Her eyes fly open and she lays still, feeling her heart pounding and the sound of blood rushing in her ears. Closing them she draws a calming breath, focusing on bringing her heart rate under control.

It's a moment before she registers the warmth of the hand gripping her's and the deep voice in her ear.

"Breathe little one"

The sound of his voice and his warm breath on her skin calms her. Pulling her into his arms, he wraps his body round her, engulfing her in his strength and with the smell of his skin enveloping her, suddenly everything is ok. The world is right again, the fear and anxiety that woke her from sleep, fade as he pulls her against him to hold her close.

"You were dreaming"

It is a statement, not a question and requires no response from her. Taking another deep breath, drawing more of his unique scent into her lungs, she buries her nose in his neck.

The duvet moves as he adjust his position to allow her to curl round him. The combined smell of the previous nights enjoyment wafts from under the covers and she sighs in contentment.

Everything about them is perfectly matched, from the way their bodies fit together, like two pieces of a puzzle, their ability to move together in perfect synchronicity and the way their smells combined to make a sensual perfume that was uniquely theirs.

Laying in the warm security of his arms it would be easy to forget the worries, concerns and fears of the past months.

What if they were making a huge mistake? What if all the work, stress, time and money to get to this point was a waste? What if it comes between them, this perfect life they had created for themselves disintegrating before their eyes?

What it?...... what if?......what if?........

"Stop it" The voice in her ear has a growl that still sends shivers down her spine, distracting her long enough to get her thoughts under control.

Looking into eyes that had burned into her soul and branded themselves on her heart she reaches up and traces the shadow on his jaw.

Studying this face she has loved for so long, wondering how she had not noticed the extra lines at the corners of his eyes, the dark smudges beneath them. So wrapped up in her own worries and concerns, had she been neglecting this man who had always been there for her, been her everything for so long?

"No, don't do that"

No words are needed, he knows her thoughts as if spoken aloud. That kind of intimacy scares some people but for them, created from many years of trust and communication they were at the point they could almost read each other minds.

She no longer feared their closeness, had past that point, the only fear she held now was losing what they had created.

"Look at me" Bringing her eyes to his, she catches a fleeting glimpse of her own fears mirrored there, it's gone before she can confirm what she's seen.

His eyes, a deep, dark brown that seemed to change from warm chocolate to almost black, depending on his mood, hold hers.

"We can do this, we are going to do this, we want this"

With every word, him arms tighten around her, hands biting into her skin as he reinforces his determination to get through to her.

The pressure of his embrace and the sting of his nails as they bite into her soft flesh has her sighing, her body automatically reacting to ingrained signals and relaxing into him.

She feels his chest rubble with laughter as he registers her reaction to his embrace. "Come on sweetness, we need to make a move"

Bringing herself back to the present, she gives a growl of her own. Peering at him from under her lashes, she gives him a slight frown and a wee pout before quickly reaching down to wrap her hand around his cock. Purring when she finds him hard and hot, knowing she only has moments before he takes back control. She grasps him in her hand and strokes him just the way he loves. Risking more, she flicks out her tongue and licks his nipple before drawing it into her mouth and biting down.

"Argghh!.....Little Vixen"

She smiles to herself as he simultaneously grabs a handful of her hair to pull her mouth from his nipple, while his other hand draws her's from his now throbbing cock.

"We don't have time and I'm in no mood for a quickie"

She laughs at the thought, after all these years, their version of a quickie was still a 30min sweatfest and God, she wouldn't have it any other way.

Sighing in resignation she throws herself onto her back, slinging an arm over her eyes and, in a last ditch attempt to seduce him, makes sure the sheet slips to her waist, giving him full view of her breasts, her nipples hardening at the sudden exposure to the cooler air.

Feeling the bed dip, she has a fleeting moment of hope, before the warmth of his body draws away from her.

Removing the arm covering her eyes, she looks up at him as he studies her from the side of the bed.

His eyes are soft, taking on the chocolate colour she has come to associate with his love for her. Standing naked beside the bed, he is still the man she fell for so many years before. A light sprinkling of grey at his temples, a few extra laugh lines at the corner of his eyes but his body had remained largely unchanged. He was still broad and strong through his shoulders and chest, age had not thickened his waist or bowed his posture. His long legs still muscled and lean. Not considered traditionally handsome, his charismatic charm and confidence without arrogance had women flocking to bed him.

In their early years together, she often wondered how she had come to be so lucky. Why this man, who could have his pick of beautiful women would choose her. She considered herself plain, non discript brown hair, brown eyes, too tall for her own liking, nothing she would consider attractive enough to gain the attention of this larger than life man.

