I was hanging out the washing, contemplating the coming year, happy to be finally leaving this place. I had lived in this small rural community my whole life but now university beckoned and a whole new world to go with it.

I was worried also; I had lived such a sheltered life, all I knew was there was a whole lot of stuff out there that I didn’t know.

As I placed the last piece of washing on the line and these thoughts bounced about my head, I saw Robert and Mr Spencer walking along the path towards the river. Towels around their shoulders they were obviously off for a swim.

That’s what I needed to clear my head, a cool swim on a hot afternoon. I rushed back to the house replaced my panties with my bikini bottoms, stuffed my bikini top into a pocket of my sun dress, grabbed a towel and rushed after them.

Robert was the only other kid in the area my age, also off to university next year, while Mr Spencer ran the Pharmacy in town. I didn’t know they knew each other but a swim is a swim.

In the time it took me to get my togs, they’d got a little ahead of me and had reached the bush line that surrounded the river. I walked to catch them up, there was no rush, it was hot and I knew where they were going. Or did I? Ahead of me they branched off the track to the swimming hole and went off on a side track. The river was wide and slow with many small sandy banks in its twists and turns, they must be going to one of those.

I lost sight of them in the bush but followed the track they had taken, though the track seemed to get smaller and less evident until I was soon pushing my way through light bush. I knew the direction of the river and just kept walking. I stopped suddenly; I had almost stumbled off small cliff overlooking the river, about 2 meters high, falling steeply to a sandy embankment below. Robert and Mr Spencer had obviously not come this way; they were down on the sandy beach below me about to enter the water.

I was just about to call out to them asking how they got down to the river when Mr Spencer bent down and pulled off his beach shorts. Robert quickly did the same. I watched their tanned bare behinds ease into the water. Their backs were to me and they hadn’t realised that I was following them. I wasn’t sure what to do; I hid behind a tree on the edge of the cliff and watched. The tree trunk was wide enough to conceal my body with a fork just at head height that I could peek through.

Their swim didn’t last long and they soon emerged from the water and I saw their things jiggling in front of them. I knew about men’s things and the birds and bees and stuff but I had never seen one in real life.

They both spread out their towels on the sandy bank and then lay on their backs with their faces towards the river and away from me. I studied their bodies closely, Mr Spencer broad and stocky, a pinkish all-over tan with a hairy chest, some of the hairs turning grey. Robert with a more golden tan, (a Scandinavian background) his chest hairless but a dark brown patch of hair between his legs tapering up to his navel even though the hair on his head was quite blond.

I pushed myself against the tree to stay undetected while studying their things lying against their thighs. I found myself pushing harder against the tree, my cunny finding little hard knobs on the smooth bark, my thighs gripping around the trunk.

Robert’s thing seemed to be relaxing from the cold water and was getting bigger; it was fascinating just staring at it, like there was something primeval in me that I didn’t know existed and I pushed harder into the tree, gently rubbing up and down.

Actually, it seemed to be more than relaxing from the cold water, it kept getting bigger and I could see it twitching and it moved from lying across his thigh and started to point up to his navel. Then disappointment, Robert rolled onto his stomach.

I was close enough to hear them talking but I couldn’t hear what they were actually saying. Mr Spencer said something and Robert looked sheepish but rolled onto his side so I could see his thing again. He lay on his side facing Mr Spencer, his thing very large now and pointing straight out.

I couldn’t believe the feelings that were coursing through my body. It felt like my whole centre was expanding, getting fuller. I was fair humping the tree now, my breasts moved up and down and brushed against the tree and that also felt good. I pushed one nipple up against the bark and grabbed the other between my fingers and squeezed.

Mr Spencer grabbed Robert’s thing and started caressing it; Robert rolled onto his back and Mr Spencer’s hand moved slowly up and down pulling down the skin so I could see a big red bulb at the end of Robert’s thing.

