Written by horny guy


Moaning, groaning, sweaty heaving bodies, lust.

Knock, Knock.

Lust nearly fulfilled, passion almost consummated.

Knock, knock, knock.

The morning sun streamed in through the small gap of the curtains straight onto the bed, and uncannily pierced through Philippa’s eyes as she roused from the lingering dream. She did not want to open them, she wanted to finish her dream, so vividly etched in her awakening consciousness. Her arm swept the covering sheet off her body, sighing, she had to get the door, she was expecting a delivery. The weather had been sweltering over the last week, and the sheet slipped onto the floor beside her relatively unused duvet leaving her body exposed to the coolest time of the day and the almost refreshing breeze it brought.

Philippa slipped her leg off the bed and used its weight and momentum to bring her other leg to the floor and her body upright. Rubbing her eyes, she wanted to move her hand to her very aroused pussy, it was demanding attention through a tingling sensation that wound its way up her body leaving a light sensation of yearning in her heart. Damn. She reluctantly stood up, which brought her legs together to squeeze her pussy enough to enhance the already wet feeling of her labia, giving a delightful reminder of her dream.

Crossing the bedroom towards the living room and the front door, Philippa had taken a mere step before she caught her reflection in the dressing mirror. She had forgotten she had opted for a slender and sheer nightie that allowed her to be cool in the humid heat of the night. It was sexy and Philippa liked the way it felt against her naked body. It was no wonder she had a sexy dream, she smiled. The mirror revealed how little was covered by the nightie, and what was covered hinted at what lay underneath through the near transparent baby blue material. Not an article of clothing to be answering the door in she mused.

Knock, knock.

Philippa reached into her wardrobe and grabbed a dressing gown and threw it on as she walked to the front door. It unfortunately wasn’t much longer than her nightie, finishing a few mere inches below her throbbing pussy. A twinge of rampant sexuality flooded her mind spurred by her dream which was seeming to fuel the slippery feeling between her legs. Philippa caught her breath and opened the door.

A man in a brown uniform stood there. He was looking off down the corridor of the apartment building with an impatient and annoyed look on his face. He turned to knock again and froze when he saw Philippa. The petty annoyance of a slow delivery customer was forgotten in an instant and a smile erased any signs of stress.

‘Oh, my package has arrived.’ she said as she let her eyes wander to glance at both her package and his package.

‘Yes ma’am’ he said with a faint Irish accent, ‘you have to sign for it here.’ The delivery man held out the package for inspection and in the other hand he held the clipboard with the delivery documents.

He held both items easily in his hands, so when Philippa took the package she was surprised by its weight and her hands dropped a few inches to accommodate its weight. She brought the package back up and inspected it and then tucked it under her left arm so that she could free her hands to receive the clipboard. She quickly assessed the man before her as he fetched a pen from his pocket. Dark thick hair with a tan from hours in the summer sun. He was a rather handsome man, well-built and he had a cheeky humour in his eyes. Philippa figured that he probably liked seeing a half-naked woman this early in the morning, and based on her growing horniness she liked being seen by this man this early in the morning.

‘You just need to sign here, here and here.’ He handed her the clipboard and she juggled it to rest against the package under her arm so that she could sign it.

Philippa smiled at the delivery man as she brought the pen to the board. Her flirtatious smile was still on her lips as she looked down to sign the papers when she froze. A mortified pit opened in her stomach when she realised that as she had tucked the package under her arm, the corner of the box had caught her dressing gown. As she had wedged it under her arm it had then drawn open her gown and her nightie. Her left breast was mostly exposed, with an incredibly hard nipple peeking out. It was the visual manifestation of her entire lust filled morning, and there it was, just peeking out beside the round soft curve of her breast. Her heart stopped for a moment, the pit of horror yawned, and then her deep desire flared up with force to replace her fear. Philippa liked being seen by this man this early, on this morning.

Philippa knew that a quick reaction to cover up would both draw attention to her breast and ruin a far more adventurous flirt that in a matter of two heartbeats she had concocted. Any sign of hesitation or the play of emotions wasn’t evident, it happened very quickly, hastened by the raw tingle of sex between her legs. She brought the pen to the clipboard without too much of a pause and signed the first part. She then made a show of struggling to hold the package and the board in order to sign the second part. She eventually settled the package and board by resting them on her upper thigh as she crouched slightly awkwardly.

