Story part 1

So, I rent some rooms to Airbnb guests to make a little money on the side.

I had a couple message me about renting a room for two weeks while they were in town for work. Great stuff, I accepted their booking.

I met them on arrival and was pleased they seemed nice and introduced themselves as Sarah and Martin.

She was bubbly and chatty and he was quite quiet but responsive to chat to.

They did seem like a slightly odd couple in that she was chubby but well rounded, voluptuous and sexy with long flowing blonde hair, big eyes and great lips.... while he was quite small, almost petite and reserved. Oh well, the heart wants what the heart wants I thought.

They settled in to their rooms, then I spent some time chatting to them about their travels - just chit chat.

She asked if it's ok to have a drink to unwind - I was like, Hell Yes have a drink and I'll join you!

I grabbed some snacks and beer and we all relaxed in the lounge drinking, eating and telling stories of travel and people and experiences. The more I drank the sexier she seemed to get and I began to feel like she was actually flirting with me. The guy didn't seem to notice and just sipped his beer and joined in the conversation where there was space.

We had a pretty good bash and I ended up by making my excuses about work the next day so we all headed to bed.

I'd just turned off the light when I heard what I thought was them having sex. I couldn’t quite hear, but she was vocal and it sounded like her talking then moans of pleasure, then more talking.

I ended up having to get up for a pee (damned beers) in the night - not wanting to disturb them, I kept the door to the bathroom slightly ajar so the door latch wouldn't make that loud annoying click.

I was midstream when I heard a whispered "Oh whoops, sorry I really need to pee too".

She had pushed open the door and was busily filling a glass of water from the tap. She wasn't looking at me (thanks for the privacy lady!?) but there I was awkwardly holding my cock while she was filling her glass.

"I hope you don't mind - those drinks have made me ever so thirsty" she said quietly. I stammered and said "oh nah, no problem at all" even though I was feeling embarrassed.

I snatched a super quick glance at her - she had a really pretty little sheer lacy nighty thing on and while she finishing off the glass of water, her chest was arched forward and I could clearly make out her boobs in profile. Her large hard nipples were exquisitely high on her ample breast.

Keep it together I thought as I quickly looked away and put my cock back in my shorts before she noticed.

She put down the glass, turned to face me and I just couldn't help but do one of those completely uncontrollable micro glances down to the bottom of her lingerie. There, for a microsecond, I noticed it was short, so short I could make out her perfectly hairless vagina. FUCK, did she see me?!

She smiled and indicated with her finger she needed the loo.

"Oh yes, it's all yours" I said and headed out the door.

"Have a good night" she said and I'm sure I heard a little giggle from her as I closed the door and headed back to bed.

SO Horny.

Couldn't help but jerk off in the night. It was quite warm and I just fell asleep on top of the bed with a little puddle of cum drying on my stomach.

I woke in the morning and weirdly my bedroom door was wide open.

I probably didn't close it after my exciting loo break I thought.

I went to work in the morning and when I came home, Martin was making some dinner in the kitchen while she was painting her fingers and toes in the lounge.

I made some conversation with them both, commented on the choice of colour she had chosen then headed to my room to give them a little privacy.

A while later, he knocked on my door and asked if I wanted to join them for dinner because he had made enough for us all. I reluctantly agreed, got changed and headed upstairs to the dining room. She was sitting at the table dressed in a sexy blouse that revealed her eye catching cleavage beautifully and had accessorised her jewellery and lipstick to match her newly painted nails. She looked great and I had to keep reminding myself that her boyfriend was just a few metres away.

We ate, drank wine and chatted until late.

Once again, I headed to bed and they went to theirs soon after.

Again, I heard what I think was them having sex. The same talking followed by her moaning – or perhaps she was just doing yoga or something?

I was quite tipsy and SO tired from the night before that I basically got undressed and passed out on top of the bed.

I had this weird dream that I was in a busy pub, standing at the bar with my pants around my ankles, while a woman was sneering at me cruelly while her hands are furiously pumping my cock and I’m trying to say "No, what are you doing? Stop" and other people at the bar are looking at me disapprovingly.

I woke up cumming and disorientated and was surprised to be having a wet dream at my age, but what I was mostly surprised about was that when I opened my eyes Sarah was sitting at the edge of my bed, looking straight at me smiling while her hand was jerking up and down on my cock while it was spewing cum all over her clenched fist.