I was frantic by now; I was in danger of pushing the tree over. Then something happened: it felt like a dam bursting: wave after wave of pleasure seemed to flow out of me. My whole body shook and I gasped out loud, my knees buckled and I almost collapsed. Actually collapsing was lucky, I am sure Robert and Mr Spencer would have heard my gasp. It tried to move quickly away but my body was still shaking and not really responding. I slinked away as fast as I could, not sure if I’d been seen.

When able, I broke into a run back onto the main track and across the fields and home.

My bikini bottoms were soaked through. At first I thought I’d somehow wet myself but there was no smell of urine. I quickly ripped them off and put them in the wash. I searched for my bikini top but that must of fallen out of my pocket in my frantic run home.

For the next day or so I could not stop thinking about what my body did, what it was capable of. Every time I thought about the scene at the river I could feel my body tingling; I wanted to have those feelings again but didn’t really know what to do. I tried touching myself with my fingers but felt a bit silly doing it. I even considered going back to the tree to try and re-live the experience.

Whenever possible I kept an eye on the path to the river. And sure enough, a couple of days later I saw the distinct shapes of Robert and Mr Spencer carrying their towels strolling down the path.

This time I waited until they were in the bush line before carefully following. Knowing how wet my bikini bottoms got last time, I removed my panties before I left. The combination of thinking about what I might see and the feeling of the warm breeze under my short summer dress over my bare cunny was making my body quiver all over.

I kept a good distance this time, hoping they would go back to the same spot. I made my way to my tree and sure enough they were down at the beach and both naked. Because of the extra time I took to get there, they’d finished their swim and were just getting back to their towels. I’m not sure what they’d been doing in the water but both their things were large and swollen. Instead of lying back on their towels like last time, Mr Spencer knelt down in front of Robert and brought his mouth to Robert’s thing.

I couldn’t believe it. I lifted my dress and placed my groin against the trunk of the tree and started pushing as I admired the view. My nipples were aching so I pulled down the strap from my summer dress to give myself direct access.

I must have pushed too hard. There was a sharp crack and the whole tree moved sideways and over the bank I went. It wasn’t a large drop and I landed on the soft silt river sand but it still knocked the wind out me. It took a few seconds to comprehend what had happened, I looked up and Robert and Mr Spencer were right in front of me, Robert’s thing hard and erect in Mr Spencer’s hand.

Robert went bright red and started stammering that it wasn’t what it looked like and looked down at Mr Spencer almost in disbelief like he didn’t expect to see him there.

Mr Spencer on the other hand was smiling and looking straight at me. In the fall my short summer dress had ridden up around my waist and my legs were spread with my naked cunny pointing straight at them. One of my breasts was still bare from when I released it and I looked down between my legs and saw my slit glistening wet, so much so that my dark pubic hair was shining with moisture.

“Nice of you to drop by Cathy” said Mr Spencer with a friendly smile, “..and this is exactly what it looks like. But I guess you know that already, I presume that it was you spying on us the other and that is your bikini top?” Pointing to my top sticking out of his beach bag.

I didn’t know what to say, I just stared, too startled to even cover myself up. I couldn’t help it but Mr Spencer was still stroking Robert’s thing which was still big and hard, my eyes were drawn to it, it seemed much bigger now I was close to it.

“I see you like Robert’s magnificent cock”, Mr Spencer said, still with a friendly smile on his face, his hands never stopping their stroking.

”Cock”, a word I knew existed but I’d never myself used before now. It was a word that just fitted perfectly.

“Cock” I said out load, just trying it, mouthing out the sound. I’m not sure they understood what I was thinking and thought I was making a request, maybe at some level I was.

“Come closer Cath", said Mr Spencer, "get a good view”. I moved closer so I was on my knees next to Mr Spencer so close I could see every detail of Robert's cock, my body almost numb with excitement. Mr Spencer continued to caress it and then placed it back in his mouth, Robert groaned in obvious pleasure.