This new position was of course on purpose, and her game of flirt and show was underway. Her slight crouching position brought her body forward and down a little, which allowed her loose fitting gown and nightie to fall away from her chest. Her already exposed breast was now fully exposed and her other breast was now clearly visible down her top. From her vantage point Philippa could now see the delivery mans crotch and his growing erection. Her pussy was now thoroughly wet with excitement. How could she do this, she had never done anything like this before, and most definitely not with a complete stranger. Yet, the desire that had started with a dream had grown to melting point in the few minutes since waking.

Philippa signed the second part as she looked up from the clipboard, to the now very visible outline of the man’s cock, to his smiling and somewhat dazed looking face. She straightened up and handed the clipboard back to the delivery man.

‘Not enough hands to hold everything.’ she joked as she became aware of a breeze over her still exposed breast.

‘Ah, ma’am, you haven’t signed the last bit.’ He once more offered the clipboard, smiling his charming smile.

She took the clipboard back and looked down at it and the package in her hands. Philippa now made a small show of looking at both items in her hands and moving them about as if to decide how to approach the juggling act this time. She then made a decision.

‘Let me go put this down, and then we’ll sort you out.’ she handed back the clipboard and turned back to walk the short distance from the front door to the coffee table. Philippa looked at the messy stack of magazines that left no room to deposit the package so she put the package down on the floor beside the coffee table. As she bent over, Philippa could feel the back of her nightie and gown ride up the very short distance to expose her bottom and due to her slender legs, her very wet hairless pussy. As the morning air brushed against her very aroused and sensitive parts, her feelings of pure raunchiness were unbearable. The sensation of nervous excitement and anxiety mixed into a heady concoction that left her body tingling all over. Philippa could actually sense the delivery man’s eyes looking lustfully at her pouting pussy lips.

Philippa then started to move the magazines out of the way and into tidy piles to make way for the package. As she fussed she could feel a single bead of her pussy’s abundant moisture start to slide down her leg, every miniscule fraction it moved sent a quiver up her body leaving her body covered in goose bumps of anticipation. Picking up the package and placing it on the coffee table then completed her act. Philippa stood, letting the nightie and gown fall back into place. She turned around and walked back to the blushing delivery man. His cock was now incredibly restricted in his pants.

‘Now, let’s get this paperwork out of the way.’ She took the clipboard and pen from the somewhat wooden man, ‘where do I sign again?’

He leaned in, trying very unsuccessfully to not look at her breast that had somehow almost become covered again. ‘J..just here ma’am.’ he reached over to point to a part of the paperwork that was only an inch from her yearning nipple. She froze, wanting his touch to materialise, to have her body taken into his arms, to be able to free his cock and have her orgasm that was threatening to spring with no warning. Yet, he pulled his hand away with a fleeting look of angst in his eyes.

She signed the paperwork and handed it back. He hesitated and then looked into her eyes.

‘Thanks ma’am...have a good day.’

He turned and walked away down the hall leaving her standing there practically dripping away into a puddle of lust. Barely five minutes had passed since Philippa had awoken, and her horniness had amplified a million fold. She closed the door.

‘Un-fucking believable, just when you don’t want a gentleman...this is going to be a long day.’ She headed to the bedroom to her small collection of vibrators with a desperation to her step.

Ring. Ring.

‘Oh really!?’ She already knew what it would be before she picked up the phone. She answered the phone anyway, it was her work saying that she had to start early, it was going to be a big day.

She didn’t have the time to indulge in her mechanical joys if she was going to make the express train. Philippa jumped into the shower and quickly washed her aching body, letting her hands dwell temptingly close to all the right places. This was the wrong thing to do, she had triggered her lust into an overdrive that lasted despite her urgency to leave the house. Every action and effort she made to get ready and leave for work was agony to her sensitive nipples and her throbbing pussy. Her body was demanding attention, but her mind knew that her job would be in jeopardy should she lose the hours it would require to satisfy her yearning desires. Damn it!