She got up, leaned over and whispered "our little secret" and went back to her room with my cum presumably still all over her hands. Groggy from the wine, still half asleep, post orgasm I closed my eyes and just as I was drifting off I thought I heard her talking from in her bedroom.

When I woke in the morning, I wasn't sure if last night was a dream or real. I couldn't see any dried cum on me so I thought perhaps it was a dream after all?

I got ready for work and was walking out the door when I bumped in to Sarah on the way back from the bathroom. She was again in that sexy lingerie and I tried hard not to look which was actually easy because I was feeling a little sheepish about that dream I had.

She said "Hope you had a nice night, sailor" and smiled at me.

I headed out the door to work and again, when I got home Martin was cooking dinner.

She was reading a book in the lounge and laying about like a cat. He asked if I would be joining them for dinner as he had made enough for them all. I agreed (he's a great cook) and we basically did a repeat of the night before, this time with a little more booze and conversation.

At one point, she became quite bossy to her boyfriend and told him to go get changed in to something else because his shirt was annoying her.

While he was downstairs getting changed, she quietly said "he's such an annoying little bitch sometimes, but he is always so damned eager to please" and laughed.

Well, that's a bit of a weird thing to say, I thought.

Martin came back wearing an effeminate looking turtleneck skivvy. He smiled at her and said "More to your liking my love?"

She didn't even look and instead just turned to me and continued a conversation about an ex boyfriend she had fond memories of and eluded to his capable sexuality.

We finished up and Martin stayed to do the dished and clean up the kitchen and dining room (he really was eager to please!) and I went to the bathroom to pee and brush my teeth.

I was busy brushing when Sarah enters, pulls down her panties, hikes up her dress and sits on the toilet.

"don't mind me, Sailor" she says as she begins to piss "I'm bursting here". I nod and mumble with a mouth full of toothpaste.

She finishes and exits the bathroom but I notice that she’s left her panties on the floor. I can see that they're slick in the crotch. I shouldn't, but I pick them up take a sniff - they smell like fresh clean vagina and my cock twitches when I think about the pussy that's been making them that wet.

I put them back and headed to bed before my chubby gets any more obvious.

Pushing open my bedroom door, I can see Sarah in the dimly lit room, laying on the bed with her legs spread and her fingers rubbing her clit.

She say's to me "Come in, hurry, watch... I'm going to cum for you baby".

She motions for me to sit on the bed between her legs so I can get a good view, which I do in a sort of shell-shocked kind of way.

She has one hand fingering her clit and the other she’s now using to finger cunt. Her dress is pulled up to her navel and I can see her curvy hips begin to buck as she edges closer to orgasm. She opens her legs wide and brings her knees up, lifting her feet off the ground - then looking at me says “put your finger on my asshole, hurry”... to which I do and she immediately lets out a muffled squeal and moves her hips around so my finger is making circles around her little puckered butt.

Then, just like that she arches her hips, which pushes down on my finger and forces the tip inside her... and cums.

It was quite a thing – her asshole was throbbing against my finger as she then did a huge gushing squirt that warmly splashed all over my hand and on to my bed.

She closed her legs, smiled and giggled. Got up from the bed and whispered in my ear “Don’t cum tonight, save it for tomorrow – I'll have a nice surprise for you”.

And with that, she left.

My bed had a huge wet spot, my cock felt like it was going to explode and my finger smelt of ass. I was so fucking horny but the prospect of a “surprise” from her was simply too great, so I crawled in to bed and tried to get some sleep, even though I couldn’t WAIT for tomorrow.

I got home from work and Martin was doing his usual cooking (that guy is a machine) and Sarah was lounging around on the couch again. She was a little cold with me and barely spoke or even looked in my direction, which left me confused considering what I’d witness the night before.

Martin apologised to me and said he’d only made enough for two tonight, but will be finished in the kitchen soon if I wanted to make something for myself.

I figured that maybe they just need a bit of time to themselves, so tell them I’m going to head out and visit some friends soon, and not to worry about the kitchen.

I headed out the door to the pub and catch up with some friends for a few drinks, then return home just after midnight and sneak downstairs to my room.

I’m completely knackered so just jump in to bed and fall asleep.

Some time during the night, I’m woken by the weight of Sarah straddled on top me - She’s like some kind of sexy ninja this girl!

I also notice my bedroom door wide open which makes me really conflicted that Martin might happen to wake up and see us like this. But that passes once I notice she’s wearing a bra, garter and stockings but no parties and I can feel the heat from her vagina on my stomach.

