You are at home, alone. Your husband is at work for the day. You don’t expect him home till much later in the afternoon. It is only mid-morning at the moment. Suddenly, the silence is interrupted by your cell-phone beeping, alerting you to a text message. You check it straight away, in case it is from someone in particular. It is. You open the message to read it, “Good Morning Slave. Master is in a horny mood today and wants you at his beck and call. You will do as He orders.”You reply back. “Yes Master, I am all yours to do with as you wish.” Your pussy tingles a little bit at that thought and anticipation of him visiting. You wait for your phone to beep again, awaiting his instructions. Before long it beeps again and you read the contents, “When I arrive I want to find you on your bed, blindfolded and naked. I will be there in 20 mins.” You send back a text saying “Yes Master” and make your way to your bedroom. You undress yourself, checking your pussy in the mirror – luckily your hair is trimmed enough for Master. You remember the time he visited, when you hadn’t prepared yourself and suffered Slave punishment at His hand… You retrieve your blindfold from your bottom drawer – where all your other toys belong. So far your husband hasn’t looked there. You remind yourself to later on, find a better storage area.

You lay down on your bed and slip the blindfold on, waiting patiently for your Master to arrive. What feels like hours, but in reality is only minutes, you think you hear the door opening and then closing. You are unsure. You know better than to call out. You spread your legs slightly wider, feeling your pussy becoming wetter. You touch your nipples quickly, they’re erect. You put your hands back down beside you, eagerly waiting.

Suddenly!!! You feel a short sharp pain shoot through your left nipple, it has just been pinched hard, and you let out a short whimper. Then again on the right hand side, both nipples have now received their pinching. “Thank you Master” you groan. You wonder what he has in store for you next. He doesn’t make you wait long before he plays with you again. He gives your pussy a resounding open-handed slap. It hurts but feels good at the same time. You wonder if he is naked yet. You hear your toy drawer open, then you feel leather against your neck. Master is putting your collar on you. This excites you. You feel his fingers tracing over your body. You murmur “I’m yours Master.” Finally, he speaks to you, “Good Morning Whore, are you ready for today?” You reply with a “Yes Sir”. You hear a leash being clipped onto your collar. You like that. Your pussy continues to tingle at the thought of being used and abused over the next few hours.

The leash is tugged on, forcing you up into a sitting position. You are on the edge of the bed, still blindfolded, sitting there. Your mouth is pried open by Master pushing two fingers down on your chin. You are trained to know not to shut your mouth again… It is suddenly filled with a hot, hard cock, as deep as it can go and you realise Master is naked. His hands go to the back of your head and He begins to fuck your mouth and throat, deep, making you gag. He comments “Good Slut, take my cock in your mouth like a good bitch, swallow my dick.” By feel your hands find his bald ball sac and you massage them with your hands. His cock tastes great in your mouth. As you keep getting your mouth and throat fucked, you feel a slap across your face from Master’s hand. It stings, but the pain spurs you on. He forces all His cock into your mouth, right the way to the base. You know from previous encounters how much Master likes to fuck your mouth and use it to cum in.

You feel his hands leave the back of your head briefly, and your nipples being pinched hard again. You moan in delight onto his cock, your pussy by now is soaking wet and juices are trickling down your thighs. His hands return to your head, yet you can still feel your nipples being pinched. You realise He has put clothes pegs on them. You hope He will tug on them. No sooner had you hoped it, than His hands are tugging and pulling on the pegs. The pain surges through you, but it excites you, turns you on, and floods you with pleasure. Master ceases using your mouth for his pleasure and tells you to lay down where you are sitting. You lay down as instructed. “Open your legs wide for me Slut” you hear Him say, so you obey Him.

SLAP!!! Master gives your pussy a firm open-hand slap. “Good Slut” he murmurs as you don’t wince or moan at your treatment. SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, three more in quick succession. “Thank you Sir” you gasp, as you feel your pussy becoming puffy and swollen. You then receive your reward for being a good Whore and Master gives your clit a nice soft licking and sucking. The pain is worth the pleasure. You wonder what he has in store for you next. You eagerly await your next reward. He pulls His face away from your pussy. You feel Him slide two fingers into your moist cunt and slip them in and out a couple of times. He thumb rubs your clit. “Thank you Master, use me as You will” you recite. He instructs you to stop lying across the bed and to move your head back up to the pillows.

Your blindfold is unexpectedly removed, and finally you are able to see and admire Master in all his nakedness. Cock erect and glistening. “Hello Master, a pleasure to see you”. “Likewise” he replies. You glance down and see the bright yellow pegs clamped onto your nipples. You are about to ask Master if He would allow you to tug on the pegs yourself, when in the corner of the room, you see someone sitting on a chair, tied to it and gagged, so they remain silent. Your heart skips a beat and your pussy throbs. It is a naked female. Brunette, similar sized tits to your own, and from her partly-opened legs, a bald pussy like yours. Now you really wonder what Master has in store for you today, you don’t want this Bondage session to end. You lay there in anticipation.

Master walks over to the tied and gagged girl and undoes the gag from her mouth. He turns to you and says “Now watch me fuck her mouth like she watched me fuck yours. Don’t touch yourself, but you can tug on those pegs.” As you watch his cock slide into her mouth you reach for them and pull on them…slowly at first and then a bit firmer. Your legs twitch as you pull on them and your cunt throbs, although you realise that is probably from watching your Master have his cock serviced from another Slut. You wonder how Master hasn’t cum yet. You are squirming on your bed, sure that there is a large wet patch forming on your duvet. The room is beginning to smell of juices and sex. As Master is being sucked, you see he is untying the ropes keeping her to the chair. He turns and watches you pull on your pegs as she bobs her head up and down on His cock. She is free now and running her hands up and down his thighs and cupping his balls. He quickly pulls away. You think to yourself Sir was about to cum, but didn’t…this excites you as you wonder when and where he will cum, and now many times. He walks, naked, with an erect cock to your toy drawer. When He turns around you see him holding a couple of toys. One is a whip and the other is a butt plug. He throws them onto the bed.

He then returns to the other Slut on her chair and takes her by the hand to pull her up to her feet. He grabs one of her tits and gives it a firm squeeze. “Thank you…” she says. He leads her to the bed. “Did you enjoy watching that Bitch?” he asks you.

“Definitely Master” you groan. Your pussy is aching for action. You love being dominated and enslaved. You hope that He will fuck you soon. The other girl hops onto the bed and lays beside you, on her front. “Roll over Slut” you are told. You are now on your front, side by side with this other Whore. WHACK!! You are hit across the arse by the whip, WHACK!! So is she. As quickly as you are hit, Master is rubbing your arse with His hand. It offers a little relief. You wonder how you will explain the welt to your husband … but right now that is the least of your concerns. You are enjoying yourself far too much to let worries enter your mind.

“Okay Sluts, now that we are all warmed up and you two have met, let the real fun begin…”Hearing Master say those words excites and terrifies you in equal measure. You understand that things are only just getting started. You have no idea what is coming next and for how long Master is going to subject you to His play-time. But you know you are going to thoroughly enjoy it.