You are laying, face down on the bed next to Master’s other Slut, both with red marks starting to form on your arses from the whip He had just struck you with. Your nipples are still being clamped by the clothes pegs. You wonder how long they will remain on there. Suddenly Master instructs you to roll over, back onto your front and to shift your head toward the edge of the bed. He is standing behind you, you stare up and see His cock still standing erect. He commands you to worship His balls. Without hesitating you take His sac in your mouth and suck on them, tenderly, gently. He moans in delight. As you are doing this, he takes hold of the two pegs and pulls on them, stretching your nipples. He keeps pulling on them till they pull away from your nipples. The feeling comes flooding back into them. You groan in delight, with Master’s balls in your mouth. He follows up removing the pegs with giving both your breasts a slap. The other Slut is still laying on her front on the bed. You want to know what Master’s plan is for her. From your position you see Master reaching for the butt plug toy. Your pussy tingles. He orders the other Slut to take it and lube it up using your cunt juices. Soon enough you feel her pressing and rubbing it against your wet pussy and lips. She slides it in a wee way, coating it in your wetness. You squirm in delight. Your pussy is hot, wet, puffy and swollen. But you know you aren’t allowed to cum till you are told you may. Master pulls his sac away from your mouth and tells the other Slut to move, so that she is sitting on your face. As she is shifting, He talks to you and says “I want you to lick and eat and tongue that pussy that is sitting on your face Bitch.” You do as He says. She tastes sweet and is very wet. He is still standing behind the two of you. You sense her body leaning forward. “Open your legs and bend your knees” you hear Master command. You and His other Slut are now in a 69 position. You hear him say “Now push that butt plug into her arse and start eating her pussy”. Your arse is suddenly filled with a toy and you feel her mouth on your clit and licking your lips and plunging into your pussy. Master looks down at you on the bottom of the 69 and further instructs, “Rim that arsehole of hers. Worship it with your tongue, make it wet…” You move your tongue from her cunt to her arse and starting licking it, running your tongue around it, over it, up and down, side to side. This makes her moan into your pussy, which in turn makes you moan against her anus. Your arse is feeling good, filled with the toy. After a while of rimming her, master speaks again, “That is enough now Slut, return to her pussy.” As soon as you remove your tongue from her arse, you see Master’s large erect cock pushing at her opening. You were lubing it with your tongue, for His cock. As He slips in to her, he says “If your arse is filled, so is hers. Watch me fuck her arse.” He begins thrusting in and out, you getting a close up view of both His cock and bald balls. You hear Him moaning in pleasure. As is she, and yourself. You concentrate on licking and sucking her pussy and watching Masters Cock and push your impending orgasm to the back of your mind. Master gives the other Slut a good hard slap on the arse. She moans harder into your pussy. He reaches down to grab your wrists and places your hands on her arse cheeks. “Keep them spread for me please” He orders. You obey Him. He pushes His cock all the way in, and pulls all the way out again, you can see her arsehole gaping. He alternates between deep fast thrusts and slower softer ones. You wonder if He plans on fucking your arse to. He begins to fuck her harder and faster, you hear His breathing become shallower. His ball sac visibly starts to tighten. With one last hard, full thrust into her, you hear him shouting “SLUTS, I’M CUMMING!!!” He pumps a load into her arse. By the time He pulls out, His cock is only semi-erect. He commands “Slave Annemieke, I want you to lick her clean, when my cum starts dribbling out.” He moves around to the other side of the bed and kneels between your feet, you feel His hands on your knees. The other girl stops licking and sucking your pussy, which is just as well, as you felt your orgasm building. You see His creamy white cum starting to leak from her butt as you hear him instruct her “Suck me clean please”. You are confident Master enjoys the power he has over you both. You hear her sucking on his cock as you taste the first droplets of cum on your tongue. It is sweet and creamy and warm. You give her a good licking, cleaning her as she leaks. You are sure it was a huge load He pumped into her. You lose track of time, as you hear her sucking on His cock and you are licking her arse clean. After an undetermined amount of time she moves off of you and lays on the bed. Master is standing beside the bed, His cock semi-hard. He orders her to remove the butt-plug from your arse. It slides out easily, and you can feel it has left your arse slightly stretched. It feels good, however. “Now girls,” he says “time for some more fun”. He walks around the bed, to your side. He leans down to take hold of your leash. “We are going on a little trip Slut” he says to you, “Off the bed and on to your hands and knees on the floor.” You obediently follow the directions. He reaches for the other girl and, grabbing her hand, tells her that she is coming as well. When she stands up, He first tells her to go to the toy drawer and get two or three of the plastic cable ties. Your heart skips a beat. You like cable ties being used. Once she is back at His side, he speaks again, saying “Now lead me to the bathroom…” You begin crawling on the floor, on all fours, toward the bathroom from the bedroom. The other Slut is led by Master holding her hand. You, along with Master and the other girl are all still naked. You arrive at the bathroom and crawl into the middle of the floor. “Stop there,” he commands, “and kneel for me, with your hands behind your back.” You diligently follow. He turns to the other Slave and tells her to bind your hands with the cable ties. She does this quickly and efficiently. You are yet again at Master’s mercy. This is all new. Master has never instructed you to do any of this before and you wonder what he has planned for you. The other Slut stands behind you and rotates your collar, so your leash is behind you, for her to hold. Although she is also one of Master’s Sluts, she has a slightly higher ranking than you. You hope one day to take her place and Master to find another sub-submissive Slave, so you can watch him play with her and treat her like He has treated you. “Ever heard of Golden Showers?” he asks you. You nod silently in response. “Answer me verbally you little Slut!!” he shouts.“Yes Master, I have, but have never received one” you reply. “Today is your lucky day then,” he says in a gentle tone, “and I want you to enjoy it.” You look up at him, smiling. You see him holding His cock in His left hand, you dare not shut your eyes. Suddenly you see a clear stream of piss erupting from His cock and milliseconds later you feel it against your skin, wet and warm. He aims His cock at your tits, you feel your nipples becoming soaked in piss. It trickles between your tits, down your stomach, towards your pussy. He aims a bit lower, the stream hitting your pussy directly and dribbling down your inner thighs. You aren’t sure how much He has to pee on you, but you assume he is going to empty His bladder. He aims higher again, the stream of clear, warm urine splashing you in the face. Your mouth is open and some of the flow ends up in there. You are surprised at the lack of taste! You drink in as much as you can, wanting to please Him. You hear the other Slave moaning, she is enjoying watching you receive your shower. You are sure she has had her fair share of them to. Before long Master has finished pissing and left you dripping in His urine. “Lead her to the shower now” he commands the other Slave. She brings you to your feet by the leash and leads you toward the shower. She flicks the tap round to hot. “I want you to shower with her and clean her up.” She pulls you into the shower with her. The hot water flows over your body, rinsing all the piss off your skin. She hasn’t pulled the curtain, so Master can stand and watch you both in there. He instructs “Slap her stomach with her wet leash”. She follows his order and gives you a good hard whack on your stomach. It stings in pleasure. “Now her tits”, you then get whipped by your leash on both your left and right breasts. “Thank you” you murmur to her.“You may reward our collared-Slave now, for a while” He says to her. Finally you think, I am being rewarded!!!She places her hand behind your left knee and lifts your leg up, so your foot is resting on the edge of the bath. You wonder what your reward will be. You look over at your Master. He has taken position on a chair, and is holding His cock in His hand. You eagerly await your reward.