Written by Mrs Noobies


Beep.... beep.... beep.... sounds the checkout machine at the supermarket. I sigh as I see the pile of groceries belonging to the woman in front of me. I glance at my watch. There is no way I am going to get home in time to cook dinner for Rich before he comes home from work. The woman has 2 squabbling children with her, which adds to my annoyance. I shuffle from foot to foot, trying to ease the weariness seeping through my body. mmm I think, a nice soak in the spa later on tonight, my mind starts to wander.

A noisey clatter brings me back to the supermarket checkout. There is still no room for me to start stacking my groceries on the converyor belt. The children are still sqaubbling, and the woman is bent over picking up the chocolate bars that her children have shoved to the floor.

I notice the way her pants fit to the curves of her behind, and I start to feel that familar tingle go through my body. Oh darn Rich, getting me interested in anal porn, I think to myself. As the woman stands, my eyes move from her behind around to the front of her, and my heart skips a beat as my eyes land on her pants zipper. I feel the tingle deep within me intensify. I quickly look down at my hands with a blush.

"Sorry" she says with a smile, "The children have been on an outing today at school and are more boisterious this afternoon". I look into her eyes, and nod with a smile in return. Before she turns away from me, I notice that she has got a set of amazing breasts. I cannot help but run my tongue over my lips.

Finally its my turn to pay for my groceries, and I head home with the tingle inside. I again glance at my watch. Just enough time I decide. Instead of an evening meal on the table, Rich is going to find me.

When I arrive home I quickly put the shopping away and run up the strairs. In the bedroom I find the naughtiest lingerie, and grab the sex toys out from under the bed. Hurridly I step out of my clothes and into the shower. The hot water streams down my body and I lather the body wash and thoroughly clean myself. As my hand reaches my pussy, I hesistate. I can feel my wetness from the supermarket. I moan. I yearn to play with my clit, to put my fingers inside myself, but I know I should wait for Richs cock. I groan in frustration.

I try to clean the sticky wetness away. But realise that its just getting worse. I try to be rough, but the feel of my hands and fingers down there are making me horny, so I give up. Instead I wipe my juices from my pussy to my arse, in goes one finger, and then two, then I try the smallest butt plug. I look at my watch. Thank God its waterproof. Stuff this, I get the big butt plug and put it in my arse. I giggle, who needs lube when my pussy is a steady stream of juice to use instead.

Feeling very sexy I make my way down the stairs. Sexy pink lingerie? check, sexy pink strappy heels? check, powder? check, make up? check, jewellery? check, perfume? check, inserted butt plug? oh yes, I can feel it, check. I hear Rich's car in the driveway so I hurry to the dining table and kneel on it. My arse with inserted butt plug is facing toward the front door. And I am scared my pussy juices are going to drip onto the table. I am getting hornier by the second. Shit, I forgot the toys and oils.

The keys rattle in the lock. "Honey, I brought someone home for tea, I hope you dont...." Richs' voice cuts off as he walks inside.

"What?" I screech, looking behind, towards him. He has a petite brunette next to him. I jump off the table in horror. Trying to cover my briefly clad body with my hands, I feel my arse tightening around the plug with the sudden movement. Rich turns towards the brunette and tries to lead her back out.

"Wow, you look gorgeous" the newcomer says. He eyes are glued to my body. My shock dissapears, and my pussy which had gone dry from the horror is now supremely moist again, I lick my lips, and smile coyly at her. "Thank you"

As Rich looks from her to I, she starts moving towards me. She has her hand held out, "Im Cindy, It is a real pleasure to meet you" she says. Her voice is thick with lust, and there is a sparkle in her eyes. "Im Jane" I mumble nervously.

"Your body is so sexy" she says. I can feel my nipples hardening under her gaze. She comes to stand next to me, and we both turn to Rich. His cock is straining against his pants.

I stare at it, it has me mesmerized. His cock has always had that affect on me. He steps put of his pants, and I see his manhood stretched to life. I shudder. He then starts to hold his balls in one hand, and moves his other hand up and down his cock. I am once again licking my lips, wanting to put my mouth around it. Before I can move towards him, he is squirting his load into his hand, I moan with dissapointment, and then notice that I have had Cindys hands on my arse and breasts.

"Come here honey" rich demands, he massages his cum onto my tits. I groan in delight. Jane is breathing deeply, and starts sucking on my cum covered tits. We are all so horny. Rich takes us back to the table. Cindy finds herself lying on the table, with me kneeling over her. She is sucking my tits, while I experiment with my fingers on her. It is a new experiance for me, and I am loving it. Cindy is groaning beneath me as I play with her clit. She is sopping wet. I place a finger inside her and she acrhes he pussy up. She begs for more, and I ease my finger out. She starts to move her own hands towards her own pussy, but Rich demands her to stop.

His lust filled voice is beside my ear. He has pushed the neck of Cindys wine bottle in my vagina and he is behind me moving the butt plug in and out of me. My arse is moving into it when he pushes it into me. Although the bottle and plug are pushed in as far as they will go, I am only vaguely aware of it, as I am absorbed in Cindy the petite brunette under me.

Both Cindy and I are weak at the knees when we get off the table and start sucking on his cock. Its amazingly hard again. We share his cock, taking turns to suck him and fondle his balls. All the time, gently playing with each others nipples. Suddenly I get this urge, and I kiss her. Her mouth tastes like Richs cock. It tastes delicious.

Rich leads us both upstairs to the bedroom. All of our clothing and the wine bottle are left downstairs without a second thought.

He lies us both down next to each other and starts fingering us both. ohhh. heavenly. We are moaning so loudly. We turn to each other and start kissing each other. Biting, sucking, panting. Our tits are pushed up against each other, and I am suprised at how it feels to have another womans breasts against mine. I am aware of every part of her. Rich has started playing with both of our arses. He starts with gentle massage, then some rougher kneading.

"Honey, on your knees, I wanna spank your arse" As I kneel at the end of the bed, Cindy positions herelf under me, so her pussy is in licking distance. Very slowly I bow my head towards her pussy, I can smell its mustyness, and I am so excited to taste her. I lick her, I nibble her, I bite her, she is groaning, and thrusting her pussy into my mouth, I stretch my tongue so it enters her.

My mouth is covered in her juices. I know she is so close to cumming, and I am so horny, knowing that I am making her feel that way. As Cindy gets worked up into a frenzied state she is squirming all over the place, in the back of my mind I know that my arse is getting pounded by Richs rock hard cock. After one hard slap he had removed the butt plug and had rammed his cock into my gaping arse hole. I have Cindy moaning, panting and squirming under me, and Rich filling me arse, spanking me from behind, and my hand automatically reaches for my aching pussy. Cindy cums before me, and lies there panting, when I collapse with my head on her cum filled pussy. I hear Rich groan, and then feel him explode in my arse.

I close my eyes, with slight embarrasment. At the same time, I am feeling great lying there with cum on my face, in my arse, and my own seeping from my pussy. "I will go order pizza, delivered" With that, Rich heads to use the telephone. Cindy tells me again how pleasurable it was meeting me. I smile at her, and invite her to join me in the spa to wait for the pizza. We grab the discarded bottle of winefrom downstairs, and some wine glasses and head to the spa.....