Getting dressed was an act of speed that saw Philippa pay little attention to her attire. Her choices we quick, yet on a level that was inspired by this persistent morning lust. She was wearing a short loose skirt and a button up business shirt. She decided that panties were necessary for work, though her roaming imagination made her pussy slick at the thought of going to work without them and using her naked pussy to arouse her co-workers the same way she had the delivery man. She enjoyed the power her lust had over men, she just didn’t realise it could be so raw and exciting as she had demonstrated this morning. Her shirt was loose enough that if she loosened her top four buttons it would hang open if she leaned forward and expose her breasts...an act she felt hadn’t happened at work, so she decided to leave the bra off. It would help her deal with the heat of the day and at the same time keep the memories of her morning flirtations fresh in her mind. She left the top two buttons undone to deliver a sophisticated, yet sexual look. Maybe the cleavage would help her promotion prospects. She topped off her look with thigh high patterned stockings and high heels, which helped up the sexuality without losing any of the business like presentation.

Philippa cast a longing glance at her draw of vibrators and then at her watch. She flew out of the door cursing how time just wasn’t on her side today. She walked the short distance to the train station and arrived just in time to see the express train arrive. Philippa boarded the train and made her way to some seats towards the back of the train and was relieved to see a spare seat and sat down. The rush of the morning had kept her blood flowing and as she looked up from her purse to see a gorgeous businessman sitting opposite her the heat within her boiled. Her pussy, already wet, was sending palpitations across her body as she demurely ran her eyes over the man. He was an older man, going grey through his still thick hair, and still with an athletic physique. His suit was suave and his shoes were polished, he was well put together. He was sitting with his briefcase on the seat beside him and the window on the other, he held an unfurled newspaper in his hand which he tapped on his briefcase to an unknown tune. His eyes were a brilliant blue, and Philippa could see those darting quick looks in her direction. Philippa nicknamed the man the Silver Fox.

The other passengers beside the man and herself were uninteresting. A fat lady beside Philippa was absorbed in her iPad and blocked her view of most of the train. The man sitting beside the Silver Fox was a more oxford nerd type, who had turned away from the silver fox for some antisocial privacy...the commuter’s prerogative. Philippa had her iPhone out and was using it to disguise her glances at the Silver Fox.

Philippa’s lust was still in full swing and the memories of the delivery man were continuously playing through her mind. With the Silver Fox’s increasing glances she was seriously wishing she had left her panties at home so she could relive the thrill she experienced less than an hour ago. Removing them was not an option, but she had to do something, she had to satisfy the beast that needed feeding with pure sexuality. A thought occurred to her.

Philippa twisted in her seat to draw her dark ponytail around over her shoulder and proceeded to play with it. It was voluminous enough that it fell over her cleavage. The Silver Fox actually seemed to deflate a fraction at the loss of that view, which served to heighten her confidence and ‘charge’. As she played with her hair her hand was able to surreptitiously undo her third and fourth buttons. She feigned disinterest in her hair and tossed it back behind her. The Silver Fox was instantly drawn to the sight and could not draw his eyes politely away for some seconds. Philippa glanced down at her phone to both allow him the pleasure of not looking away and so that she could check her state of dress. Her shirt was gaping open at the top and showed a great deal of cleavage. From Philippa’s point of view she could see down between her breasts and see her svelte stomach, but the Silver Fox could just see ample cleavage. She transitioned from sophisticated yet sexy business woman to very sexy woman, occupation be damned. Philippa’s nipples hardened and her pussy was most definitely making her panties wet at the thought of what she was about to do.

Philippa sat up straight in her seat as if she were stretching out a kink in her back, which served to push her chest out and draw the fabric of her shirt slightly more apart. The effect didn’t actually expose any more breast, but it was an eye catching manoeuvre. She also used the opportunity to scan the train to see if anyone might see something they shouldn’t...aside from who she wanted. She was sitting in the last row of double facing seats before the back of the carriage and she was facing the rear. This meant only a few people could see her front on and all of them except the Silver Fox were well and truly oblivious to her display. Excellent.

The Silver Fox was still lingering over his view of the sexy Philippa, and she was becoming more charged with the confidence to overpower him with her sexuality. She leaned forward so as to reach her handbag on the floor and rummaged around on a mission for some lost trinket. This brought her body forward leaving her blouse to hang away from her bare breasts, providing a most delightful sight to the Silver Fox but giving nothing away to anyone else in the carriage. The Silver Fox gaped at the sight, she stole a quick glance to confirm and then returned to her mission. The thought of this distinguished gentleman's eyes having a free and prolonged examination of her breasts was having a profound effect on Philippa’s body. Her skin was alive with a static like buzz which made even the silky texture of her blouse a rough and caressing presence that made her shiver all the way to her drenched pussy. Philippa was horny as hell.

