Written by Katz


Well Ladies, thought you might enjoy a wee story.

I dropped into a local bar for a quiet glass of wine late on Thursday. Standing at the bar waiting for my drink, quietly checking the yummy eye candy beside me, minding my business, when someone shoved past me, knocking me on my arse, jolting some sore parts of my anatomy and making me squeak a little. That’s the bad thing, the good thing was that I landed on the floor in front of that yummy eye candy, a good looking young man, and gals, he had bright eyes and a very, very wicked smile.

Bending down, he gently helped me to my feet. I was a bit wobbly, so took the opportunity to lean against him, all 6’ and more of him. Oh my, oh my, broad shoulders, long legs and a seriously beautifully hugging pair of jeans showing his package of goodies right there in front of me. Hmmmm- mmmm.

My back got a little tweaked in the fall, so explaining that I needed to stretch it, I bent over to let the kinks drop out. Of course I did this with my back to him, almost backed up onto him in fact, and shivered just a little when I felt his hand caress my butt. As I slowly stood back up, he held my arm and asked if I would like to go to his place around the corner and have some kind of deep heat rubbed into the tight bits. I had to agree it was a great idea, as he put his arm around me and led me out the door and down the street.

In a few minutes, we were walking upstairs to a lovely flat looking out at the water. My saviour disappeared for a minute, to return with a tube of something to rub into my back. I had other ideas and requested, “Just a bit of a massage would do the trick, if you wouldn’t mind”. He didn’t mind. Helping me remove my shirt, running his hands up my back to remove my bra, he ran his hands back down to my arse, holding me in close while he bent his head to kiss me.

Well gals, we don’t need more of an invitation do we? I kissed that lovely man with the bright eyes right back on his sensual lips, letting him slip his tongue into my mouth as my knees weakened and I could feel the wetness on my inner thighs. Somehow I lost my skirt and was standing naked in front of him.

“Hi,” he said, “I’m Keith, and I would really love to lick your pussy, please?” I bit my lip and nodded, thinking about gift horses not letting them go or some such.

He backed me through the door into the bedroom and carefully laid me back on the bed, kissing me deeply, as he lifted my legs, pushing my knees into my chest, he knelt on the floor and I felt his tongue licking up the length of my pussy. I was so wet as his tongue dived in between the lips his fingers were holding open.

Arching my back against the bed, I spread my knees to watch him lick up to my clit, sending waves of desire through me. He reached up to cup my breast, flicking my nipple. Hmmm. I held one breast in my hand, caressing it as my other hand reached for his head. Oh yesssssss, the sensation of his tongue on my clit, then diving down into me, pushing as deep as he could reach, was divine, delicious and omg! He fingered me, sliding three fingers in and moving them in rhythm with his tongue. God he could have been a musician the way he was playing me. I could hear the slurping of the moisture as his fingers plunged in and out of me, making me moan, making me want this gorgeous man.

I could feel it building, I so wanted to cum on his tongue as he swirled it over my clit, faster and faster. I moaned, “yesssss, please, oh God yessssss”. And then he stopped.

Fuck! I opened my eyes to see him standing up, dragging his tee-shirt over his head, exposing a brown, muscled chest covered with fine hair that disappeared right down into his jeans. The ones he was unzipping, sliding down, exposing his boxers, which were following the jeans. My eyes were riveted! Oh yes, oh what? That fucker had metal in it! I kid you not ladies, there before me was a beautiful long thick cock, fully erect, at eye level, with metal through it under the head. All I could think was ‘oh hell yes!’ This gal was in for a rebore!!!

I eyed it, wondering if I should take it in my mouth, unsure how to do that with metal bars through it. Shit that must have hurt; I wondered if it was hard or soft when the piercing happened. He slid a hand around the back of my head, tilting my face for kissing. As his lips whispered across mine, “It’s OK,” he murmured, “maybe next time I will show you how to suck me, but for now, lie back and open your legs for me.”

You better believe I lay back Ladies, with my legs in the air as he maneuvered that condom onto his equipment like a magician and was covering my body with his, licking and sucking my nipples as I held them together for him. I could feel the weight of his heavy cock against me and was starting to pant again, wriggling to get into position. He reached down around my leg to hold my soaking lips open with his fingers; I could feel the warmth of him against my soft entrance. He lowered his weight onto me as he kissed me, opening my mouth to accept his tongue as his cock slid into me. Slid in with a rigid bar that pushed my cunt open, all-the-way-in. As he withdrew, I moaned and shook, the sensation was amazing, and then he came back again with his beautiful cock and its hardware making me feel wider than ever before.

Amazing! The weight of that beautiful body on mine, his tongue sliding into my mouth ever so delicately, making me nip at his lip for more, while his long rigid cock was thrusting into me, the metal grazing up the sides, holding me open, making me wet, making me want to cum like never before.

He was getting down to business, I was writhing underneath him, that bar thing was teasing past that very sensitive spot that we all hope will get some contact if we are lucky hmmm Ladies? If I could sing, I would be wailing hallelujahs about now.

I was panting hard and thought I was going to explode any second, so suggested, that perhaps he might like to roll over and let me into the drivers seat. His response was to take my hands over my head with one hand, tuck his other hand down under my arse, holding me close, wriggle his hips deeper into the saddle and thrust into me, long, delicious, tantalizing, widening thrusts that were sending me over the edge.

OMG! I couldn’t move, I couldn’t breathe. I could feel it building,”I can’t stop it”, I said, panting, “OMG I am going to cum!”

Letting my hands go, he slid his other hand down under the other side of my butt, lifting me further and slid even deeper as he leaned over to take a nipple in his magic mouth. I could hear myself moaning and I was riding the crest of a shattering orgasm as that hardware moved up and down the length of my cunt, I was dripping on him and before I could say anything further, he whispered, “Now, please hun”. And I was gushing on his oh so lovely heavy cock, with him groaning at the same time, letting go into me as my whole body tingled from the tips of my red painted toes, centering in my cunt as I wailed through a release like I haven’t in a very long time. The waves kept pushing me higher as I shuddered in his arms.

I looked up into those beautiful wicked eyes, “I’m Katz”, I said, “My back seems fine now”. We both laughed.

And ladies, just between us, that hardware, well hell, gonna get me some more of that!