(Something I wrote on a long intercity bus ride a few years back)

It's just after lunch on a sunny spring day, the housework is done and the kids are at school.

Your new state house is your pride and joy with shiny wood floors and new Formica table.

The grocer (Michael) knocks at the door with this week’s delivery; he has his arms full so you take the milk and butter off the top before he drops the lot. While you put the milk in the fridge you tell Michael to put the box on the bench. As you step back to close the fridge door michael turns towards you and you back into him whilst leaning forward...Your pert bottom presses against him and you lose balance from the fright, michael puts his hand on you hips to stop you falling. You stand back up and feel his body interlock with yours, you stand motionless like this for what seems like a lifetime, his strong hands can be felt thru your light summer dress and petticoat.

It's the first time anyone but your husband has held you so close and you can feel his breath on you soft pale neck.

Michael starts to apologize and pull away when you say

" Please don't stop"

You can't believe yourself, you are not that kind of woman, and what would the neighbors say if they were to find out? But you still place your hands on his and lean back into his chest...

You feel Michael’s breath on your neck and you can't help but mould your back into him. One hand comes around and rests on your tummy and he ever so slowly kisses the back of your neck. You tremble and wish for his hand to go higher and touch your bust. It's like he knows what you are thinking and he raises his hand to your stiffening nipple, you shudder and lose all control, you need him in you now.

You turn your head and meet with his lips; it's raw passion like you have never felt before. Michael senses the urgency and pushes you toward the new Formica table. You have never made love to anyone but your husband and never anywhere but a bed and in under five minutes you are face down in the kitchen with the cold surface of the table making your nipples hard and someone you hardly know groping you all over.

Michael asks " ma’am, is this ok?" and you reply" please don't stop!" with this Michael runs his hand up your thigh taking you dress and petticoat with it. You are aware that a stranger can see your satin panties but you can't stop

You are breathing hard and grip the sides of the table with each hand as you bend further down on the cold tabletop.

Michaels hand is fumbling it's way into the moist crutch of you panties, there is no stretch in the fabric and the room taken up by his fingers pulls them sharply between your soft lips and rubs against your swollen pink button- it hurts but in a good way. You shudder and shake as his fingers force there way into your wet. His strong hand feels divine in your panties, you can hear your own moisture lubricating his fingers as they push in and out of you- it's too much for you to resist as his other hand pinches your nipple. You feel a wave coming over you so you grab the oven glove from the end of the table and bite down hard- if you don't you know you will scream so loud Mrs. Yates from next door will come over to see what's wrong, your legs buckle and you surrender your weight to the cold hard table as michael pushes his fingers even deeper into you, you smother you scream into the oven glove as a hot jolt passes through your body and leave your tummy quivering.

As you catch you breath lying on the table Michael gently brushes your hair aside and asks if you’re all right. To this you can only reply " please make love to me now"

This is what michael was hoping to hear but instead of leading you to the bedroom as you assumed he simply pulled your panties down to your knees and undid his flies, his strong hands grip your bottom and move you to a slightly lower stance. As you move you catch a glimpse of yourself in the oven door- with your dress bunched around your waist and you knickers holding your knees together you see his manhood for just a moment before you feel it pushing into you. It feels so hot and so hard as it parts you. Michael is still gentle but quite forceful as he inches it into to you. From his breathing you can tell he is getting close to climax and his speed increased as he thrusts. The table is shaking and his thighs are making a slapping noise against your bottom. Just when you think he is about to come he does something you don't expect.... With his hands still grasping your bottom he parts you bottom cheeks and pushes his thumb firmly against your bottom hole. With feelings of shock, disgust and shear bliss you grasp for the oven mitt to scream into. Michaels grunting and the pulsating from his member tell you that he is also climaxing.

He lies forward onto to you as he catches his breath. Again he asks if your ok this time you reply that you have never felt better

Michael stands to pull up his trousers and says that he really must be going because he is now running late.

As he is about to leave you ask for his discretion, to this he answers that if his boss Mr. Donaldson found out what had just happened not only would he lose his job but Mr. Donaldson would also break the engagement between michael and his daughter!

As you walk down to meet the children after school, you think 30 minutes ago you answered the door to the grocery boy and now you can feel another mans seed inside you - how did it happen so fast?

The children’s teacher is at the gate, she says to you " Evette, what ever blush you are wearing today, buy a box load of it! I have never seen you looking so well” you reply that it's nothing new it's just the spring air.