He pulled his mouth away, “Do you want to touch it?” and held Robert’s cock in front of me, pulling it back so the large purple head protruded and glistened in the sunshine. I reached forward and gently touched the end while Mr Spencer continued to move his hand up and down the shaft.

“Go on, put it in your mouth, it’s delicious” stated Mr Spencer as he pushed the hard head against my lips. I opened my mouth and enclosed it over the large purple head. It was such a great feeling, it was so big and hard but hot, hotter than I was expecting. I didn’t do much as Mr Spencer was directing it, pushing it against my lips, down my throat – in and out. I started moving my tongue around it as Mr Spencer pushed and pulled.

Robert was in ecstasy, on top of Mr Spencer’s movements he was starting to gently thrust into my mouth. This allowed Mr Spencer to let go and stand up. He reached down and pulled off my dress so we were now all naked. In reaching down his cock which was also fully erect brushed the side of my face.

Just two days ago I had never seen a real one and now I had two big erect ones right in front of me. Leaving my mouth around Robert's cock I grabbed Mr Spencer's and started caressing it like I'd seen him do to Robert. Mr Spencer moved sideways so he was standing right next to Robert with me kneeling between them. I could now have a cock in each hand and move my mouth back and forth between them.

I was in heaven, I just couldn't get enough cock into my mouth, one then the other, licking and slurping, tugging and pulling. I tried to push them together so I could get them both into my mouth but combined they were too big so I just rubbed them together and licked both hard ends. Having his cock rubbed against Mr Spencer's seemed to drive Robert especially wild, he pushed his cock into my mouth and I felt it twitch and then there was a great gushing of liquid. It spurted down my throat and I pulled back in surprise, his cock continued to pump white sticky stuff over my hair, down my face and over my breasts.

I pulled back not sure what to say. Mr Spencer smiled, and said, "You must have got Robert going, that is an impressive load of cum". I had heard of cum before but was still shocked about how much there was, how hot and sticky it was.

Mr Spencer said to Robert, "I think it's about time you returned the favour, come over here Cath and lie on this towel"

"That's it, now spread your legs a little so we can see that wonderful pussy".

"Pussy", another word I knew of but never dared use myself, until now.

"Come now Robert, now kneel down there", proposed Mr Spencer.

"I'm not sure what to do Mr Spencer", said Robert.

Mr Spencer knelt down by my side and reached over and used his fingers to spread my pussy lips, "There you go Robert, just lick around there, treat it like a little cock. You have got a wonderful pussy Cath, I like that it's not shaved and all natural looking". I was so naive I didn't even know shaving was an option.

Robert got to work and immediately sent spasms down my whole body. Mr Spencer was still next to me, with his fingers rubbing while Robert licked and sucked, Mr Spencer's cock stuck out in front of me; I grabbed it and immediately started sucking and licking. It seemed that I just couldn't get enough cock in my mouth.

Robert's tongue and lips were amazing, I was thrusting hard at his mouth with my legs around his neck, I'm surprised that I didn't strangle him. Mr Spencer had turned his attention to my nipples, squeezing and rubbing them, all the time I had Mr Spencer's cock in my mouth. It didn't take long before the same feeling that I had at the tree happened again, but more intense this time, something that I didn't think possible. It just went on and on. Lucky I was lying down as there was no way my legs would have supported me through that.

"Well down Robert" exclaimed Mr Spencer as I saw Roberts smiling face emerge from between my legs, his face glistening with my juices. I still had Mr Spencer's cock in my mouth as Robert moved up and put his face close to mine so we could pass Mr Spencer's cock between our mouths, our tongues touching each other, in deep kisses.

I reached up and staring caressing Mr Spencer's balls while we both gave his cock a good going over with our tongues. Touching his balls seemed to push him over the edge and I felt his cock twitch like Robert's did just before. Sure enough, his cock exploded in sticky cum, covering both my and Robert faces. We then turned to each other and licked the sticky goodness off each other's faces.



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