take me all.

Her hand replaces mine at the base of my shaft as she takes control of entry. With one hand still behind her head, I move my newly free hand to her neck and form a firm but not tight grip. I start to pound her facial fuck hole, deeply to the base, pulling her head into me. I can feel my beast in the grip of my hand around her throat with every hard thrust. Groaning in pleasure while her throat emits gurgles and her nostrils spurt with gasping nasal breaths, in and out. I could unload right now and be happy, because this is pleasuring even the gods of Rome will never know. But I don’t, I slow and slide my length out of her throat, slowly savouring every millimetre of sensation, back across her tongue and out between her lips. She coughs a little and makes a little spit.

With my hand still on her head I start pulling her to her feet by her hair. As she starts to raise, I assist with a hand under her arm as I scan the room, following the hardly visible lights around the skirting boards to make out the position of the bed. I’m no longer in full control. Lost to passion, lost to desire, lost to lust.

Hearing her still regaining her breath, I kiss her deeply, hard and long. Reaching down I grab the backs of her thighs and rip her from the ground, onto me then carry her to be bed. Dropping her down with me on top I continue to kiss her. Moving down her body, as she had done to me herself not so long ago. My hands now rubbing over her with vigour and firmness. Tasting every inch of her body as I go, caressing every curve of her smooth skin with my hot hands.

As I near my prize I feel something down by my leg, reaching out I discover the promised towels, five or six condom sachets, and a bottle of some kind that could only be lube, that certainly wouldn’t be needed.

Moving my face down, tantalizingly mouthing over her mound she lifts her knees and spreads slightly. I lift me head back and blow softly on her lady blossom, mouth open so my breath is hot from my mouth. Using my index finger, I gently part her pussy lips, covered with the sweet nectar of arousal, and rub softly up one side, over her tight love button and down the other side, round and round, teasingly as I tenderly nuzzle her inner thighs.

Replacing my finger with my tongue I reach up and need her breasts, while my other hand is grabbing fingerfuls of what feels like beautiful round ass cheek. The elixir of love is flowing from her, so wet, I’m drinking from her pink petals, sucking and licking her labia, dipping my tongue in her hot hole while using my nose to pressure and stimulate as I go. Starting easy, growing to feverish eating.

Sliding one hand under each buttock I lift her slightly and flick my tongue over the forbidden hole, orbiting the anus, probing with the tip then circling again.

Dropping her ass back down my middle finger finds the entrance to her honey pot, so fucking dripping wet. My swirling tongue on her slick swollen clit, I sink my finger into her fleshy hole, she moans quietly. It feels tight even on just one finger. In and out, applying pressure to the roof of her tunnel, feeling for that spot that will make her squirm with deep pleasure from inside.

Mixing and changing the motion of my mouth, creating saliva in my checks and letting it run down my tongue, adding in soft suckling on her pink peanut while my single finger works her tight cunt, it doesn’t take long. Her breathing starts to get heavy as my lips work faster, and my digit pushes harder upwards. My free hand massaging and pushing on her pubis, down towards my fingertip like they’re trying to touch each other. She starts to sigh, I think I’ve found that spot, and I think she’s ready for more. Carefully I add my ring finger and reposition myself for better control, and for more force! Faster and harder I push into her spot, all the while my mouth is going to town on her throbbing love bean. Her moans become louder, more vocal as her flesh gives way to the pleasure.

Impossible to say whether it was moments or minutes later her moans become groans. Her body is shivering and shaking as I now feverishly slam her soaking honey pot with my hand.

“Fuck me daddy!” She gasped.

“Ssshhhhhh!” I respond, as she had earlier to me.

With my fingers still inside her, I work my lips up her belly. Grabbing and squeezing clutches of soft flesh with my spare hand. When my face draws level to hers, I take my hand from her steaming pussy mound and slide it under her waste, with my other hand under her shoulder I draw her up and flip myself under her body turning her on top of me in one hard fluid motion.

Sitting up on me she raises on her knees and reaches down, taking my throbbing pole in her hand and guiding me inside herself. Her velvety entrance grips my shaft so tightly, squeezing my hardness almost like her hot wet hole doesn’t want to yield to my cock. Further in it goes, slowly until the point of no return is reached, I’m not sure which of us moaned aloud as she slid down impaling herself deeply on my tool.

Rocking back and forth she rides me, grinding into me. I squeeze her hips and thighs, and she grabs at my chest and shoulders. Gyrating in a circular motion she controls my meat stick inside her, rocking, rubbing, squeezing, thrusting and taking my big cock just how she wants.

Pulling back slightly she starts longer, harder strokes. Slamming herself into me faster and more forcefully, taking me so deep in her quivering flesh pocket, faster, harder, deeper and wetter. The both of us are breathing heavy, moaning and sighing. The rhythmic slap of our bodies increasing in frequency and intensity as the sexual beasts within us unleash.

Forcibly I pull her body down and onto her back. I lift her legs onto my shoulders and lean forward over her as I slide my fat fuckstick in her juicy cunt. She makes groaning grunts of satisfaction in time with my ravenous pounding, feeding her hungry cunt furiously, over and over again, smashing her pelvis into the bed below.

