Written by Runjumpplay66


We meet in a bar and find a small secluded table at the back. We share a drink and laugh. I present a small gift. You open it, a wireless waterproof bullet is inside. We turn it on and have turns feeling the vibrations in our hands. We smile at you.. You can feel whats coming.. Under table, his hand moves across your thigh, i hold other.. We start spreading your legs, with the other hand he takes the bullet from the table, turns it on and slides it up your leg, pushing your skirt up as he goes. He starts rubbing it across the outside your now wet knickers. You relax back in your chair enjoying the feelings spreading out from your pussy.

He turns to me and says "i need another drink".. I turn and call the waiter over. You stiffen, we have a firm grip of your legs and keep them spread. The waiter arrives at the table, you can see his eyes glance to your lap, he can clearly see your spread legs and your husbands hand stroking you. My free hand moves to the remote on the table and press the button turning it up one notch. We order 2 more beers, the waiter smiles and slowly turns to get them. You watch him go to the bar, talking with the barman, they both turn look and smile at you.

You lean over to kiss your husband, then kiss me, he pushes your knickers to one side and slides the bullet deep inside you, dragging his fingers across your clit as he moves his hand away.

We release you legs and try different speeds and settle on slow and rhythmic. You kiss him deeply again enjoying the warm vibrations sensations inside you.

We mention that you need another drink and tell you to get one from the barman. You are flushed and embarrassed and say you cant, but you are incredibly turned on so finally agree. As you walk over to the bar you feel the vibrations speed up. We can see you chatting with him/barman and you feel the vibrations turn to full.

When you return we tell you to remove your bra.. luckily you have worn a strapless. Standing with your back to the room, you slowly unclip and slide it off under your top. We say we want to see more of you and tell you to unbutton the top to just below the line of your hard nipples. You slowly unbutton and push the top to one side so we can see you beasts. You let the top fall back but keep it unbuttoned.

You sit back down between us, and slide your hand into his crotch, unzip both our jeans and massaging both cocks till they are hard and slick with precum. You wink and say.. Time to go. We stand and walk out, trying our best to disguise our erections.

A taxi is waiting we all climb into the back seat with you in the middle and give the driver the address. As we drive away we both start kissing you, sliding our hands across your breasts and up your thighs. My mouth finds your breast, drawing your nipple into my mouth. You notice the taxi driver glancing in his rearview mirror, you smile back. By the time we arrive at your place you are half undressed.

We pay the smiling taxi driver and walk inside rapidly shedding our clothes. You fall back onto the couch and we both kiss and suck on your breasts, your hands massage our cocks. We stand you up, part you legs. We kneel behind and in front.. Sucking, licking massaging and probing your pussy and arse. We move to the kitchen, grabbing a bottle of bubbles, we take turns to poor it on each other drinking from your mouth, breasts, pussy. You poor it on his cock, balls, and chest licking your way up. Then repeating on me. We lay you down and poor it into your pussy, while one slurping you take the others cock and balls, sucking and wanking him. We turn you over onto your hands and knees. We take up positions in front and behind, you draw the cock into your mouth as another slowly penetrates your arse. The tempo raises. Hands grab your breasts, hair, butt, and clit. Our moans increase, fucking in unison. Our bodies stiffen as an orgasm rips across us all. We collapse on he floor in panting, all the while the bullet keeps buzzing...