Written by tomtomcan


Grace was a statuesque 20-something year old with a strong sense of her own style and a healthy sexual appetite. Although she was not a classic beauty she carried herself well and made the most of her assets.

She had worked hard to finally finish her qualifications and secure herself an entry-level role at one of the bigger firms in town. Her first few months were a mix of mind-numbingly boring administration and the occasional interesting and challenging client project. She had developed a few friendships with her peers but had struggled a little with the hierarchy in the firm until Tom, one of the guys a few years ahead of her, had taken her aside and explained the personalities involved and the level of influence of the various partners. He had also advised her to tone down her dress style as some of the older partners were a little prudish and did not appreciate short skirts and low-cut necklines. Laughing a little she joked that they probably would not appreciate that she hated having a visible panty line and often went commando. Tom grinned and suggested that she save that for the trips out of town that were sometimes necessary as the clients might appreciate it. This open conversation set the tone for their developing friendship with a little innuendo and teasing coming out when they were alone.

Some months later Grace was assigned a client that had offices throughout the country. This meant that she had to undertake a fair bit of travel to these offices - which she was not looking forward to as the other staff member who would be running the engagement was a crusty, middle-aged guy with no sense of humour. The engagement planning progressed and it became obvious that she would be spending several nights over the coming weeks in the company of the crusty one. However just prior to the first trip he announced his resignation as he was joining a major competitor. This resulted in Tom being asked to take over the engagement and suddenly she was looking forward to the trips!

The first office they had to visit was at the other end of the country and required a couple of nights away so she packed her things - keeping it to the minimum required. Tom and Grace met as arranged at the airport and checked in together - with both of them travelling light with only overnight bags and a laptop each. She boarded the plane first and found their seats part-way down the plane. Opening the over-head locker she had to stretch to lift her bag up. This caused her skirt to lift a little showing her shapely legs off while her breasts pressed against the fabric of her blouse. As she did this she caught a glimpse of him standing back looking at her with a smile on his face.

Once they were seated Grace asked "I saw you smiling before - what were you thinking?" With a cheeky laugh he responded "I was actually recalling our chat from a while ago when you said you hated having a VPL - and I didn't see one today ... How light ARE you travelling?" Grinning across at him she said "Well, I decided to travel as light as possible - no knickers for this trip!" He had not expected this answer but found it a real turn-on - so he came out and told her.

The conversation continued like this for the entire plane ride with cheeky, teasing comments flying backwards and forwards between them - the sexual tension building. Once they landed their minds returned to the job at hand and they worked through the client interviews and documentation review with only a short break at lunch. Finally they completed the last interview and called a taxi to head to their hotel. She climbed into the back seat and could feel his eyes on her - and she liked this. Sliding over to the far side to make room for him her eyes twinkled as she asked if he liked the view. "Well, no VPL is much appreciated!" he replied and their conversation picked up where it had left off at the start of the day.

After they had checked in they agreed to quickly change and then meet in the hotel bar for a much-needed drink - it had been a long day! He arrived at the bar first - no longer wearing a suit but now in jeans and a shirt. He ordered a glass of wine for himself and phoned her to ask what she would like. She was laughing as she answered the phone so he asked what was so funny "Well, I am pleased this is not a video call - I am standing here naked at the moment!" With that image in his mind he asked what she would like to drink, hung up and then ordered for her.

She quickly slipped a short shift dress on with nothing underneath knowing that this would tease him nicely – especially when matched with the high-heels which showed off her calves nicely. As Grace headed to the bar she had a feeling she was going to enjoy this work trip and, as she stood in the lift she wondered of the other people there had noticed her hardening nipples pressing against her dress.

She walked into the bar and saw him sitting off to one side with two drinks in front of him. He rose to his feet as she approached and handed her a glass. They sat down in the corner and chatted a little before the subject of naked video calls came up. Laughing, he said that he had found her comment a turn on and had wished that he had been able to see her naked.