But somehow she had caught his attention. Not through outrageous flirting or impressive shows of naked skin, as the women who tended to orbit his world had displayed, but through conversation. Pure and simple, they talked....and talked. It started with day to day "Hi how are you" and gradually progressed to kinks and fetishes as was pretty standard among their community.

Realising they matched well in their kinky lives they planned play dates and get togethers.

A realisation something was changing between them, happened during a particularly intense scene, forcing them to address the intensity of their emotional attachment to each other.

The rest, as they say, was history.

Smiling at the fond memory of their friends reactions, the "about time"..... "if you hadn't, I would have mate" and "I knew you two were meant to be together"

Hearing these things from their close friends, including play partners and metamours , meant the world to them both, giving them the courage to follow their hearts and pursue a more permanent relationship.

This day she was studiously trying to delay, was just another step on their journey together. It had been a long time coming, long hours of discussion, consultations, clinic appointments, painful procedures and heartbreak with each failure.

But today was different, this time it had worked, this time they would not be returning to their home alone, the reason her sleep had been restless, even after he had tried to fuck her into oblivion the night before. Today was the day.

Reaching out his hand, he waits for her to sit up before pulling her from the bed into his arms. He's tall, well over 6ft, something she has always loved about him. Being tall herself, he makes her feel delicate and feminine not the amazon, she felt like in High School.

Standing, arms wrapped around each other for mutual courage and an extra hit of confidence, taking deep breaths, drawing the scent of the others skin into their lungs to carry with them through the long morning ahead.

He draws back and turns her towards the master bathroom, a real luxury in their modest home, giving a sharp swat on her generous arse to hurry her along. Heading into its warmth, she realizes he must have been awake long before her. The large room is warm from the underfloor heating, the deep tub full with deliciously scented water, her favourite oversized towel warming on the heated towel rail. She turns back to throw her arms round him and express just how much she needed this, how grateful she is for his thoughtfulness but he's already there, a step behind her.

Before she can embrace him, he scoops her up in his arms and carries her to the tub. The stress of the past few months had taken a toll on them both. Not a small women by any means but always aware of the importance of taking care of her body, she had kept trim and fit and he had always been strong but the way he picked her up, with such ease, made her realize how much the stress had affected her. Looking down at her body she could, for the first time in many years see her ribs and hips protruding and her breasts were not as full as they once were.

He lowers her into the steaming water and she hisses as the heat touches the oversensitized parts of her body, reminding her of what they had done the night before.

Sinking up to her neck, sighing as her body adjusts to the temperature, running her hands over the welts and bruises he had lovingly painted across her body. Each touch bringing back memories of their last night of 'just them'. By the end of the day they would be sharing their home. With that thought all her feelings of fear and excitement come rushing back.

"I'm going to shower beautiful" Looking up at him leaning over her, she smiles as he bends down to kiss her once more before heading to the stall in the corner of the room.

From her position in the bath she has full view of the shower, watching him adjust the taps through the glass partition. They had splashed out on the master bath when building their forever home. The rest of the house was simple and comfortable, made so with their personal touches, inexpensive but cosy furniture, practical but comfy. They didn't feel the need to spend extravagant money on their home, just wanting it to be comfortable, practical and welcoming. Family and friends loved spending time there and they took it as a ringing endorsement they'd achieved their aim.

The master bath was one of only two extravagances in their home, the other being the play room, with all its fixtures and fittings for any and all conceivable fun. Another reason their friends found it hard to leave. They had created a safe place to explore, play and experiment. Where judgements were left at the door and acceptance was a given. The room was used for more than just parties and play, it was a retreat, a fantasy world to escape to when things became to much. It could change from a BDSM dungeon to a Zen meditation space with a few simple changes and they had used it for both many times.

The bathroom was their personal space though, a retreat just for them. It still included discreetly placed hardpoints, benches and shelves that blended with the esthetic of the room, not looking out of place to the untrained eye but perfect for their private play.

The fact she could lay in the warmth of the bath and watch as he entered the shower was no happy accident. Everything in the room had been designed and placed for maximum pleasure.

Her hand drifts across her breasts as she watches him step under the spray, watching him flinch as the scalding water hits his cool skin. He always likes the water hotter than she can stand and she teases him about his tough hide needing the hotter temp to get him clean.

Her hand drifts down her belly to lay between her legs as he begins to soap his body, by the time his hand wraps round his cock to give it a quick clean she's rubbing her clit.

Looking up as she moans, he sees her, hand between her legs, watching him, the cock in his hand twitches and starts to harden.