She grabs my hands and pulls them to her breasts, then reaches around and grabs my cock which stiffens as she touches it.

Rocking back and forward with every stroke of my cock, she intently looks down in to my eyes and I can see she’s clearly turned on by this.

She stops and removes her bra. Her breasts hang seductively with her nipples swollen and inviting, so I begin to gently roll them between my fingers and thumb.

By now she has positioned my cock so it’s flat against her butt and it’s sliding against her asshole with every motion and I can feel a wet spot developing between my stomach and her pussy.

She suddenly stops to ask “Would you like to put your cock inside me Sailor?”.

“ahhh yes...” was all I could manage. “Wait, but what about Marti...?”. She cuts me off quickly and says "Baby, tell me what you want to do with me” she says and I tell her exactly what I want.

She takes the head of my cock and begins to rub it against her vagina. It’s very wet and I can feel it slipping between her labia and catching on that little sexy hole before sliding up against her clit.

She positions my cock just inside her, then takes my arms above my head, pins me down so her nipples are rubbing on my chest and says “Stay, very still....”.

It’s taking all my will power not to just push inside her.

She starts making circling motions with the head of my cock barely an inch inside her – she’s grinding her clit against me at the same time and she’s still has her eyes fixed on mine.

Slowly, I’m sinking in to her.

It’s tight, so fucking tight.

She’s leaking all over my cock and I can feel it dribbling down between my ass cheeks.

She asks me “Do you like fucking me, Sailor?” – to which I nod...

“Tell me if you’re going to cum for me though, won’t you baby?” and again I nod.

She picks up pace and her eyes begin to lose their focus.

She still has me pinned and there’s nothing much I can do except enjoy her fucking me how she wants.

I tell her I’m going to cum soon and she surprises me by bucking forward so much cock pulls out of her.

I SO want to be back there!

She rocks forward to reposition herself and before I know it I’m somehow back inside her in a slightly different position, which feels impossibly better than before – so hot and wet and tight, so so fucking tight.

I start to grunt “I’m...going... to...c “

She replies with something really odd: “yes baby, feed that little bitch cunt dessert”

Weird? But fuck it, I’m about to have a massive orgasm.

I managed to get the words “...cumming” out of my mouth as I explod in to an intense orgasm – her cunt felt like it was actually sucking the cum right out of my cock it was so impossibly tight.

At that moment, she bucked forward on top of me, her weight shifted and she let go of my arms, now she’s on my chest with her vagina close to my mouth with her fingers furiously rubbing her clit.

A second later, she came too and squirted all over my face, in my mouth then pushed her pussy on to my lips so I had no choice but to swallow.

It was then that it struck me... my cock was still inside her pussy. How was that possible?

I could still feel her tight little cunt working up and down, yet I could see and feel it right there glued to my face.

“Don’t you swallow until I tell you, you little bitch” – it was too late, I had swallowed – I had to or else I was going to choke.

“You keep it right in your mouth like a good little whore – that’s all you’re good for with that tiny little cock of yours” she said matter of factly.

I tried wiggling out from under her, but she had me wedged pretty good.

My cock was still being worked, but gently now.

“Did you like that, Martin, hmmm? Did you like what a real man tastes like?” she said.


The realisation that I’d actually just shot my load in to another guy’s mouth and he’s still gently sucking on my cock was sending me in to a mild panic.

He stops, gets up and stands in front of Sarah – his mouth open and all my cum is still in there. He hasn’t spilt or swallowed a drop.

“Good. You can stand there quietly while I cum again” she says.

She begins rubbing her clit on mouth and I slowly start eating her pussy. At least that was kind of taking my mind off what had just happened.

“Baby, rub my asshole for me...make it good and wet”

She was so wet it was easy to spread it around and to her asshole.

“Good boy, push that finger in to me.... oh, oh, yes like that...keep... going....yes”

As she was about to cum, she looked at Martin and nodded.

She started to buckle, then came in my mouth again – thankfully not choking me.

He closed his mouth and swallowed.

I wasn’t sure if it was a look of bliss or disgust on his face, but he promptly left the room and once Sarah had finish, she got off me and said “That was fun!” before slipping out the door and leaving me in a highly confused and VERY wet state.

I couldn’t sleep trying to make sense of what had just happened so I just lay there for what seemed an eternity until I eventually fell asleep.

The next morning was...

[to be continued!]