Written by Eric


We had been friends for years, been through a lot together, during that time we had our moments, nothing serious, bought together by stress and need fir comfort as we cared very much about each other, always there for each other.

The love for each other was very evident, but she didn’t have the same feelings, her life had been a tough one so far, a series of bad relationships, I had always been there to be supportive and pick up the pieces, not many people had been as close as we are as friends, most don’t understand how a women and a man can be best friends.

Well after a period of months not being able to be by her side that time had come to an end, the day I picked her up and helped her start a new chapter in her life was to be a memorable day. We worked hard moving her into her new place, the happiness was evident, that evening we decided to celebrate, few drinks, lighter , music, just mutual enjoyment of being there and sharing a new start fir her.

We probably had had a bit to drink but we were ok, I went out to the car to collect a couple of gifts fir her, some flowers and some nice personal things, items she had gone without for sometime due to her personal circumstances.

What I didn’t know at the time she had begun to realise the feelings she had fir me as best friends was more and deeper than she had realised, when I came back in from the car she was in the shower, singing away, she had suck a great voice, so sweet.

Two the gifts were some lingera , every lady likes to feel good about themselves, so I knocked on the bathroom door, hey there I got these fir you, hope you liked them, I herd her say “oh my god wow thank you, you know me so well, they fit perfectly, be out in few minutes , there’s a surprise for you in by bedside table” well that was a shock in itself, I was much older than her, she had left me a couple of viagra, I didn’t know what to think, It felt good and I didn’t want to disappoint her, even though I didn’t know what to expect, well I had a drink and down they went.

She came out of the bathroom in her new robe, she looked so beautiful, she always did to me anyway.

She lay on the sofa, I poured her a drink, she gave me a big hug, I went to the kitchen and gave her the flowers, a bunch of roses, just like I had given her years before, nobody else had ever given her flowers, she just cried, I gave her a bug hug and kiss on the cheek. We had had our moments in the past, nothing had happened we respected each other, but this time she looked into my eyes with those beautiful blue eyes, then she kissed me so deeply, not just a pick, I though fir a moment what do I do, then she said “well” The moment had come I decided I returned the passionate kiss, I ran my hand behind her ear whispered “I’m still in love with you” then she said “I’m in love with you too, have been for along time but it’s now time to let you know, you have done so much to look after me during all my ups and downs”.

Still uncertain of the next move, I didn’t want to hurt her, as well as loving her and being in love with her for years I respected her so very much.

She removed her robe to show me how she looked in her new lingera. My breath was taken away, Then it came out, “I love you darling” then she said “ can you stay tonight “ “I said yes” we held hands and went to bed.

We knew each other so well, we snuggled together, then she removed her bra, her breasts were just as I had reneged, just perfect, I kissed her breasts and my hands explored her body, then she laughed “ well we can’t make love if you don’t take off your clothes” I quickly undress, by this time I was hard and my full seven inches was ready fir her, she sucked my cock, I took control of her pussy, we made love at times aggressively as she lived that, fir hours. Then rested, then she said “I been a fool, you been with me on my journey for years, caring fir me, my perfect man was you all along, I’m sorry it took so long fir me to realise” we then fucked for hours, fell asleep in each other’s arms, no idea what the next day would bring, but just happy that our love fir each other had finally flowed and been accepted by us both .

It’s fun how we perceive each other, even though I am twenty years older, she said that was the best ecpierence if her life, I think she was surprised I was able to be the person in bed she always wanted.

So now what, we shall see.