With a twinkle in her eye she laughed and said she was wearing nothing but the dress and high heels! Hearing this he placed one hand lightly on her bare knee and asked if she would like another drink. She surprised herself with her response and actions "Not down here - lets go back up stairs!" she said as she placed a hand over his and pressed it against her thigh.

Without a word he rose and led her back to the lifts. They were busy with guests returning to their rooms before dinner so they had to keep their hands to themselves all the way to the 23rd floor. Once out of the lift they quickly walked to his room and he opened the door to let her in first.

As the door closed behind them he placed a hand on her shoulder and turned her round, took her in his arms and kissed her passionately. She reciprocated and their hands roamed freely as they moved further into the room - stopping only when they pushed up against the large window that formed one wall of the room. One of his hands slipped up under her dress and firmly grasped her butt as she leant back a little and quickly unbuttoned his shirt to expose his muscular chest - his heritage obvious in his brown skin. A moan escaped her lips as he lifted her skirt up and pressed her bare butt up to the cool window and a hand slipped between her legs - searching and exploring, sliding over her hardening clit and dipping teasingly into her pussy a little to bring her moist pussy juices back up to her clit.

Wanting to see him she slipped his shirt off his shoulders and then knelt in front of him to remove his shoes and socks then moved back up to his waist and quickly unbutton his trousers before pulling them down to release his hard cock. Cupping his balls on one hand she ran her tongue round the head before taking it in her mouth. A moan escaped his mouth has she did this so his enjoyment was obvious. She worked his cock with her lips and tongue – teasing and sucking. Feeling the tension build in him she took him in completely into her mouth till her nose was pressed up against his trimmed pubic hair. As she did this she realised that they were standing by the hotel window with the early evening sun streaming in. She found it quite a turn-on that there was the possibility of someone seeing - even though they were on the 23rd floor ... She continued to lavish attention on his cock while playing with his balls – pausing occasionally to take a ball in her mouth.

After a short while he lifted her to her feet and kissed her – exploring her mouth with his tongue while he unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. They were still standing by the window locked in a passionate embrace - naked except for her high-heels and she could feel his hard cock pressing against her stomach as his hands ran over her shoulders, back and breasts, pausing to pinch her nipples a little. After a little of this he moved away from her lips and kissed the nape of her neck, working his way down to her breasts. As he cupped them in each hand he kissed and sucked each of her nipples in turn. Moaning, she pulled his head in to her chest hard. Sensing her urgency he pushed her back toward the desk by the window so that she was sitting on it and then kneeled in front of her. Pausing briefly he admired her waxed pussy and it was obvious she was ready for whatever he wanted as juices were running a little down the inside of her thighs.

Wanting to taste her he licked the juices off her thigh before running his tongue between her pussy lips and round her clit – flicking and licking – and then slid two fingers in and out of her pussy. In her excitement she pulled his head into her groin burying his face in her. His fingers moved faster and faster, thrusting deeper, as his tongue worked her clit. Unable to hold back any longer she bucked and squirmed on the desk as she came and he lapped up her juices – loving the taste and smell of her.

After she had finished her long, rolling orgasm he stood up, moved her off the desk and reached into the draw to take out a condom and quickly slip it on to his cock. Seeing this she moved away from the desk to bend over the back of the sofa – her pussy wet, dripping and ready to be taken from behind. Without needing further encouragement he moved across the room and slipped his cock into her pussy in once motion. Taking her by the hips he proceeded to slide his cock in and out, slowly at first but increasing the pace till he was ramming her pussy hard. With one orgasm barely finished she felt another building and cried out “OOhhhhh, YYYEEEESSSSS” as she exploded.

As she came he thrust in and out till he too was ready to cum. Leaning forward he reached under and cupped a breast in one hand as he slid in and out – her pussy juices lubricating his cock and running in streams down her thighs – then he could not hold out any longer so grasped her by her hips and pounded her hard till he cried out and came in a rush.

Both of them were spent and they collapsed onto the sofa – wondering if anyone had seen their escapades. He sat with his arm over her shoulder gently toying with one of her breasts before kissing her lips and saying “What a horrible time we are going to have travelling together!” and winking at her .