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I had the afternoon off and it was a pleasant afternoon. Little did I know it would be such a good afternoon . Well there I was with an afternoon off on a warm spring day in Northland , what to do?? I decided to explore a local cove close to where I live in the bay of islands as I had heard it was a good spot to catch a few snapper and not very busy normally . Perfect I thought as made my way down to the beach. well to call it a beach is stretching the imagination ,it was more of a rocky headland with a secluded sandy cove shielded from the wind unless it was blowing from the east. I found my spot x and cast my line. An hour later I had caught a few small snapper and to be honest decided to lay on the sand in the cove and catch the sun for a while. Since I was alone i liberally spread the obligatory sandfly protection and sun block on my bare skin as I had decided a spot of "nudie" sunbasting was the order of the day. Well I had been lying in the cove for about an hour dozing in the afternoon splendour when i thought I heard voices approaching the cove from above me but the trees on the path prevented me from seeing the persons approaching my spot. I could hear a man talking and a womans voice chatting in reply. From where i lay they could not see me . I to be honest was thinking oh great there goes my nudie session as i covered my modesty with a towel in preparation of their arrival. When they did appear to my surprise I was greeted by a couple in their late thirties in walking apparel and backpacks. He was about 5ft 10 she was about 5ft 6. both were slim but it was her long red hair and lovely looking legs clad in tailored shorts commonly known as daisy dukes after the eponymous and very sexy lady on the Dukes of Hazzard. They still hadn't spotted me as they approached as they were taking in the glorious scenery. When they did spot me they called out a friendly Hi there and then immediately apologised for disturbing me . I replied not at all its a free country please feel free to stay, don't mind me. Well to cut a long story short these two sat down nearby and started to spread out their beach gear. They introduced their selves as Mike & Rosie and explained that Mike had visited this cove many times when he was younger to fish and camp out and had wanted to show Rosie who was English the place of his youth. Rosie had met Mike when he went backpacking in the UK and had followed him back to NZ to experience her own backpacking adventure with Mike as her guide. Soon we were chatting like old friends all the while forgetting that i was naked save for the towel which was when Mike brought up the subject of skinnydipping which he and his mates did whilst they camped here. I jokingly said I used to skinny dip however now being older and somewhat chubbier I now participated in chunky dunking. This brought a chuckle from both of them . It was then that Mike asked if he minded if they got "comfy" as he put it. Not knowing exactly what he meant I replied be my guest. I soon found out as both of them started to get their kit off. As Rosie undressed I was drawn to her beautiful tits not big but boy did she have some big nipples and a shaven pussy that just screamed out to be licked. The inevitable happened as my friend down there rose forgive the pun to the occasion. Rosie immediately noticed the tent in my towel and said mike I dont think he minds at all followed by a dont be shy Phill lets see what you are hiding under there. Mike by now had revealed all as well and I was pleasantly surprised to see a shaven cock. It wasn't huge in fact it was smaller than mine but beautifully formed. Did I mention I consider myself orally bi. Well I removed my towel to reveal my own shaven cock and balls. Rosie squealed in delight and said wow thats nice I hate pubes . Mike by now had sat down the other side of Rosie and was stroking his cock to a hard six inches. I am just under 8 inches and uncut. Well Rosie said Iam a lucky lady ive got two to play with. It turned out they had planned to have some sexy fun at the cove all along and I was a welcome bonus. She reached out and starting stroking my cock and mikes at the same time. Mike started to lick on her right nipple so I leant over and flicked my tongue over her left. She shuddered with pleasure from the attention her very sensitive boobs were getting. Her moans were only silenced as mike stood up and placed his cock into her mouth . It was now that i moved south . I had been dying to explore her gorgeous pussy. As my tongue licked this sexy redheads clit her pussy suddenly quivered and she clamped down on me as the first of many orgasms rippled through her. After what seemed like an age administering my cunnilingual attentions to that sweet pussy Rosie announce that she need cock and she need it now. Mike it turned out was really into watching his lady get fucked by other men. Who was I to refuse when Mike said Phill get in there i want to see your big dick in that tight pussy. Rosie got on her hands and knees and I positioned my cock at the entrance to her pussy doggy style. Mike was still getting a bj from his lady as I slid my length slowly into what was a very wet and hot pussy. Rosie moaned as I bottomed out. Her next words will stay with me for a long time she said "nice dick you have here, its a keeper". Feeling very proud I started fucking the daylights out her varying my speed and length of insert all the while this sexy woman orgasmed at least twice before suddenly I felt a tongue on my balls. Whilst my eyes were closed fucking Rosie,Mike had slid underneath Rosie and was now flicking her clit and licking my cock and balls whilst i did her doggy. She was still sucking his cock and after about five minutes I suggested we swap places as I was enjoying this so much and didnt want it to end by cumming "too soon" Mike and I swapped places and soon I was licking that clit and also his cock too. Rosie shifted position from administering a delectable BJ to me and suddenly Mikes hand was jerking me off as he fucked Rosie. Rosie then said Mike I want you both in me. Now ive only experience on DP before and it was not that pleasant as the lady involved was shall we say somewhat large and having my cock in her arse and her big husband in her cunt the combined weight of them was not good. This however was completely different Mike being smaller than me laid down and Rosie slid him almost effortlessly into to the brown hole. i positioned myself at her pussy entrance and slid home too but wow this was tight. I could feel Mikes hard cock between the thin walls of her arse and pussy She was by now screaming like a banshee as we both got into a great rhythm.It wasn't long before I could feel myself getting that tingling feeling in my balls . Mike too announce he was gonna cum soon. Then the naughty Rosie said I wanna see you shoot your cum over Mikes cock and balls to which mike just nodded in agreement she got off him and jacked my cock all over his cock frotting our cocks together . Two pumps later my cum just erupted from my cock all over his cock and balls and then i leant down and placed my head next to hers as we both licked Mikes cock to orgasm. He suddenly shot so much cum out of his cock it went everwhere in my face her face all over his body and just kept on going . I had never thought a bloke could cum so much but it turns out she had been edging him for hours before they arrived. As we all collapsed on the towels from our efforts It was Mike who said cmon lets " chunky dunk then to clean up" and that was how my afternoon turned out to be one hell of an experience. We did exchange numbers and ive since had a few great sessions with the two of them but nothing will beat that first encounter in the cove.