Written by Anon


I used to live in Hamburg and one night my then boyfriend, a German guy called Markus, asked me if I'd like to visit one of their famous sex clubs with him. Intrigued, I immediately said yes and rushed off to find something suitable to wear. This is the story of women's lives - we always need to find an outfit, no matter what the occasion!

I knew it would have to be quite a revealing get-up because these clubs are quite strict about their dress codes (for the women anyway!). The sexier you look, the faster they move you to the front of the queue. So I chose a very short, very tight PVC skirt with stockings and suspenders and no knickers. When I walked, the curve of my ass cheeks was clearly visible and it only just covered my pussy lips. On top I wore a matching bustier that fastened with a wide, shiny silver zip up the centre. It was a little small but I liked the way it made my boobs 'pop' as if they were straining to be released. A pair of studded stiletto heels and I was good to go.

We met a few friends in the queue and another girl, Ana, who Markus recognised from work. She was around 20 and she was quite stunning. She had long red hair, very pale skin and I could see her full,round tits quite clearly through her totally transparent shirt. She wore tiny leather shorts that hugged her tight, curvaceous ass and it was probably thanks to her that we were ushered to the front of the queue and in through the dark entrance.

The music was incredibly loud but that just added to the buzz of excitement in the club because when my eyes grew accustomed to the gloom, I could see lots of couples and groups engaging in a variety of sex acts surrounded by people avidly watching them.

There were absolutely no inhibitions and my pussy was beginning to pulsate just watching so many people having sex with total abandonment on tables and sofas, chairs and beds. The air was thick with the smell of cock and pussy and it was just intoxicating. Some people even wore masks and that added an air of mystery and intrigue to the night.

We walked further into the club and I stopped when I saw a long line of men all standing with their hard dicks in their hands, some of them rolling on condoms. I looked to see what they were waiting for and at the end of the line was a woman lying on her back on a table. She was a slim brunette and she was completely naked with her long legs stretched wide to accommodate the guy who was eagerly thrusting himself into her. I then realised that all the men were simply waiting their turn.

I drew closer just as the man vigorously fucking her climaxed and then pulled out of her. I could see the gaping hole of her cunt and felt an overwhelming urge to tongue her myself. In an instant, the next guy was taking his place and she was begging him to fuck her, stretching her legs even wider. Another man appeared at her side fondling her small, firm tits and pinching her brown nipples while her hand worked furiously up and down his length. She glanced at another guy and gestured to her mouth whereupon he inserted his stiff dick between her lips and she began sucking. Her complete inhibition was really turning me on and I looked around to see if Markus was still behind me.

In doing so, I caught the eye of a very tall black guy leaning against a pillar. He was wearing a mask but I could see that he was very attractive. He had the most beautifully shaped mouth, and the combination of that and his well-defined chest and abs was enough to stop traffic. Not to mention the gorgeous cock between his legs that he was slowly stroking to full size.

I noticed a crowd of people standing around a table to the left of me and I wandered over to see what was happening. Ana the stunning redhead was perched on a table, leaning back on her elbows with her legs spread wide. I then noticed that her sexy little leather shorts had an opening just where her pussy lips protruded. A petite blonde girl with lots of tattoos walked up to her, lowered her head and began giving her cunt long, slow licks. Then I saw Markus, his eyes glittering with lust, stroking his cock as he looked on. Ana let out a short shriek as her hips bucked against the girls tongue and she came on her face leaving it smeared with her pussy juice.

The girl stepped back, licking her lips appreciatively and then Markus was between Ana's legs. He pulled her closer to him and began sucking greedily at her stiff nipples through her transparent shirt. She reached down for his cock and placed it at her cunt hole which was still wet and glistening from the intense tongue fucking she'd just received from the blonde. Markus plunged his thick cock into her and she gasped as she wrapped her legs around him rolling and pushing her hips against him.

I was getting so turned on watching Markus fucking Ana that I was incredibly wet, myself. My hand moved to my pussy but suddenly I heard a deep voice behind me saying "Let me help you with that" and a large black hand moved mine gently aside. Grasping me tightly against him with his other arm around my waist, he proceeded to gently stroke my naked pussy and slipped his long fingers inside me. I glanced behind me and saw it was the guy I'd noticed earlier leaning against the pillar. I could feel his enormous erection pressing against my ass and I squirmed against him, wanting to feel that cock inside me.

But he turned my head towards Markus and Ana and just said "Watch!" His fingers stroked me up and down my sopping wet, hairless slit while I watched Markus pounding into Ana until he gasped and blew his load inside her.

I felt myself being pulled back and I saw that the masked guy had sat down. His erection was impressive, beautifully long and thick. I got on my knees and took him in my mouth. His head was so engorged I could hardly fit my lips around him. He felt hard and smooth under my tongue but I needed more lubrication, so I reached between my legs, and scooped up some of my own pussy juice to spread over his shaft. I twisted my hands up and down as I licked and sucked his head. His slit was oozing precum and I spread it over my lips and squeezed his balls as I began to pump my hands faster until he said

"Sit on me, baby."

I raised myself up, and decided to turn my back to him so that I could enjoy looking at the audience we'd attracted. I straddled him, and eased myself down his rigid cock, loving the way he filled my cunt to the hilt. I rotated my hips slowly feeling him jerking inside me and began to pump myself feverishly up and down on his gorgeous black cock as he held my waist and drove himself hard into my hot and willing pussy. I thought his cock was going to tear me apart but still I screamed at him to fuck me harder.

Then I felt my bustier being unzipped and my tits broke free and began bouncing up and down with each savage thrust he made into my cunt. I could see a lot of the men in the crowd pulling on their turgid cocks, wanking themselves off and that made me feel hornier than I've ever been and encouraged me to ride even harder on the huge cock inside me.

My reward was a shattering climax as the guy spurted his cream into me and I fell back against him as waves of ecstacy overcame me.

As I lay panting against him one of the men who'd been watching, came over to us and offered his long, thin cock to my mouth. I slithered off the black guy's lap and knelt to take this new offering between my lips. I licked and sucked until his dick was wet with my saliva and rock hard from my hand pumping him. Then I felt my hips being pulled back and up as two large black hands were roughly massaging my tits and pulling at my stiff nipples. I kept sucking and licking the dick in my mouth and then I felt the huge black cock up against my asshole and I braced myself for another delicious pounding.

And that was just the beginning of the night.