It was a gorgeous hot summer’s day. The sun was shining cheerfully down from a perfect blue sky and Brittany and I were feeling insatiably horny. We’d been best friends since college and still shared a flat together two years on. We were both at this time single and today we couldn’t get our minds off sex, both feeling wet and naughty. We decided to have some fun with it and go for a drive completely topless. (She had beautiful perky C cup boobs, and mine were round D cups.) Enthused, we both whipped our shirts off and I grabbed my car keys.

We looked around as we left the house, boobs freely jiggling, hoping some of our male neighbours might notice the spectacle outside their window as we walked to the car. We hopped in my car with nothing but our sexy knickers and short tight skirts on, feeling very naughty indeed. I got in the driver’s seat and Brit in the passenger’s seat and away we went, windows wide open, wind coursing through them, feeling delicious as it playfully caressed our hard nipples.

“Where should we go?” I asked, pulling out from the curb.

“Let’s do Harbour Bridge!” Brit said, always full of crazy ideas.

So I swung us into the city traffic, ever so conscious of the eroticism of this car ride, hoping others would notice too. We kept looking into the windows of the cars beside us at the lights, hoping to see some horny men noticing us. So far we hadn’t gotten any response, but the thrill of it was already making me wet in anticipation. We didn’t want to cause any accidents, of course, just a little bit of attention and appreciation.

It was when we were about to drive past a big truck going in the opposite direction that Brit undid her seatbelt, leant forward and pressed her bare breasts against the windscreen. That got the truck driver’s attention, and he honked and ogled as he drove past - thankfully without getting so distracted that he ploughed into any other vehicles on the road!

We were so delighted that when we pulled up at the next set of red lights I leant out of the open window beside me with my boobs out of the window. There was a good-looking businessman looking swish in a suit and tie in the car next to us, but he still hadn’t looked our way, and his windows were closed - obviously he had the air con going in there. Crazy Brit started shouting at him trying to get his attention and finally just as the lights turned green he looked our way, first a glance, then a full-on stare at these two hot young topless girls in the car beside him. We giggled delightedly and waved (and Brit cupped her hands under her boobs and held them up towards him) as we pulled away from the lights. He matched his speed to ours so he stayed right beside us and kept on looking our way. We wished we could see what we were sure would be an alluring hard on in his crease-free pants and only got all the more horny with this attention. Since Brit didn’t have to concentrate on driving like he and I did, she had the most fun, stroking her boobs and playing with her nipples all for his benefit. He obviously liked it, as he stayed right beside us and stole glances our way as often as he safely could. By now my sex nectar was dripping onto my knickers and I started to gyrate in my seat as I drove, grinding my pussy onto the seat in an attempt to satisfy its yearning for attention.

When we reached another set of red lights, the businessman wound down his left window and called out to us, “Hello, sexy ladies! Shit, you’re gorgeous!”

I leaned out of the window again and answered, “Glad you’re enjoying the show.”

He grinned and said, “I’ve already missed my turn off because I didn’t want to miss this show.”

To which Brit replied, “We wouldn’t mind a little show from you too. Show us what you got, Mr Handsome.”

He laughed and said, “I’d actually really like to show you, you’ve made me so hard and horny. Shit, if only I didn’t have to get to a meeting I’d follow you two anywhere.”

By then the light had turned green so we called out, “Come on, pull over and we’ll give you some attention you won’t forget!”

“Faaaark…” he said, “I really can’t, but I’m going to be thinking about you all day. Thanks for that.” And he made a right turn with a wave at us and was gone.

By now we were unbelievably horny and wanted to find a hard penis or two to play with. We were approaching the harbour bridge now, so couldn’t make any more stops until the other side. A truck pulled beside us on Brit’s side, and she wasted no time in getting the truck driver’s attention by leaning out her window and stroking her boobs with both hands. The trucker was an older man and he obviously loved the show too. He matched his speed to ours just as our businessman had done, and made far more glances in our direction than the other man had done.

“He’s getting his cock out with his other hand!” Brit proclaimed, giving me the constant run down of what was happening since I couldn’t see the truck driver from my side. “I’m sure of it! I’ll bet it’s a big thick cock, mmmm, I wish I could see it.”

Traffic was thickening and slowing and we came to an almost standstill with the trucker still right beside us. Brit called out the window,

“Let us see your gorgeous hard cock, Mr Trucker. We’re showing you what we’ve got…”

He gave us a weak grin (I could just see him if I crouched down so I could look up enough from my seat) and said through his open window,

“You’ve definitely made me hard, that’s for sure. Not every day a man sees such a beautiful sight.”