Philippa decided that her lost trinket was being thoroughly evasive, so engaged in a more thorough search. This entailed her leaning forward even more, which could only be facilitated by slightly parting her legs as she brought her chest in contact with her knees. How else was a girl to really turn through her handbag? She smirked outwardly, yet screamed with ecstasy on the inside as her panties came into view, framed by her smooth toned thighs and the tops of her thigh high stockings. Her position allowed her a fair view up her own skirt, though not as good as the Silver Fox, to notice that her panties had a dark growing patch of moisture visible against the lemon yellow material. The sight which she could see was a sight that had the Silver Fox shifting in his seat, as he looked down at her bare breasts resting on her spreading knees and exposed panties visibly showing her excitement.

Philippa sat upright again and took a long glance at the Silver Fox. His eyes were glued to her still parted legs and her yellow panties. His pants were tent poled where his cock was rigid and hard and struggling to cope with confinement. He looked quite huge. As her gaze returned to his eyes, he looked slowly up, dwelling for a moment on her now covered yet enticing breasts, and then looked straight into her eyes. He did not flinch or seem embarrassed for his indulgence. Philippa’s heart skipped a beat as she realised he knew none of her act was an accident, and with a look he let her know that. His gaze returned slowly to her crotch, a silent encouragement for her performance. Her loins ached to be sated and with every action heightening her horniness she was in no position to deny this gentleman.

With a nonchalant move she brought her hand down to rest on her knee whilst she quickly cast her eyes around the carriage to confirm the privacy of their private exchange. With no interlopers confirmed, she then brought her foot closest to the window up onto the seat in a manoeuvre reminiscent of a teenage schoolgirl painting her toenails. Her skirt fell away off her thigh. Feeling a little exposed now in case someone looked, she brought her arms around her raised knee and pretended to focus on her phone. She shifted her foot slightly closer to the window bringing her panties well and truly into the Silver Fox’s view. Her heart was thumping away sending vibrations directly to her pussy. The Silver Fox smiled as he flicked his eyes back to Philippa and back down again, another flood of encouragement surged.

Bringing one hand down from her phone, Philippa put it on the seat beside the window and reached behind her raised ankle and straightened her fingers to come to rest on the back of her vertical thigh so very close to the gusset of her panties. Her fingers, visible to the Silver Fox, were inextricably drawn closer to her panties as if by some magnet were pulling them closer. The first touch of her panties delivered an explosion of anticipation matched by a twitch in the engrossed man’s crotch. Even the gentlest of caresses across the silky material was amplified directly to her crotch leaving her pussy engorged and swollen. Slipping a fingernail underneath the material was like molten fire burning her slick pussy lips. There was no movement in the Silver Fox now, his eyes were glued to the show unfolding before him.

Screeching brakes cut through her raunchy reverie. The train was slowing as it pulled into a very busy station. The express train had only one stop on an otherwise direct trip into the city, and she knew it was going to bring a huge crowd onto the carriage and ruin her freedom to meet out her sexual frustration that was reaching boiling point. The train came to a complete stop and the crowd surged to the opening doors of all the carriages. Philippa audibly sighed as fate had once again dealt a foul hand. She brought her foot down off the seat as the Silver Fox rearranged his pants and brought his newspaper down to cover his raging erection. They smiled at each other, both disappointed. Philippa quickly did up her third and fourth buttons, returning her attire to ‘safe’.

The arriving masses that had boarded the carriage were led by an elderly couple, both wielding canes and quiet discomfort. Despite her raging blood, Philippa was reminded of her own grandparents and the good manner her mother passed down. She stood and offered the two relieved pensioners her seat and walked to the very back of the carriage, the last in the train, and glanced out the rear window as the press of strangers tightened behind her threatening to almost squash her. Philippa’s hand, taking advantage of the privacy offered by facing the rear wall and window, stole downwards to her pelvis and just pressed up against her covered pussy in an attempt to relieve the frantic desires swirling within her. Big mistake. The hinted promise of relief shot through her body as a shiver that grew and spread, attempting to shake apart her will to stand and her knees almost buckled. Philippa’s breathing came in quick rasps of passion and her hand shot up to the rail on the wall to steady herself. The press of bodies held her up and allowed her to slowly regain the strength, despite an angular briefcase digging into her thigh.

