He’d been watching her for days now, spying was his thing. Usually this was the work given to the junior staff, the watching of someone or a target for 24-7, but they had said it was for his eyes only.

So here, in an apartment that over looked her’s, he had watch her every move for days, and he’s watching her now, with night adjusting scopes from which he can see every tiny detail of her apartment.

So now she has a short, bold man, chained to wooden supports in her apartment, his naked body is like a Star, and he’s completely under her control.

She’s naked too, except for a black g-string pulled up high on her hips and a black leather strap-on, which sits on her sex and looks right at home on her.

She is pacing the apartment with a large leather ridding whip and every once in a while smacks his bare arse.

He looks America, privileged as some Americans can look, but looks can be deceiving, he’s actually an ex top CIA agent, so why is he here, being horse whipped my an absolutely stunning Madam?

Now the whipping has stopped and she is unlocking is arms but not his feet.

She helps him to his knees and tells him to suck her cock, and while she touches herself, breasts and stomach, pubic bone and nipples, he take her cock gently in his hands and starts sucking on her plastic penis.

“That’s a good boy,” she says, “take it deeper,” and she pulls his head in tighter and he deeply takes her, “That’s good, suck my dick and make me cum,” she whispers.

He picks up his tempo and she her touching, while the base of her strap-on massages her pussy, and closes in on an orgasm.

She reaches behind herself and runs her hand up and down her arse crack, slowly moving her thong aside, she can feel the orgasm building and at just the right moment, pushers a finger into her arse and cums, she can feel her arse pulsing on her finger and rocks her entire body.

Sensing her orgasm, he stops his sucking and sits back on his heals.

“That’s much better,” she whispers, “Now it’s your turn.” And she helps him stand but doesn’t unlock his leg chains.

She slides over a wing back chair and helps him lie over is back and he holds the arms on the other side, making his arse stick up in the air.

“You’ve been a very good boy tonight so I’m going to give you a treat.”

She takes a bottle of honey oil and pours it on his lower back and the oil starts tricking down his arse crack, over his balls and down his cock.

She stands back and watches, taking her time and enjoying what she sees.

When most of the oil has run off she adds some more but this time she starts rubbing it into his crack, very slowly up and down, over his hole and just slightly penetrating, then down to his balls and down his cock shaft, over and over she does this, never speeding up, always careful not to make him cum.

The feeling she is trying to make him feel is the first moment when you push your cock into a pussy, when all the nerves explode but she’s doing it again and again.

He starts moaning and this is usually forbidden but she lets him off this time as he must be close to cumming, so she adds more oil and pushes her fingers into his hole, preparing it for her cock.

She’s close to another orgasm to, this kind of massage really turns her on, so she removes her fingers and replaces it with the strap-on cock.

Slowly first she pushes in deeper and deeper and then she starts to pump, she just looses it, her thighs are slapping on his arse, the cock is pounding him, and he’s pushing back and all this is rubbing her clit to another powerful orgasm , “FUCK!!!” She screams...All this time the spy has been watching from the other apartment, all week it’s been like this, men, women and couples, sometimes two women have come and been fucked senseless by this stunningly beautiful woman, and he’s enjoying every minute of it. It’s been an interesting assignment indeed.

His hand moves down to his cock which has become hard again, he quickly unzips and releases penis and starts to wank himself to her pounding of the fat mans arse, he imagines its him with her, being fucked by her cock, he loves the way her face tightens and her mouth falls open to let a moan escape just as she cums and from his apartment he cums with her too.

He cleans himself and zips up his jeans, while still spying on her from his apartment across the street.

The man had showered and dressed and was ready to depart, he always liked this part, watching the shyest of the people leaving, after being the most revealing parts of their life’s, their sexuality, which he quietly watched.

He kissed her lightly on the cheek as she holds the door him, and he slipped out safely into the waiting corridor.

This is the bit he had been waiting for, the moment she was finally alone.

The door shut, she removes her silk slip that she had put on as the man was showing, and lays down on her bed.

There’s not long, with about 10 appointments in a day, she only has 15 minutes or so to clean, shower and prepare for the next customer, but she always has this time for herself.

Her hand start at her tummy and slowly touch upwards, over her breasts to her neck, then down slowly to her pussy and inner thighs, and back.

She finally touched her clit and cums, quickly and quietly on her own.

The next customer arrives, he’s on time, not short, fat and bald but he may as well be.

So while continuing to watch his mind wanders to some of the things he’s seen this week.

