Written by Slipperysam


A Lusty Love Letter - part 2

The sheet lifts

And falls

As your breath comes

And goes

Its outline reveals you

Lying beneath

Your back to me

Divine curves flow

From shoulder to waist

From backside to thigh

Tempting me

Wrinkles curl like waves

In the fabric

As my hand s way

To your waist

My fingers sense

Your heat before they find

Your skin

They land upon you

As gossamer

Floats down to a lake

The sweep of your hip is revealed

To touch

As they wander idly down

Skin passing below them

Goosebumps rising

You know I am here!

In increments I bring my body closer to you

Again I feel your warmth

Before we touch

Your perfect aura

Beckons me in

I slip inside it and

Against your bottom

Your back

Now your shoulder

Is against me as well

I have to close my eyes

Momentarily overcome by the awe

Of being so close

So much of me is with you

But still I ache for more

My leg finds yours in neat


It falls in behind

In step with yours

My hand rides your hip

Delighting in your curve

The possession of only a woman

I stop to appreciate it

My hand hovers…

Before it further follows your form

I allow it to slide

Over the roundness of your


So gently I draw us closer


My breath reflecting

From your shoulder

My lips find your neck

Brushing so lightly

They caress

And kiss

My nose on your ear

My breath in your mind

Soft clicks of lips

Make their way up to your cheek

Your response is as slow as my advance

Your head yields to me

Attraction undeniable

I trek across your cheek

To the volumous rise of your lips

And find their corner

To tease them apart

Your head turns further

I see your lashes

As my eyes close

Sight interrupted - Senses are heightened

The softness of your body

Rests firmly against mine

As our lips meet finally

In direct opposition

They open



Each others souls

As our air passes between us

And dance across each other

On the tips of our tongues

While they find each other

In the half light

Time stills

Your body

Your heat

Your breath…

Your mouth

Your belly

Are all


I am mindless

In your kiss

I cannot think


Of all

But you

Your lips and

Your tongue

How sensual, sensitive, seducing…

The spell is broken

As your weight now rests

Upon me fully

Awareness returns

With your leg

Finding its way across mine

From underneath you

I continue to advance

One hand on your belly

To feel your breath

My mouth on yours

To share my passion

One hand on your shoulder

I push it gently past

Your neck

To take your pretty face

To keep it to mine

I am going under again

The web your kisses cast

Paralysing my mind

Stealing me again, momentarily I drift

Into your mouth

Hot ecstasy has foundered me

Your kiss… I want to be in it forever

Hardness begins to force its way

Up your back

I delight in its sensations

Squeezed between us

My hand is urged on

By my sexual drive

Over your shoulder

Along the long curve of your breast

Still drinking of the well of you

In a drunk haze I recognise the fullness

Of your breast

In my palm

Again overcome

I am stayed, frozen

Beheld by your sweet lips

Your leg over me

The softness of the inside

Of your thigh

Your toes send electric waves across

The bottom of my foot

As you wander them along it

The length of my body

In contact with you

Their presence washing into me like

A warm wind across the hot sand


Rocks me awake

Your hips so slight

In their movement against me

Provokes my consciousness

I stir my hand

In long circular traces

Fingertips follow the curve of the soft skin

Along the edge of your breast

Their movement becoming the melody

Against the harmony of the movement

Of your hips

Synchronised together they become further than

The sum of their parts

They fan the coal as it smoulders inside me

Winding slowly

Intricate patterns burn softly

Against your skin

A minor chord strikes out

They brush hard flesh

Heightened they feel their way along

Your hardened nipple

Tenderly concentrated compression

Arouses you further

Heavier breath strokes your voice

From deep within the sound escapes you

Hardening me further against the lock

Of our bodies entwined

Your legs tense

Now in time with the gentle sway

Of your hips

My fingers roll now gently as they press together

I feel your breath now heave in your breast

Against the cup of my hand

In symphony we are joined


And mouths


And legs


And fingers

Draw ourselves further into each other

Like thick branches in a breeze

Tied together through knots of time

We have grown so close there is no choice

But to mimic

The movement of the other

My mouth finds your cheek again

And desperately reaches for it

As my hand finds its way back

From the comfortable round of your belly

To the arc of your thigh

Fingers trace their way down

Encouraging gently

Your thigh to open

Yourself further to me

My wrist, my elbow

Take in your hip

And steady my hand

As its fingertips glance in circular patterns

Concentric concentration

They weave their pattern

Drawing ever closer

To the heat of your

Soft lips

Beckoning from between your thighs

Shivers ensue

Hot gasps erupt

As they glance off your lip

To retreat

A whimper, disappointment

Gently raising the tempo

Hearts race along quicker

Hips finding the urge

To press stronger

The fingertips


Soft and gently

They invade your wet warmth

And easily you open

In an escape of heat

They find their way up

To find your own fingers

Have already arrived

They encourage each other

Slow circular motion

Pressure so slight

Ragged breaths

Tightened fingers on the ever lengthening


Adds to the fire

Long and intense the feelings are building

Deep from within I can feel them stirring

I ache with lust

My movements now hastened further with desire

Pushing me along

I feel your motions strengthen

My hand leaves yours

The vibrations stretching along the length

Of your pussy

My fingers find their way down

Through the trembling softness

So wet

The entrance comes into reach

As I pause

And press lightly

The rocking becomes deeper

I press my hard phallus

Further into your back

Moans come from the sensation

As your leg tightens on mine

Taking your earlobe in my mouth

Teeth gently press

Your nipple rolls and flushes

Under the caress of my fingers

And your pussy further wettens

As I edge my fingers

Along the outside

Of the tightness of your passage

The time has come

I must break the spell

My yearning is inundating

I can no longer deny it

I remove myself from you

As you roll on your back

My belly against you

I feel your heat

As your hips press forward

My hands find your wrists

To raise them to your head

Your legs welcome me

“I want you

Inside me”

I delight in the sensation

Of my prick as it drags

Along the inside

Of your leg

As I look in your eyes

I find my position above you

Touching you nowhere

but your hands

I lower myself to you

To prod at your gates

Your eyes


I deftly duck

And dive

From your hips attempt

To guide you over me

I ignore your legs

As they try to pull me in

All of my strength is taken

In the gentle pressure

Against your wet pout

Until you subside

Consciousness returns to your gaze

Feel me

The pressure increases

You are so still

I feel

You open

Yielding to me

So slowly



I slide


I lower myself further

Stretching sensations

Unglue you from sanity

Your eyes

So large

I am coming in


Our breath again synchronises

I sink further into you





The journey is long

I am finally taken

Every nerve in my body

Is filled with you


Eventually I rest

The bone of my waist

pressed against yours

So deep the sensation

As I press

And grate

Forcing your sweet bundle

Into contact with me

Your control is surpassed

As the feelings of my weight

Revolve over your mound

The thick swelling within you

Breaches your walls

Your heels dig me in further

As they press firmly my legs

I watch your head bury back

Hard into your pillow

As your mouth opens to allow

The passage of your exultation

To escape you

Into the night


Sam x