‘You do know how to put on a show, it’s a shame we were interrupted.’

The voice was low but it surprised Philippa and really shocked her a second later when she connected its meaning to the events of only minutes before. She turned to look over her shoulder to see the Silver Fox. He had vacated his seat to allow the other of the elderly couple to also have a seat, and now he was being pressed by the crowd up against her. He was tall and he smelt like a woody cologne that was sex for her nostrils. She realised that the briefcase pressing against her thigh was his, so she shifted her body to release the pressure. This brought her to face slightly away from the rear wall and brought her shoulder hard up against his shoulder, with the rest of his body fitting into the newly freed space by the wall. Their bodies formed a tight ‘V’ facing the wall with their backs blocking out the mostly forward facing crowd. His still hard cock was pressing against her hip and that sent a thrill into the brewing cauldron of lust, casting a spell over her better judgement.

‘I feel somewhat cheated at our ill fortune, you were so...close.’ He whispered close to her ear. Philippa unconsciously brought her hand to her chest, brushing it against the curve of her breast. She looked over her shoulder at the forward facing passengers, all oblivious to the tangible tension sparking between the two of them, and then back to his eyes.

‘I know you were about to show me...something I would very much like to see. It would appear we have found ourselves in an advantageous position away from prying eyes, if you would care to continue.’ His voice was shrouded in a quiet heat that gave Philippa goose bumps down her neck. Her hand was his to control and it slid down her body, gliding over her shirt buttons and continued down to the waistband of her skirt, and ending at the hem of her skirt. She plucked the edge of her skirt and pulled it up level to her navel, exposing her lemon yellow panties with a darker patch that instantly made his cock twitch. The Silver Fox’s involuntary movement just drover her on without hesitation, especially considering the way they had blocked out the crowd facing the other way. Her free hand reached down to her panties and pulled down first the left and then the right side of them so they came to rest an inch below her now on display dripping pussy. She would only need to drop her skirt and her private show would have the curtains pulled. She held her gaze to his eyes, fluttered her eyelashes and popped her chest out in a demure act of false innocence.

‘Is this what you desired?’ she cooed.

‘This is what you desired too.’ He spoke with no hesitation. He reached down to his own crotch and in one smooth motion undid his zipper and reached into his pants. After a slight jiggle his cock sprung free. It was both very impressive and disappointing. Impressive in its size, it was very long and had a lot of large veins which Philippa knew her pussy liked, it was like reading sexual braille. But disappointing because she immediately knew that because of his height and great length she would never be able to have that cock in her pussy without a great deal of manoeuvring which would draw too much attention.