Thinking he may say no, they don't have time, she mouths a quick 'Please' across the space, knowing he would not hear her plea above the noise of the water.

Smiling, the warmth in his eyes making her heart jump in her chest, he takes a firmer grip on his cock and starts a long slow stroke from base to tip.

Happiness bubbles up inside her as she watches his cock thicken and lengthen, the smooth shiny head peeking out of its hood as he grows.

Watching eachother was a pleasure they indulged in often, whether solo or with other partners, the joy of watching their lover experience the bliss of orgasm was a kink they shared regularly.

Things were getting very warm in their steamy piece of paradise and it's not long before her ogasm has her crying out, bowing her body as the pleasure rips through her, sending a wave of water over the side of the tub.

Not far behind, he lets out a primal growl of satisfaction as he strokes himself, she brings herself to another intense orgasm as the bliss of seeing his cum explode from tip of his rigid cock has her shaking and crying out. His eyes which had slipped closed, fly open at her cry, one hand braced against the glass, the other continues to stroke his cock drawing out every last drop of cum as he watches her subside into the cooling water of the bath.

The flush that stains her chest and face, highlight the bruises on her breasts his fingers had made the night before, as well as the dark shadows under her eyes that had appeared over time.

God, he prayed this was the last time, this would be the day they would get to bring him home. After everything they had been through, everything they had given up to make this happen, didn't they deserve this. Watching the joy of their friends as they experienced the happiness of expanding their family, the new addition that seemed to bring them closer together.

The feeling of guilt, he had not been able to make this happen for her weighed heavy on his shoulders. She was his world, this incredible women who took his breath away with her strength and courage as she submitted to his desires. The trust she placed in him to build this life and it was a wonderful life.

He watches her, eyes closed, she lays in the water, the last tremors of her orgasm making the water ripple around her. His cock still hard and throbbing begins to soften as he takes note of the toll the stress has taken on her. Quickly finishing his shower, including a shave which he knows she will not approve of. His shadowed jaw being something she loved, claiming she didn't enjoy the smooth softness of a fresh save against her skin. Stepping out of the stall and grabbing his towel to wrap round his waist, he walks to the tub, bending down to kiss her awake.

"Come on little one, time to go"

Reaching in he wraps his arms round her and lifts her from the water, standing her on the warm tiled floor, making sure she has her balance before grabbing her towel from the rail and wrapping it around her.

Giving her a brisk rub all over the help her dry off and bring her back to reality, he gives her a quick hug before heading back to the bedroom to dress.

Watching him disappear through the door into their bedroom she is determined that no matter what happened that day, they would be fine, they would make it through and they would go on, together.

All dry and feeling positive, she joins him in the bedroom to dress. Noting the fresh smooth shave, she keeps her comments to herself knowing the reason behind it and taking care with her own appearance and outfit. Wanting to make the best impression of 'we are worthy' without being unapproachable. Smart casual with a hint of makeup she doesn't want to feel unnatural, wanting to smell and look as much like herself as possible.

Will he recognise her, will he know her smell and the colour of her eyes and hair already? She already knows everything about him, has his face and the feel of his skin memorised. Would he smell the same, when she holds him in her arms will he feel the same?

Shaking her head to rid herself of the nagging worries she finishes dressing and heads to the mirror to tame her unruly mane.

Standing in front of the full length dress mirror, she smooths the crisp white shirt over her hips, the dark blue of her jeans contrasting nicely. Now what to do with her hair?

"Leave it down"

Standing behind her, he had watched as she carefully selected her outfit, applied her minimal makeup, then fussed with her long curls, frowning as she struggled to tame them.

She looks at him in the mirror, before removing the clip she had unsuccessfully been trying to insert into her mass of hair.

It tumbles down round her face and past her shoulders, giving her a softer, younger look.

"He will want to play with it" Staring at each other in the reflection of the mirror, they both grin, then, in unison say........... "Just like I/you do"

Bursting with laughter she turns to throw herself into his arms, he is already there, a huge smile on his face, ready to sweep her up and swing her round the room.

Laughing and holding him close, she suddenly feels lighter and freer than she has in months.

Hearing her laugh and feeling her happiness as he holds her, the weight he has been carrying is lifted from his shoulders. Pure joy fills his soul as he turns them toward the bedroom door and leads them to the kitchen and the heart of their home.

They pass the closed door of the only room in the house that has never been used. For the first time they both look at the door and smile, knowing that room will soon be filled with life and love.

Not wanting to be late they hurry through morning coffee, opting to forgo their usual homemade breakfast goodies.

