It's a couple of weeks after your holiday to the South Island, and you are still smiling at the memories from it. It is is mid-morning Friday and you are at home, you've taken a mental health day, to relax. You are looking forward to your 3-day weekend to chill out and have some time to yourself.

Suddenly a knock at the door startles you from your couch, where you were flicking through a magazine. You aren't expecting any visitors today, and you wonder who it could be. You approach the door and open it, to find Ben, the young man you met on your holiday, standing there, holding a small overnight bag in his hand. He obviously notices the startled look on your face. You know for certain that you never gave him your address. He quickly says, "I must confess, I found your address from your bookings on the ferry and at the motel". Before you have time to say anything, he follows his first sentence up with a question, "Do you have any plans for the next 3 days?". Once you have collected yourself and got over the shock of seeing him standing there, in his pink t-shirt, denim shorts and jandals, you manage to reply to him with a "No, no plans at all".

"Good," he says, "because I plan on fucking you for the next 72 hours, until my balls are empty!" As he says this he drops his bag to the ground in your doorway and takes a step inside. You almost buckle at the knees at the thought of 3 days of continuous sex with this guy.

Before you know what's happening, he is inside your house and you're pinned against the wall, with him kissing you deeply and passionately. You can feel his tongue dancing around inside your mouth, sliding over yours. You hope later that tongue will be doing a lot more than just probing inside your mouth. The more he kisses you the wetter you feel yourself getting. You think to yourself, maybe he doesn't realise you are commando under your pants?? Ben's hands are on your hips, pulling your pelvis towards him. You can very easily feel his bulge pressed against you. You can't wait to have it inside you for the next 3 days. Instinctively you begin pulling his t-shirt off over his head. As soon as Ben is topless you move your mouth to his nipples, knowing how sensitive they are. Hearing him moan, you know you are doing it right, you lick and suck them harder. As a reward you feel his hand cupping your pussy through your pants, his palm grinding against your clit. The pressure he is applying proves he knows you are not wearing underwear.

With his other hand, he begins undoing his belt on his shorts. You pull your mouth away from his erect nipples, to whisper, "No, let me...". On that note your mouth makes its way down his chest and stomach to the top of his shorts. You undo his belt with ease and his shorts fall around his ankles. Before he gives you the chance to remove his boxers he says, "Stand up Slut...your turn". You do as you are told, and as you standing up, Ben grabs at the top of your pants and deftly pulls them down in one single motion. It feels exhiliarating having your wet and horny cunt revealed. You quickly whip your top off, exposing your own erect nipples, as you weren't weraring a bra either. You are now fully naked, at Ben's mercy. This thought turns you on even more! You just want to feel him in you again, like he had been two weeks ago. You hadn't had any sex since him, and wondered, briefly, if he had. You are sure someone like him would have, but you don't let that thought linger in your mind.

You watch mesmerized as Ben removes his boxers and steps out of them. His cock looks just as good as you remember it, if not even better. Two weeks has been an awfully long time!! It is erect and glistening, looking even balder and smoother than it did the first time, if that was at all possible. You can't wait to feel that pulsating cock filling all your holes. The most agonising part was that you knew Ben knew full well what and how you felt.

You are still leaning against the wall, legs slightly parted. You can see the hunger and desire in Ben's eyes. He moves in toward you and bows his head, mouth searching out your nipple. He sucks on it so firmly and with intensity, you think you are going to cum just from that alone. One of his hands is at your throat, lightly choking you, turning you on more. The other is caressing your thigh and arse cheeks. His throbbing, hard cock is pressed against your belly. You manage to move one of your hands down to it and cup his balls. Instantly he moans loudly onto your nipple. All you can think is that you have 3 days of this to look forward to. Ben's caressing hand then moves to your pussy and as soon as it makes contact with your wetness you can't help by scream out, "OHHHHHHHH MYYYYYY GODDDDD!!!!". His fingers are rubbing your clit, stroking your lips, in your pussy, out of it again, rubbing ur sensitive arsehole, back in your pussy, then his thumb on your clit, continously. It feels like he has 10 fingers, not just 5. Your body begins shuddering and quivering... your orgasm is approaching. You are in two minds about whether to cum yet or not. You know you have 3 days and want to pace yourself.

With your arms wrapped around Ben's head tightly while he is sucking your nipples, you throw your head back and moan"Godddddd Ben, I'm gonna be cumming soon!". As so as he hears that, you feel him pull away from your breasts. Dammit! you think, however, you suddenly realise that he is dropping to his knees. In one fluid motion, he has lifted one leg up and over his shoulder, placed his hands on your hips and started eating your pussy like it has NEVER been eaten before. You naturally move your hand to the back of his head and grip a fistful of his hair tightly. You can't help but scream and moan as he works your pussy with his mouth. One hand snakes between your thighs and you feel two fingers being probing into your arse, pushing in further and further. Oh fuck! That feels unbelievable. You know now that there is no way you won't cum.

"BENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN," you shout, "IM GONNA CUMMMMMM SOONNNNNNNNNN!!!!". This just spurs him on more. Suddenly your body convulses violently, and you feel wave after wave of orgasm crashing through your body, as your cunt and arse muscles spasm and contract. You gush juices all over Ben's mouth and face, your arse tightening around his two fingers. His second hand keeps you steady, to prevent you from collapsing to the floor. You look down to see him savouring the flow and taste of your juices. Eventually your climax subsides. Ben looks up at you, a grin a mile wide on his face. You are still quite horny and can only imagine how turned on he must be. You look over at the couch and Ben follows your gaze. He stands up, and you walk over to it. Laying down on the couch, you look at him and say "Fuck me, fuck my swollen pussy. I don't care how long you last. Just pound me babe!". He doesn't need asked twice and almost immediately, he is on top of you, his cock filling your cunt, your legs spread and up in the air. His mouth is meshed tight against yours, tongues intertwined. His cock is pounding your cunt as good as his mouth was eating it. You don't care how badly your couch is being stained from your free-flowing juices, in fact, it turns you on.

You hear Ben's breathing becoming shorter and shallower and his moaning becoming louder. Your hands are on his arse cheeks, your freshly done nails digging into them, encouraging him to go deeper. His balls slapping against you begin to tighten and you know his orgasm is imminent. "DOOOOOO IT!" you beg, "cum in me Ben. Blow your load!!".

With a couple of final long, deep thrusts and a loud, exhaling grunt, you feel Ben literally erupt in orgasm inside you as he shouts, "SARRRRRRRRRAH IM CUMMMMMMMMMMING. OH FUCK, OH MY GOD, YESSSSSS!". After what must have been 10 or 12 spurts, Ben slumps over, panting, beads of sweat on his forehead. You can feel the mixture of juices dribbling out of you. Grabbing his hand, the one that was fingering your arse, you rub his fingers against your wetness and then immediately take them in your mouth, sucking them clean. You do this again, tasting both your holes and his cum on them. This illicits a positive response from Ben and you are sure you feel a throb from his now semi-soft cock. You aren't surpirised he isn't still hard!

He has regained his breath enough now to talk, and the first thing he says is, "Give me 45mins, a large glass of water and something to eat and we'll go for round two". You can't believe you ears, after that performance, he'll be ready to go again??

You reluctantly move off the couch, feeling more juices flowing as you stand. Seriously, how much cum did he shoot into me, you wonder? You walk off to kitchen, happy to make Ben a snack, knowing full well he is watching your naked arse as you go.... He can't see it, but your smile is a mile wide.