The cock magnetically drew her hand which had pulled her panties down. She touched his cock in an instant which both froze time and melted her pussy. It was so hot, and it again twitched upward reminding Philippa of its strength and purpose. She pulled her hand along its length toward her and then tightened a fraction then pushed her hand back towards him in a pumping fashion. His cock seemed to grow even further, and after repeating the motion a few more times it was thoroughly throbbing with his lust. The Silver Fox, cursing that he had one hand full with his briefcase, which ironically was aiding their privacy, decided to use his free hand a bit more actively. He leaned in toward the flushed brunette beauty and cupped her breast and brought his fingers together to pinch her nipple. Philippa was hard and wet all over, and with his closer posture she guided his cock to rest against her Mons pubis. The touch of his cock sent a powerful rush to her clitoris which obliterated the outside world. She slid the tip of his long cock down to rub her clitoris, delighting in its hard rubbing aided by her wetness. His penis seemed to know no bounds in its growth as he was obviously enjoying her unbridled sexual appetite. The Silver Fox slipped his hand into her blouse and angled it to rest on her naked flesh, causing her nipples to push visibly through the material. His action had the unfortunate consequence of popping some buttons clean off her shirt, but she was too far gone too even care. Philippa stepped forward a half step and angled his cock down a fraction so that it slid between her legs. The hard veiny length slid across the length of her incredibly wet pussy, and with her hand she bobbed his cock up and down so that it gently slapped against eager slit. She knew she couldn’t get it to penetrate her, but she was going to feel it as fully as she could. She slowly rocked her hips backward and forward, coating his cock in her juices and letting her slick lips ‘read’ his cock. The action was having a pronounced effect on the Silver Fox as he was going red in his face and breathing in short rasping breaths. The ridge of the tip of his cock was rubbing so temptingly close to Philippa’s sopping entrance and again she cursed the need for a more advantageous angle. She pumped on his cock to take her frustration out. His hand was working a special kind of magic on her breasts, tweaking her nipples and squeezing her firm charged skin. She could feel her body starting to tense and a shiver rippled over her body sending an itchy tingle to her extremities which then returned a powerful shock straight to her pussy. She bit her lip and squeezed her thighs together as a most powerful orgasm ripped through her body. She slightly collapsed and she released his cock and clutched onto him to avoid falling over. Her body seemed to drop and rest hard on his cock, pushing the length firmly into the length of her pussy. The Silver Fox shuddered as his orgasm started to push through his body. Philippa stepped back a half step and reached to his cock as it slid back along the entire length of her slit. Just as his cock was freed it exploded, squirting his hot cum all over her Mons pubis. The Silver Fox’s cock pulsed in her hand with each spurt of sticky white cum that splashed against her. The cum initially coated her exposed pelvis before seeming to melt against her hot flushed skin and sliding down her vaginal crevice then dripping into her panties or sliding down her thighs and resting on the tops of her thigh high stockings. Philippa felt, and loved feeling like, a total slut without abandon. She reached down with her free hand, dropping his still twitching cock, and pulled up her panties. The cum squished against her skin and pussy forcing it up into her pussy or to spill out of her panties to begin a slow dribble down her thigh. She could even feel the copious amounts of spunk against her bottom and anus. Philippa for the first time in her life thought of her pussy as a cunt, a thing of sexual nature to be used. The Silver Fox collected himself without removing his eyes from her now very wet panties as he put his cock away. Philippa now dropped the hem of her skirt, bringing the show to an end. She shifted her feet and could feel the cum that coated her pelvis, pussy and panties, and she smiled at the playboy gentleman.

As they came down from their sexual adventure they checked that they hadn’t drawn any unwanted attention. Philippa was relieved to see no one was looking in their direction, yet strangely disappointed because she had awoken this sexual being within her and exhibitionism was its fuel.

She looked the Silver Fox in the eye, ‘I love a happy ending, don’t you?’

He reached into his inside jacket pocket with a well-practiced flash, and drew out a business card, ‘You will call me sometime won’t you dear, and we can catch up.’ He smiled a tired yet mischievous smile.

She took the card and slipped it into her handbag without looking at it and smiled, ‘Maybe.’

Screeching brakes broke through their words as the train came to a stop at the final stop. Philippa suddenly became aware of the world around them and reality came settling gently back into her thoughts. The cum between her legs wouldn’t exactly let it fully embrace her, but she now remember she had to get to work. To work. If she could just get her mind out of the gutter. The passengers disembarked and Philippa and the Silver Fox parted ways with a further smile and a wave. She wondered whether she might actually call him or not. If her pussy had a phone he would be on speed dial, she smiled. She quickly moved along the platform towards the street and turned into the women’s restroom before exiting.

A flickering fluorescent tube light provided the main light in the wash basin section of the restroom. Philippa was starting to feel the cum spreading around her groin area and was worried that it may soak obtrusively into her skirt. She headed for a toilet booth for privacy and glanced at her reflection in the mirrors as she passed the basins. She felt slutty and dirty, but her outward appearance didn’t expose her inner wickedness, and her skirt wasn’t showing any signs of wetness...yet. Her blouse was wide open to her fifth button, with the top two undone, and the third and fourth torn off due to the Silver Fox’s enthusiasm. Her breasts were covered, but her cleavage was showing off something fierce. She entered the cubicle and straightened out her blouse, she was going to have to be careful today because one wrong move might afford the wrong person a view to remember. The fifth button would have to be protected at all costs, it was just level with her nipples and should that one go she would have the top two halves of her blouse flapping down and really threatening to expose her breasts even when standing. The thought made her quim tingle and brought a naughty smile to her lips. Philippa then lifted her skirt and she looked down at her drenched knickers, almost entirely wet with the Silver Fox’s cum. They were saturated and the exposed skin above and below them was still glistening. The skin further down her thigh and near her thigh high stocking had seen the cum streaks slow and start to dry. Only small amounts made it all the way to the tops of her stockings and they showed no sign of any staining, but her panties were pretty much sticky mess that did threaten to spread to her skirt. She whipped them off and used them to dry her exposed skin. There was so much cum, and a lot had worked its way into her. Philippa shuddered and reached down with her other hand and using the tip slipped it inside her pussy and scooped out the cum. It slithered out and dripped onto the floor with an audible ‘plop’, leaving her once again weak in the knees and her mind awash with rampant thoughts of sex. She dropped her useless panties into the waste bin and used some toilet paper to finish the cleaning up. The walk out of the restroom was liberating and full of and excited anxiety because now she was absent panties out in public and heading to work. Philippa had never done, nor contemplated such a lewd act before, and it was exhilarating and scary, but her mind set today was just pushing her on regardless.

