As you open the door and I enter the room my eyes are immediately drawn to your fantastic figure, cloaked in only a black lace body suit with a plunging v down the front of it, exposing a perfect, teasing amount of your beautiful, perfectly shaped breasts, your nipples pressed against the lace are just visible and so inviting, my glare moves further down your body to your perfect mound, still covered but ready to be unwrapped at any time to reveal the treasures within. The cut of the body suit shows off your legs to perfection and the classic black stilettos that you’re standing in complete a look that has me wanting to take you straight away.

You turn to towards the bed and signal for me to follow you, I resist my instinctive urges and from behind I place my hands on your sides, just above your hips and stop you. I press myself against your back. I gently brush your hair to the side and start kissing your neck as my hands start moving around your body, feeling your curves and accelerating my arousal even more, you can now feel the bulge in my pants rubbing against your perfectly shaped bum. I slip a finger under one of the shoulder straps of your body suit and pull it aside and let it drop down your arm, exposing one of your breasts fully. I run my hand down over your breast and as it stops on your nipple you let out an excited gasp. I slip the other strap off, now both your breasts are exposed and I have them cupped in my hands, my thumbs caressing your nipples. By now your mind is orgasming and your legs are trembling ready to give way. Your body suit now drops to the floor and you are completely naked except for the heels on your feet.

As I turn you around my lips find there way up your neck to your lips, they’re so soft and inviting but I tease you with my lips and tongue. The whole time I’ve been slowly guiding you backwards to a wall without you even noticing. My hands grab your bum and I lift you up. Your shoulders and bum are pressed against the wall and your legs draped around me. You can now feel my bulging cock against your mound but my clothes are still on. By now I’ve stopped teasing your mouth and we’ve engaged in a long passionate kiss. You unbutton my shirt and tear it from my body and throw it to the floor. I can feel your heart pounding as you frantically force your hands between us to undo my jeans. My right hand is reached around under your tight bum and holding you up by your crotch and my fingers are positioned perfectly to feel how ready you are. By now I’ve given into my animal instincts and I’m desperate to feel your gorgeous, now dripping wet pussy enveloping my rock hard, throbbing member.

I help you to hurriedly push my jeans and underwear down and it feels like even before they’ve hit the floor my cock has found its way to the luscious wet lips surrounding your perfect playground. I let you slide down the wall and onto my cock until it is buried fully inside you. It’s so hard you can feel the veins rubbing against the inside of your pussy, stimulating you even more. I fuck you against the wall until I can feel you building to a climax. Then I stop thrusting my cock in and out of you and carry your limp, helpless but wanting body over to the bed.

I place you on your back and spread your legs out wide exposing your gorgeous pussy to my eyes for the first time, it’s so beautiful and glistening from the moisture oozing out of it. I waste no time at all, to drop to my knees and bring my lips and tongue to your juicy pussy. The taste is sensational and I can’t get enough of lapping you up. My tongue flicks back and forward over your clit, just enough to keep you groaning and begging for more without letting you erupt into a shuddering orgasm.

I move up the bed, our bodies and faces now aligned, I take in how beautiful your face is before engaging in a long passionate kiss that allows you to taste your juices that cover my lips. My cock once again finds its way inside you, your legs are wrapped around my back and I can feel you kick your heels off and I hear them drop to the floor. We are now completely naked and totally engrossed in sexual ecstasy. Our bodies thumping against each other as we fuck like never before. As another climax begins to loom, I turn you over and enter you from behind, building you up again. You can now feel the full length of my cock thrusting inside you, as well as my ample girth pressing against the walls of your now fully stimulated pussy. But still, I don’t let you reach that climax that has been so close many times now.

I pull out and flip us around so that I’m now on my back and you’re riding me in the Reverse Cowgirl position. Your perfect tight bum in full view for me to take in and allowing you to take the reins and slide up and down my cock at an immense pace.

You feel me getting harder and sense an imminent explosion nearing. This time you stop me from climaxing and turn around, sliding down onto my cock again but now with your breasts tantalisingly close to my hands. I reach for them and hold them as you wriggle and writhe around on my cock. You lower yourself down until your nipples are brushing my chest as you pull yourself up and down my shaft which is now ready to fill you with hot cum. Your clit is now rubbing against me when you slide downwards and soon we are both building towards a synchronised orgasm. We both start heaving and groaning in unison as we both cum like never before. Our bodies tensed and our sensitive parts are causing us to yelp in excitement as you collapse on top of me and I wrap my arms around you and we tremble until the sensations subside.