He'd already booked the car and it was pulling up, silently, to the curb as they closed the front door. Two short beeps on his remote and the house was secured, the automated system setting alarms and shutting down any unnecessary systems. No more leaving the house and wondering if you left the oven on, with the technology now available the house was fully automated and capable of running its own safety checks, all the information sent to his PD (Personal Device). He had opted for the old fashioned wrist watch, rather than the implant. Even after all these years he still couldn't get his head around a computer directly linked to his brain (excuse the pun).

Admittedly all the advancements in technology had made life a lot easier and without it they would never have had the opportunity to add to their family.

He smiles at the thought as he helps her into the car. When they'd first met, he never would have dreamed they would get to this stage. Now watching her nervously settle against the leather of the seat, the absolute certainty that this is what he wants, makes him hurry to join her.

As he climbs in beside her, she grabs his hand and give it a squeeze, more to reassure herself than him. All through this process he had never let her down, never shown her any doubts, if he had any.

"Ready?" She nods and he leans forward to program their destination into the computer on the consol. The reassuring voice of the computer confirms their destination and the car pulls smoothly into the light early morning traffic.

Self driven petrol cars where becoming few and far between with the introduction of electric automated transport. The decline in vehicle accidents was undeniable and the speed and convenience of the AC's (Auto Cars) made them an easy choice.

He had to admit to missing the old Holden his Dad drove when he was a kid, watching him change through the gears, controlling the car through windy back roads in his hometown. There was no arguing the almost zero road toll though and decrease in pollution as the world went electric.

There were still opportunities to experience the petrolhead side of life with many of the cars saved and used in supervised racetrack racing. He might even give it a go once things were settled at home. As far as he was concerned though, it was a small price to pay for technology that was giving them what they had wanted for so long.

They opted for the peace and quiet of a silent ride, refusing the option of music or tinting the windows. Normally they would have indulged in a full tint and made the most of the ride with some in car kink. The AC's even had camera and video options which streamed directly to their homes computer system for later viewing pleasure.

Their library was extensive but today was not the day for another addition, today they had other things on their minds.

Watching the city speed by, they marveled again at technology that had advanced their lives, enjoying the short ride to the city in peaceful quiet, each lost in their own thoughts.

Pulling up outside the clinic, with its modern architecture and smooth walls that seemed to shine in the early morning sunlight, the car slows and waits for a space to become available in the drop off zone. They'd become familiar with the warm and welcoming entrance way. Lined with Japanese Maples which changed colour with the seasons, they'd seen the variations displayed as the months past. They swayed gently in the breeze, currently sporting several shades of green for the warmer months. Walking beneath the low branches, just high enough he didn't have to stoop, towards the double doors and what they hoped would be the start of their new life.

Sitting at the reception desk was pert and pretty Sarah, having visited the clinic on so many occasions they were now on a first name basis and she greeted them as friends.

Coming out from behind the desk, genuine warmth in her smile and a hug for each of them, they stood, grinning at each other and clasping hands in a loose circle as they waited for the Doctor to arrive.

Footsteps on the polished floors announced the arrival of their case Doctor and they turned to greet the tall good looking man striding towards them. All staff at the clinic were attractive and in perfect physical condition, great advertising for their products and services. Dr Colin Jones was no exception, as assistant head researcher for the clinic he was a walking example of his own work. The perfect teeth, flawless skin and what she was sure was a gym perfect body under his lab coat, had always made her feel a little uncomfortable. As time past, she came to realise, under the shiny exterior, he was a kind and genuine man who'd worked hard to get where he was and enjoyed the happiness he brought to people's lives.

They'd both declined offers of procedures and services that would have altered their own appearance, preferring to stay as they were, happy in their own bodies.

"He's ready" Smiling that bright white smile, he reaches out and takes her hand in both of his, giving it a firm squeeze.

"Really?" she clears her throat when it comes out at barely more than a squeak and tries again, this time in a firmer tone "we can see him?"

"Yes, follow me, they are just getting him ready" "You will need to keep an eye on him, it may take a few days for him to acclimatize to the new sensations and surroundings"

"remember to keep him warm and in a calm quiet environment for the first 24 hours after you get home"

Looking back over his shoulder as they hurry to keep up with his long stride, he gives them an encouraging smile.

"I'm sure you know all this already, Sarah will give you an info pack to take home but you will be fine"

They reach the double doors at the end of the hallway and stop as the Doctor pauses. Turning back to them he once again takes her hand and claps the other on her mans shoulder.

"Good luck you two, I will leave you here. He's seen enough of this old mug, he wants to see the two of you" I know it's been a long time coming and it's early days but if you decide you would like another.....maybe a girl?" "Please come back and see us"

They look at each other, grinning at the thought and thank the Doctor as he takes his leave.