Once outside the station, Philippa hailed a cab to take her to work. She wanted to flash the taxi driver as he drove but he had his rear vision mirror facing the rear window, not in the standard perverted crotch angle like most cabbies had. The cabbie also was very impersonal in the exchange of fares. Philippa pouted at her inability to tease another weak minded plaything as she exited the cab. She walked into her place of work, a huge building consisting of offices and a giant warehouse to facilitate the fourth largest shipping and logistics centre in the country.

Walking into the reception foyer, Philippa felt every bit naked with only four articles of clothing; her shoes, stockings, skirt and blouse. Her self-consciousness seemed to trigger a fresh shiver in her pussy and hardness in her nipples. She felt as if she was blushing as she produced her security swipe card as she strolled through the metal detector under the gaze of the near obese guard. She nearly scurried to the elevators as she was paranoid that the eyes of small groups of company executives and visitors were all over her. Philippa maintained her nerve and waited impassively for the elevator to arrive and whisk her up to the eleventh floor.

The eleventh floor was a hive of activity, with people feverishly working away to organise the logistics of their clients. Success was measured by the status of your clients, efficiency in moving their goods around the country like a cup game with fifty cups, and making sure the clients were happy. Philippa settled into her little cubicle, relieved to take the weight off her shaky knees and finally catch her breath. She felt as if she had been in a constant state of heightened arousal and she was exhausted and it was only 9am. She quickly did a check of her blouse to ensure nothing was amiss aside from a generous showing of cleavage, all ok. Next was the email clearance routine and checking her schedule. No sooner had she started than a shadow was cast over her desk along with a sense of foreboding.

Terry Askew, her boss, stood over her with a face of thunder. He was a short middle aged man with the body of an ex athlete who had let every minute of exercise slip away leaving only a soft chubby body to show for it. He was obviously pissed about it too, because he was always mad and being a prick to everyone who worked under him, and was a colossal douche bag schmoozer to anyone above him. He was widely loathed and ridiculed behind his back, but his temper was legendary and Philippa could see that she was going to get a demonstration. What made it worse is that he was not a private man, and didn’t mind berating his employees in public.

‘Ah Miss Carter, finally decided to show up.’ He chided in mock show of politeness. His vein on his forehead belied his true intent.

‘Yes,’ she replied, ‘I have some finalising to do for the PersiCo account...’

‘Finalising?!’ he interjected, ‘you’re about to have your fucking contract made final if you don’t sort out the Ketcheson debacle that you’ve created.’ He actually smirked at her look of shock. ‘There’s 200 items on their manifest that have gone missing and it’s due to ship tomorrow. You signed off on it, your fuck up, you fix it today or you’re out of here on your sweet fucking ass, get it?’

Philippa’s mind worked quickly and almost instantaneously figured out what went wrong. Last month she had put in a requisition to have a large order broken up into smaller parts to ship in containers that weren’t full but going to the same place. It was efficient and would have saved her client a few hundred thousand dollars. The problem that she knew had been created was that Terry Askew was meant to sign off on it to make action it, and then to again allow it to ship. She remember that he had signed off the action, but she had been waiting for him to let it ship.

‘Sir, I just need you to sign off on the shipping order and it’ll be fine.’

‘What. The. Fuck. Are you saying that it’s my fault? Bring up the shipping manifest.’

Philippa quickly accessed the manifest on her computer, and to her dismay saw that there was no sign of his first sign off. She did see however that there was a date stamp for the last alteration for this morning. The sneaky prick had forgotten or neglected to action the shipping so he deleted any sign of his part in this mess. Now there were 200 shipping items spread out and joined to separate shipping orders for no reason, no wonder they were lost.