Sex, lots and lots of sex, lots of vanilla sex with middle class men, lots of kinky sex, sometimes role playing, sometimes a little rough, but then a lot of b&d, restraints, blindfolds, spanking, tie and tease, she had a dominating style that was nurturing but firm, and pleasing her was an experience not to be missed.

Usually she greets guests at the door in a selection of top quality lingerie, bra and g-strings that leave nothing to the imagination, and soon the nervous of cocks are rock hard.

But one of the stand outs this week was the couple that arrived and after introductions, he started undressing his partner till she also was down to her bra and panties.

The guy sat on the couch and the girls started French kissing, slowly touching each other’s arms and and backs, breasts and inner thighs.

Then the bras were removed and breasts were rubbed together, nipples touching and hands were everywhere, tongues everywhere, what lasted was one hour of oral delight for both women finished with a duel dildo.

They both lay on the bed pussies almost touching, legs entwined and the vibrating pink toy joining them, holding hands they rocked and rubbed their pussies together and at last, climaxed as one.

They both lay back, finally broke apart and lay together hugging, kissing and all that time the partner had sat on the couch just watching.

Maybe it was his fantasy, to watch his girlfriend be fucked by another woman, or maybe it was her fantasy and he had helped make it come true, either way, they had both enjoyed it and he was going to get the fucking of his life when they got home. The client had moved with the woman in to the adjoining bedroom, and were now on the bed together and that’s when he noticed the movement from rear of the apartment.

He’d nearly missed it, a shadow in a shadow, but there was no missing the reflection of gun he was carrying. It was chromed with a matching silencer, a bling gun, someone meant business and there was no time to waste. This is what he’d been waiting for, all those hours of watching her make love, he was so turned on and wanted her so badly , but she doesn’t know he even existed.

There was also no time for the lift so stairs were taken at a fight at a time and within seconds he was across the street and into her apartment block, up the stairs and alone to her door, which was open. This was good as he has no pass key to enter her apartment if it was closed, and to pick it would take valuable seconds, but it’s bad because trained killers never close doors, never close off an exit.

He enters the apartment gun raised and ready to shoot, keeping to the edges of the room, to the shadows. He dreads that he maybe to late, that the minutes to get from one side of the street has taken to long.

He knows the lay out of this apartment having seen the plans of it and the entire building and then watching everything that has happened here for the last week, everything, what she ate, when she slept and where and when she has had sex with clients, pretending to be their friend and lover.

He wanted her, he wants her badly, and he hopes he’s not to late.

He makes it to the lounge but can hear the talking before he can see anyone, the man with the gun is standing just inside the bedroom door, and is pointing it towards the bed.

He is speaking softly in Russian towards the bed, and the extremely nervous voice of the man is speaking back in Russian, and he is denying something, it’s not going very well. Soon, very soon the man with the gun is going to lose his cool.

It’s all about timing, leave it as long as you can to learn as much as you can and risk getting one or both killed, or going in to early and never finding out what’s going on.

The man on the bed is now pleading for his life, he doesn’t know anything and isn’t sure what’s happened, so it’s time to go in. He can’t risk shooting in this apartment so close to the street so grabs a fire extinguisher from the hallway and waits.

He moves out from the wall to get a better aim and pulls the trigger, all in one movement which comes from years of practice.

The man in the doorway is hit with ice cold jet and is instantly stunned, and that’s all the time he needs to close the gap and hit him with the base of the fire extinguisher once to the head and once in the chest, and he slumps to the floor, gravity taking its control of his body. Better to have him out cold for questioning later.

Almost as soon as the body hits the floor he’s in the room too, his own gun up and aiming at the bed, shock and horror are all over the mans face but the woman’s is different.

She is calculating what is about to happening next.

He steps forward lowering his gun and hits the man in the temple, one quick moment, almost a blur, but it has the desired effect and he also slumps on the bed but out cold.

“What have you done?” She said, “you have as good as killed me, they will hunt me down now.”

She is standing in front of him completely unfazed by the unconscious men around her, almost naked except for the skimpy bra and thong.

“That’s nice,” he says, “Since I’ve just saved your life.”

“My life was never in danger, they just wanted to frighten him to make him talk,” she whispers, “And who are you anyway?”

She walks forward towards him, until they are intermittently close, her breasts almost touching his and his gun almost rubbed against her sex.

“British Secret Service,” he said, “I’m Bond, James Bond...”