Turning back to the doors, she clings to his arm. All the nervousness rushing back, almost overwhelming her as she realises that she is only moments from seeing him.

He plants a kiss on her lips, before turning her towards the door and with a sharp swat on her behind, encourages her to push it open.

"He will want to see you first, lead the way my love"

Taking a deep breath, she steps through the open door and into the softly lit room. They know this room well, the placement of the bed and dresser, which door leads to the ensuite and which leads to the observation room. Having spent many hours in that room, waiting, hoping and ultimately leaving disappointed, it had taken on a melancholy feel for her.

This time though, the light seemed brighter, the air warmer, the stillness of the room not as heavy. As she approaches the bed, the warmth from the body tucked under the covers envelopes her and she draws in the familiar smell of his skin. He's not asleep, she can see his eyes as they track her movement across the room. They leave her face briefly to take in the man behind her, widening slightly in recognition, before moving back to study her as she approaches.

Smiling, she slowly reaches out a hand to touch his face, waiting to gauge his reaction, before gently caressing his cheek. She knows this face, every curve, dip and hollow. It is smooth, no sign of stubble, there are no lines or creases at the corner of his eyes, no grey at his temples but it's him, she would recognise him anywhere.

"Hello Adam"

"Hello Claire"

His deep voice surprises her, he looks young but his voice is mature with a very familiar deep tone.

His eyes shift to the man standing at her side

"Hello Paul"

"Hello Adam, how are you feeling?"

"I want to get out of here, I want to go home"

Sucking in a sharp breath, tears spring to her eyes. Reaching up to grab Paul's hand were it grasps her shoulder, she gives it a squeeze.

"Then that's what we shall do, let's get you up" Paul nods in agreement.

Bending to help him sit up, she quickly realises it's not necessary as he throws back the covers and stands unaided from the bed.

They both step back to give him room. She sighs and Paul gives a soft groan as their eyes travel the length of his body.

He's gorgeous, smooth olive skin lightly sprinkled with soft dark hair, matching the hair on his head. Lighter than hers but darker than Paul's

Standing in all his naked glory they take in every perfect inch of him.

A clone..... a younger, carbon copy of Paul, unblemished by the passing of time and a life of work. He is the physical representation of the perfection they could never regain without surgical intervention.

"......and he's all ours" Claire hadn't realised she'd spoken aloud till she heard Paul's agreement "yes he is"

Adams eyes, focused on her face, shifted to the man standing behind her as he spoke.

"Yes I am yours" she watches his cheeks darken and his pupils dilate as he stares at Paul, taking in the familiar features. His expression softens as Paul smiles at him, they both grin, one mirroring the other.

A shiver runs down her spine as they both turn to look at her, staring at them, she can't help but giggle, happiness bubbling up inside her.

Grinning at each other, they move till she is between them, Paul behind her and Adam in front. Circling their arms round her they press in close. She can feel Pauls chest against her back, the warmth seeping through her shirt, his erection pressed against her arse as she pushes back against him. Adam moves closer, the heat from his body burning through her bra and making her nipples stand to attention. His naked skin is soft under her hands as she slides her arms round his waist. Pauls arms are under hers and she follows them till she finds his hands resting on Adams arse. Pushing her hands under Pauls she sighs at the warm smoothness.

Their heart rates rise, soft moans and sighs filling the quiet of the room, bodies straining to get closer, it's a few moments before they register the soft cough from the doorway.

Looking towards the door Paul sees a clinical assistant standing in the doorway holding clothing.

"Sorry, are they for Adam?"

"No need to be sorry....we understand" with a knowing smile and and a nod of her head, she passes Paul the clothing and leaves them to help Adam dress.

It took longer than it should have, with all the touching, carressing and laughing but eventually Adam is dressed in the soft cool pants and shirt provided and stands before them a picture of youthful vitality.

"Can we go home now?"

Claire looks at Paul and seeing his matching grin replys with a firm yes.

Sarah looks up from her desk as she hears them aproaching, coming out to say her final goodbyes and wishing them the best of luck.

Watching the trio head out the door into the afternoon sunshine, Sarah is again taken with the stunning couple and their new addition.

With a pang of longing and a slight dampness in her panties, she sends a quick message to her partner and their Emma.

Today reminded her so much of the first day they had bought Emma home, the excitment of discovering and experimenting.

Now all she wanted to do was get home to them and try out the new toys that had arived that morning.

Maybe once Paul and Claire had Adam settled in and things where sorted for them, the six of them could get together...........

Sarah had heard rumours of a playroom...................................