Written by Slipperysam


From a series of Dirty Emails I wrote some time ago....

I want to run my finger over your pussy through your knickers

run my finger in your groove

feel the wet squeeze out through your panties

try to push through them into you

Kiss your mouth and distract you

while I put my hand inside your knickers

I want to feel your pants pushing my hand against you

then off with the pants

off with your top

suck those enormous, beautiful nipples

until they are rocks

Jump on the bed, get naked and get rocking

I'm so looking forward to tasting your mouth

feeling it on my cock

your hands on my ass

My hands are wanderers - don’t you worry about that

I will feeel every single inch of you

your neck, your butt

inside your cheeks

brush your anus

caress your thighs

stroke your pussy

up and down your legs

up your arms and down your sides

lift your boobs

roll your nipples

kiss your neck

your chest

your belly

your clit

your lips

your pussy hole

then I want to roll over, let you suck me while I fiddle with you from behind

roll my fingers over your hot stiff clit

slide my fingers in your warm wet hole

run them around the inside

bend them and pull them out

rub between your butt and your puss

with my thumb

tickle your nipple with my knee

I bet you suck a great cock

I can’t wait to find out

I want to trace my tongue around your folds

suck them in

and lick some more

tease your clit

then suck it hard

pop it out of my mouth

pinch the back of your thighs

and slap your ass

to make you moan

I need to get 1 2 3 fingers in you

stretch you

suck that clit hard

hold your hips

pull you down on me

while you keep sucking on me

rub my face in you

and suck while I growl in a





suck you some more

roll your bursting clit around inside my mouth with

my tongue

bite it light

bite and suck it at the same time

fingers around and around inside

I want to rub my hands up and down your sides

over your beautiful round ass

across your shoulders

turn back to kiss you

while you pull on me

let me lay down with you stroking me

while I play with your tits

rolling your nipples

make you play with yourself for me

open your pussy wide so I can see you play with it

watch you get yourself off

while I play with mine

get my foot under your ass

and gently hump you with it

while you slide up and down my shin

so I can feel your juice on my leg

and you twist your button

and shove a finger up yourself

And when you think you are ready

I want to

take you from behind

teasing at first

rubbing myself on you

around you

over your





around your entrance

across your anus

and back around again

while you rock

back and forth

urging me in you

and I will touch it against you

begin to push

myself in

then stop

pull back

when you try to capture me

then push in a little further

not quite in

squeeze your ass

press so lightly on your butt

slap your ass

then slip

just inside

in slowly

all the way


and stop

and feel you


then out

then in

pull you on me

feel your tummy


reach back to your clit

where I will find

your hand

there already

I want you to feel me

with your butt

the backs of your legs

then reach through

and touch me

while I bang you

to a crescendo

Then I want you to turn over

legs in the air

I want to watch you play with yourself some more

up close

where I can smell you

and I can lean down to suck at you

and tap your red, hot swollen pussy lips

with the back of my hand

while I slide the condom

up and down

over myself

then I want your legs up over my neck

while I push inside you again

keep rubbing your clit

I want you to come


legs up

and bent

knees over your head

so I feel big

in you

while I rock back and forth

and when I think

you are nearly there

I want you on top of me


so i can check out your awesome boobs

and pull your tits up

and out

by their nipples

and I want you to grind yourself

down on me


so i can feel the top

of the inside of you

with the end

of my




I will pull your hips

down on me



you cannot

get away

and I promise

you will come

as hard



ever have