Written by Towering_Figure


...that swiftly became a full blown fantasy making me catch my breath and blush deeply in public was that of you suddenly grabbing me, pressing me against a wall and kissing down my neck. One hand began playing with my nipple and the other drifting between my legs, your hardness pressing against hip, at once claiming and inflaming me. When your fingers reach my clit and you feel how wet I am, you groan. Your groan deepens as you drag your lips up to my ear and toy, sucking my earlobe and my body responds, opening to you. It becomes a low moan and quickening breath, making me even more wet as I cup the base of your head in my one hand, running my other up your spine and grinding against your cock with my hip at the same time. Slowly rocking and rolling until we are both moans and shallow, punctuated breathing. Your fingers plunge into me as your thumb rubs the base of my clit and I pull your mouth to mine, kissing you with unrestrained intensity, sucking your lips, tracing my tongue along the edge where inner meets outer, tangling mine with yours and running my fingers along your back and neck as I begin to fuck your fingers with wanton lust, moaning deeply into our kiss.

You break the kiss to run your lips down my neck to my collar bone, sucking and grazing it with your teeth, you continue to my nipple and begin sucking and biting. Taking advantage of your momentary distance from my hip, I undo your pants and pull your cock out, gripping it firmly as I draw my hand up and down your shaft, I occasionally pull my thumb across the head and smear precum over it. Feeling your cock twitch and grow harder in my hand, as well as my own approaching orgasm, I turn in the direction of the hand between my legs and leaning forward to the wall, reach past you to draw you to my entrance, pull your fingers out of me and against my clit as I slide myself slowly down your cock in slow half strokes, fighting off the wave of orgasm that's building. Both hands on the wall, I finally push back hard and fast, taking you into me entirely as the orgasm slams through me.

You continue playing with my clit but wrap your other arm around me holding me up and hard to you as I tense, my breath held, yours ragged and hitched in my ear. Hearing the effect I'm having on you pushes me over the edge and I erupt in both orgasm and deep hard moans. My body undulating along yours, you twitching and throbbing in me, I beg you to fuck me through it and you move your hands to my hips and begin moving in and out of me as I thrust back to meet your movements, feeling my walls grab and grip your cock. I feel you grow harder still, adjust the angle of my hips to get you deeper and fuck you harder and faster as the second wave of orgasm builds and my cunt gets tighter and hotter still, my cum slick on my thighs and your groin. Hard, wet, slapping sounds as we fuck. I hear your breath almost catch and just a few strokes later, a deep growling groan emits from both of us as the feeling of you exploding in me makes both of us cum almost simultaneously. You bend over me, holding me tight to you again, mouth on my shoulder, biting as I feel you unload inside me.

We stay in that position for a minute as our orgasms subside, catching our breath....

**A amazing woman wrote this for me. She is great**