“C’mon, just a quick sighting,” Brit called, but of course since we hadn’t quite stopped he couldn’t have managed to show us his cock while driving.

At this point as we were nearing the end of the bridge the traffic picked up again and Brit called out again, “Pull over on the other side of the bridge and give us a little show!”

To which he laughed and shook his head, staring at Brit’s beautiful perky boobs as often as he could.

“I’ll get in the truck with you and suck it for you!” my horny friend called out again as we picked up speed.

it was then that I noticed the police cars on the other side of the bridge. They must be doing some sort of road check, maybe breathalysing.

“Shit, Brit!” I cried. “Is it even legal to drive around topless?”

“I don’t care,” she answered in typical Brit fashion. “I just hope we get a good-looking officer. Let’s give him the time of his life!”

And so it was that a bit further along we were indeed flagged over by a police officer. We checked him out as he approached our car. He was tall and fit, in his early thirties or so, and he was pretty cute to look at. We waited, rebelliously pushing our naked boobs out for him to notice. As he came up to us, notice he did, and he leant down to look through my window at the two of us. He was obviously at a loss for words for a delicious moment, which we both found so hot and cute, but then he finally straightened up and spoke to me in a stutter.

“I… uh… I need to get you to breathe into this.” He held out the breathalyser (has anyone else ever thought how much like a sex toy those things look?) towards my full lips. “Say your name and address for me, please.”

“My name is Hot and Horny and I want to suck your cock,” I breathed into the apparatus, my eyes flirtatiously fixed on his the whole time.

His cheeks immediately flushed red and I could tell he really didn’t quite know what to do with this situation.

“You’re gorgeous, officer,” I continued, as he pulled the sex toy away from my mouth and turned his attention to reading the results. “And I would seriously love to suck your cock. Come on, get it out right here for me.”

I slowly ran my tongue over my top lip. “Just a quick peek and lick, then, officer. Come as close as you can to the window and let me at least get it out of that hot uniform. I’ll undo your zip and pop it out, just real quick. I so want to put your hard cock in my mouth.”

The sexy thing was that he was obviously really tempted. I saw him look behind him at his colleague who was busily breathalysing the driver of another vehicle, and then back at me. His eyes lingered on my full bare breasts with the long hard nipples protruding towards him. Here he was, an officer of the law on his job, but surely only few men could resist such an offer. I hoped he was not one of them.

I reached my hand out of the window and grabbed his thigh and pulled him over closer. He didn’t resist - good sign - and we could see that he did indeed have a prominent bulge in his pants. God, this was a sexy situation. I was so turned on, making me more brazen than I’d ever been before.

“Come on, a little bit closer,” I said in my most sultry voice. “I really want to see that gorgeous hard cock of yours. I want to set it free. It’s looking very squished in that uniform, officer.”

And my fingers found their way to his zipper and after some fumbling began to unzip his pants.

“I can’t do this right now,” he said breathily, and I could tell he didn’t really mean it. He wanted this so bad, it was obvious.

“Don’t worry, just a quick suck,” I answered, putting my hand inside his pants and wrestling with his boxers trying to find the way in. I could feel his hard cock and it felt so good, so hard. God, I wanted it.

At last I managed to free his cock and pull it out of his pants. it was a long thin uncut penis and it was indeed very hard. I immediately took it into my mouth and began to suck on it while my tongue did some exploring, finding that most sensitive of spots just below the rim of the head.

“Shi-i-it,” he breathed, moving slightly forward so that his cock was more accessible to me. “What am I doing…”

We couldn't see his face, only his pants showed in the window, and his cock was inside my mouth, while with one hand I stroked and fondled his hairy balls. His breathing remained hard as though he was wrestling with a giant foe and it turned me on more than ever. I put all my attention into giving him the best blow job of his life, and he stood there and let it happen. How could he not?

Before I could bring him to the point of climax, however (and I so wanted to make him cum), he pulled away and quickly pushed his hard cock back into his pants, hurriedly zipping up his fly.

“I can’t do this,” he said. “I could lose my job. Get going, girls. You’re beautiful but I just can’t. Don’t say a word to anyone about this.”

And with that, he was gone, flagging down another vehicle despite the hard throbbing cock hiding in his pants, leaving me with a wet mouth and a dripping pussy. The rest of the drive passed without incidence, but that day gave us enough fuel to light many a horny fire for ourselves in the years to come. What an unforgettable day that was.