Fingers dig into my back, I feel her nails. The muscles in her body start to flex rhythmically, and little spasm like convulsions run through her snatch. Grabbing her throat and choking her carefully I smash harder, and she’s moaning loud now. I’m groaning like an animal as I fuck this bitch with all I have. Part gasp, part moan, part scream, she moves her hands to my ass, she squeezes so tight I’m not sure if her nails are breaking the skin. Writhing and bucking under me I let her legs drop and move forward low on my elbows with more weight over her. Her cunt is pulsing, squeezing like it’s trying to push me out, while her fingers like claws in my butt cheeks are trying to hold me in. Dropping my head down beside hers I fuck her spasming pussy as she cums on my dick deep in her. Her head raises, and she bites into the flesh of my shoulder, I grimace and carry on giving her what she needs, her body convulsing and then tense, rigid and taught.

Letting out a series of short sensual screams her fingers rip at my back and ass, then slowly she softens again, her muscles relaxing and becoming limp. The both of us panting for breath, I sit up on my knees and wipe the sweat from my brow. Giving her a few moments, I reach down to my still hard cock, wanking it firmly and keeping it ready for action.

Carefully but firmly I reach to her waist and guide her over onto her knees facing away from me. Running my fingers through her wetness and over her little asshole. Probing gently into her dark hole, first with one finger tip, then two. I move in close, gripping my cock I gently begin to feed it in. Her tight anus parts as the head of my meat works its way in. Unable to see I am imagining how glorious it looks as the purple head of my beast pushes into the forbidden prize. She gasps loudly as it goes past, and she takes me further down the shaft.

Slowly thrusting, a little deeper each time until her horny little ass chute has me right inside. She takes it like a good little slut, her super-hot ass enveloping my dick. It feels like heaven in the blackness as I fuck her prohibited darkness.

Grabbing a handful of hair in one hand I pump her sweet butt, my other hand on the small of her back. My rapture building, I know this isn’t going to be much longer until I was over. The slap of skin on skin, my teeth clenched I’m getting ready to explode. I keep going until I’m right on the edge, ready to loose my pleasure wad. Withdrawing my cock, I pull her head around by her hair, while my other hand tears the condom off and throws it to the floor. My helmet finds her lips which she parts and takes my nearly exploding cock inside. As she sucks on my blood engorged knob and works the shaft deftly with her hands my tension builds. Every muscle in my body starts to clench and my fist tightens its hold on the ball of hair in my hand. Waves of ecstasy roll over and through my entire body and I can’t contain myself any longer. I groan loudly as Squirt after squirt of hot sticky cum spurts from my spasming cock into her eager mouth. It seems like an age until my meat stops convulsing and squeezing the final drops of sex syrup onto her hot tongue. Milking me with her hand she softly suckles up the last drops of my jizz, running her tongue in circles around the head.

Spent I drop back on the bed, panting for breath. I feel her soft fingertips run over my chest and leg, but it is short lived as a feel a towel being dragged back over my body towards her. I reach over and touch her skin, not really caressing, just my hand slide over her under its own weight until it drops to the bed lifeless, all my energy temporarily gone.

Lying back with my eyes closed I hear her shuffle off the bed and make her way across the room. As the door opens I raise my head and open my eyes, I don’t know why because I can still see no more than a faint silhouette. The door closes, and my head drops back as I lay there content and satisfied.

After what seems like an age I regather myself and decide it’s time to make a move. I feel for a towel and standing up I secure it around my waist. Using the dim lights as guidance I make my way to the door. Opening the door, I peer left and right in the slightly better lit corridor, which is clear as far as I can tell. Moving down towards the left as instructed I can hear the murmurs I heard previously growing louder. Nearing the end, I can see a small amount of light coming from under what must be the door out. Somewhat tentatively I feel for the door handle, and when I find it I give it a turn and push the heavy wooden door open.

Eyes struggling at first, but becoming accustomed to the new-found light, I look around. There’s ten or so people in a reasonably large entertaining room of sorts. Male and female, and in various states of dress from completely naked, to wearing towels like myself, and a couple of ladies in sexy lingerie.

There are drinks and nibbles placed around on tables, and people seem to be relaxed and engaged in social conversation.

“Hello James, glad you could make it. I’m Nigel.” A solid built man, about six foot approached me with his hand extended.

Taking his hand, I replied “Well thinks for having me Nigel, It has certainly been a new experience.” I smiled as we shook hands.

Nigel introduced me to a few others, including his wife who was also six foot, and stunningly beautiful. I helped my self to a beer and took a few moments to properly take in the surroundings before heading out to mingle proper.

“Ouch!” I winced as a hand came on my shoulder from behind. I had forgotten about being bitten during the heights of passion.

“Oh, sorry.” She giggled slightly as I turned to see who had touched me. She winked at me with suggestively smiling sparkling green eyes and turned away.

As she walked slowly away, towards another passage at the end of the room she dropped the towel that had been covering her body. I admired the view, about five foot four, beautiful curves flowing from her soft waist into her tight ass just right. Her hair straight, and just slightly longer than shoulder length. A red head, hmmm.

I began to follow her down the way. As I drew closer I could hear voices and occasional giggles and grunts coming from that direction. I would never actually find out if red was my mystery lady in the dark. But one thing was for sure, the evening of fun was a long way from over yet!