Written by tem_hamilton


We had chatted on line for so long now that it felt like waiting for an old friend ‒ however I knew this was different. Tonight I would see whether she was could live up to our shared expectation, or whether this was something confined to her fantasies.

A timid knock at the door and I knew the moment had arrived. “Enter”. As she made her way in, her nervousness was plain to see. The red hue to the cheeks, the slow, jerky movements as she walked and the eyes. Oh the eyes. Her nerves reflected through the hazel but there was also more, far more. I could see the burning anticipation and pent up emotion. Very pleasing.

She had dressed as I asked. Short black skirt, crisp white blouse and stockings. I guided her into the lounge while whispering into her ear “good girl”. As previously instructed, she stood still in the centre of the room as my eyes wandered in appreciation. From the long swirls of her hair, her eager eyes, tracing down the sensual lines of her succulent breast. Walking around I appreciated each curve, each aspect of her feminine form.

Facing her, I placed a tender kiss on her forehead. Reading the hunger in her eyes, I pressed my lips to hers. Her mouth parted and our lips melted together as we explored with hunger. As her arms began to hold me tight, I pulled back breaking our connection. “not yet little one”.

I sat down and bade her to slowly remove her blouse. Button by button she obeyed, exposing the soft white cleavage, then the full shape of her breasts beneath her black lacy bra. As the blouse dropped to the floor, her chest heaved with a mixture of embarrassment and pride. Upon my instruction she reached behind her and unclasped her bra, releasing her breasts and freeing her erect nipples.

As one would not guzzle a fine wine, this was to be an experience of sipping, savoring the taste and texture of what lay before me. Did she understand this? Did she truly comprehend the implications of our relationship?

I stood and knelt before her. Her eyes showed an expectation ‒ an expectation which would be unmet. I slowly ran my fingers lightly up her legs until they reached her panties. I carefully held them and pulled them down, helping her to step out. I looked up and smiled. And then to her surprise I stood again ‒ with her blouse in my hand. I held it out “put this back on my little pet”. Like a gentleman I held the blouse out while she slipped back into it. Standing in front of her, I slowly buttoned it up, all they while smiling into her eyes.

“Go home now, we will play again another day” Oh the look of disappointment and confusion. She had obeyed me, been eyed up and down by me and exposed herself to me ‒ and I was dismissing her! I gently kissed her lips “anticipation and desire, control and release. You will learn and you will enjoy ‒ I promise you”