Written by Slipperysam


I am hard

I have been thinking about you all night

While I have been driving

For the last three hours

To be with you

I have done nothing but think of you

Lying naked

In your bed

Waiting for me


And wet

I come in to the room

Nothing is in my mind but you

And the thought of fucking you

Fucking you hard

Making you cum

Is the only thing I live for

Imagine me kissing you

My mouth on yours

Our lips touch each other

As they come together

Soft and moist

Your mouth opens

And my tongue

Finds its way inside

Of yours

My tongue touching yours

Tasting you

Licking at you

My shoulder on yours as

You lay there on your back

My hands find your breast

And run around their form

So delicate

They turn me on so

I have dreamed of them

For many nights

From afar

I am harder than I have ever been

As I feel their roundness

My thumbs brushing the

Soft dark skin of your areola

Their bumps and creases

While I tongue your mouth

And tease out your first moans

Your nipples are so hard

Feel me brush them with my hand

My fingers lingering over them

As I let your nipples slip

Between them

I can feel you shiver

As I continue this kiss

Feel my hard hot cock

Against your leg

It has been ready for hours

Soon it will be inside you

You will feel it

Making its way into your tight wet cunt

I will make you writhe in delight

But later for

Now I need your breasts

My head moves down

Your jaw

Your cheek

Your neck

I pause to suck you there

And again

Slowly making my way down to your hard

Straining nipples

Feel my hardness

Against your thigh

As I rub it there

Imagine it in you

How good it will feel

My mouth is on your shoulder now

So soft and delicate

I move down slowly

Across your chest

To the top of your breast

Pausing to suck you

Every inch

Of the way

Your nipple

Brushes my cheek

Feel it tingle

Moving closer to my mouth

I kiss around it

Licking at it

Slowly pushing it with my mouth and lips

Breathing on it with

My hot breath

My wet mouth

Is now moving over your hard flesh

And I pause

With your hard bead in my mouth

Before I suck it slowly


Feel the blood rush there

Feel the heat adding to its glow

As I pull it into my mouth

With my breath

Feel my tongue teasing

It from within me

My straining post

Still, against your thigh

Your hands move to the back of my head

To hold me here

While I suck as hard as I can


Nibbling with teeth

I know how you like it….

Feel my hands

Under your breasts

As I wrap them up

And close my hands over them

To force that perfect, hard, sexy

Nipple further into me

My hands are moving again

Your nipple is my prisoner

As my mouth interrogates it

Searching for its secrets

The pleasure I can wrestle from it

It gives its secrets easily

To me as

Your soft appreciations come to my ear

Your thigh presses against me

Feel me push myself harder into your soft thigh

So feminine

So delicate your skin

My hands are on your waist

I can feel your shape

Oh so sexy

My thumbs down to your hips

Your curves so womanly

They drive me wild

I am aching to be inside you

I cannot take it much longer

I have to gasp around your breast

My hands are now upon your thighs

I feel your legs open for me

Inviting me in

I accept

My hand on your mound

And around your thighs

The backs of my fingers

Brush your pussy

So hot it feels

You are bubbling with lust

Feel my loins

Thrust against your leg

While I take your other nipple inside my mouth now

My hands are over your pussy

They open your folds

To reveal you to me

I can feel you push your

Beautiful pussy

That I cannot stop thinking about

Onto my hand

Feel my fingers run along

The inside of your lips

Pausing to pull them

Out at the top

Further and further they stretch

Feel them

Almost painful

Such intense pleasure

As you know soon

I will find your clit

I am sucking hard now at

Your other nipple

While my fingers meet the top

Of your lips

One hand holds them open

While I lightly squeeze

The base of your clitoris

So she stands out for me

And I hold you there

And bring down my mouth


Across your tummy


The anticipation


I now have your clitty trapped

My next prisoner

Held in place

Waiting for my mouth

To release it

Kisses slowly come down

Your navel

Your pubis

Your lips

They kiss their

Way down you

To brush my captive

Then a long

Wide lick

I feel you shuddering

Your moans unmistakable

Urging me to take you in

How can I resist you any longer

My tongue traces its way across your hard button once more

Then my mouth encloses it

And the pressure of my suction

More moans

Now my tongue again

Against it, along it

I can feel you quaking

Your thighs shake

Feel my tongue smooth

Round it comes

Stabbing at your button

As I suck and suck

Then break away to lick

Your length

From your pussy to your clit

Long hot laps

My tongue fucks at you

My lips sucking and rubbing

Your lips swelling and soaking

My tongue inside you now

Searching and probing

It winds its way inside you

It s way around you

Then to lap again

From bottom to top

You know I could do this for an hour

My tongue could make you sing

Your climactic chorus

But I am hard

And the promise of fucking you

Is begging me

For fulfilment

Spread your legs for me

Hold your knees wide and high

While I kneel before you

In your glory

Open for me

Pouting pussy beckons

Erect tits call me forward

As I take them again in my mouth

My cheeks are wet from you

I smear them on your breast

While I dine upon your flesh

My cock



Up your leg

It comes

Bending as it journeys

Its head jabbing your thigh

And sticking

Before pulling free

And along another inch

Toward your shaven heaven

Feel me bite you

Not for you

But because my intent

Is overwhelming me

I rise up

To my knees

My flesh proud

It points toward its conquest

As you watch it

Your ass Stings

From my slap

Hard it flies to you

The sound resounds

The vibration finds your pussy

As well the second

As it lands the other cheek

Your indrawn breath

Your pussy wide

My cock inside

I thrust, feel me

Amongst the sting of the slap

And the stretch of you as

You are mounted

My girth spreads your wings

I feel myself slide up you

Every millimetre

Is ecstasy in itself

That first push is always

So divine

Godlike we meet

In harmony

We fuck

Movements together are made

As I slide in and out

Each drive in is Nirvanic

Each retreat a gasp

Open mouths betray the lust

If your eyes have not already

As they smoke in sultry fixation

Upon mine

I watch their lids move like tides

In reaction to my beat

They give away the feelings

You hide deep inside

Your head arching back on slender neck

As your hips meet mine

Sweet impacts impart sensation

Spreading through you like fire

Through tinder, tender

Your legs as they wrap me, encased

I continue

Your orgasm my only goal

I watch it beginning

My stride now measured

To match your pants

Each breath forces me out

Your heels and hips

Bring me in

I am riding each wave atop you

The sea of your climax rocking me

The earthquakes within stir the waves

Their breaking upon the beach within your loins

Is hastened with every stroke

I feel them crashing


Soon they will collide

And fall upon you together

My cock is arching into your grip




The melody of your climax

Is taking voice from your throat

I feel you tighten









Your climax erupts

You bring me on

I cannot help

But fuck into you

My cum

As you bellow

My name

And strain against me

The delicious hills of the grace

Of Venus

Have been assailed

Once more

We collapse

To each other

In embrace

My God

How I love to fuck you!