The smug look on his face showed his part in his deceit. ‘You have today to sort this out.’ He walked away, ‘I’ll print out your termination papers now...someone needs to be efficient here.’

Philippa clenched her teeth and swallowed her pride. She still had a record of all the shipping consignments she had attached the order to, so she just needed to hunt out each part of the larger order and put it all back together before tomorrow. She almost cried.

Philippa spent the next half hour recalling her records and printing out everything she would need. She knew that she couldn’t get the work done by emailing the warehouse and asking them to do it, they would just put it into a pile of jobs to do. It would take a week for that to happen. Philippa, now in the zone to accomplish a task, stormed out of her office with her paperwork and made her way to the warehouse to do it herself. She would finish it, even if it took all night. She caught the elevator down to the ground floor and made her way through to the warehouse offices.

The warehouse offices were pretty bare, just a few computers and printers placed between multi tray organisers. There was the warehouse supervisor, Rick, and two other store men, Jack and Mark, who looked up and raised an eyebrow at this out of place beauty. They were typical for that line of work, dusty jeans, flannel shirts, the physiques of people who spent their days lifting heavy things. Jack and Mark were both quite cute looking and Philippa knew they could brush up nicely if they were expecting company such as herself. Rick, the oldest of the three, was also the tallest and the roughest of them. He had a broad chest and a grizzled face with stubble that could grind steel that his large hands had just crushed. They all looked quizzically up at her, the suits never went down there.

‘You alright there? Lost?’ Asked Rick.

Philippa had no time to beat around the bush and explained what she had to do. The first mention of her boss Terry brought a mutter of ‘Fucking wanker’ from the three men almost in unison. This was a relief to Philippa and she then shared the whole story. They were aghast at such a thing, and they rightly vowed to make amends. The fluttering eyelashes and cleavage had only a little to do with winning them over, but really, they were just good guys who felt a nice crusade to confound a grade A asshole would provide a nice distraction to their regular day. Rick delegated Jack to continue tackling their usual workload which they admitted they mucked around in accomplishing so that there was lower expectations of what they could usually do in a day. Jack sighed at the task before him, but if he worked his ass off he would be able to pick up the slack. Mark was assigned driving duty and Rick said he would have to supervise her in ‘the cage’.

‘Driving duty? Cage?’ she was a little confused.

Rick smiled and led out to the warehouse. It was huge. More than huge, it could have swallowed entire city blocks under its roof. Running down its length, there was row upon row of racks that were laden with shelves holding all manner of good ready for shipping. There were ten layers of shelves per rack in each row, making the racks stretch up to a dizzying height. There was literally tens of thousands of pallets packed for shipping.

‘There’s three more warehouses just like this.’ Rick stated matter-of-factly. Her jaw dropped, this was going to be impossible.

‘But that thing there is what Mark will be driving us about in,’ he pointed to an enormous fork hoist that had a mast capable of reaching the highest point near the roof, ‘it follows magnetic rails under the floor so it can get into the rows without banging into them.’ He smiled at the carnage that would cause.

‘It’ll be lifting that thing there, with us in it so that you can check the various part consignments for your missing items.’ he said pointing to a metal cage contraption with a safety barrier to avoid people falling out at inopportune moments. Philippa looked nervously at the thin wire cage and looked doubtfully at Rick. ‘That’s why I’ll be up there with you.’ he reassured her.

‘Don’t you worry Miss Philippa, we’ll get this done. It’s not as bad as the look you’re giving me.’ He smiled and headed for the fork hoist with Mark. Mark brought the fork hoist around and loaded the cage onto its forks with the help of Rick, and they led Philippa on board the cage, and they were off. The fork hoist moved so slowly, she wondered if they could complete this job in a month, let alone a single day. They would go to the location of a part shipping order, and then Mark would raise the cage up to the right shelf and then Rick would open the safety barrier and Philippa would step out onto the shelf so that she could visibly see the shipping information card attached to it so that she could confirm that it was the right shipping module to be removed and compiled into the whole original order again. She was incredibly nervous when up at the heights, and even more so when she had to step out onto the shelves at that height, even though there was only a small six inches of gap between the edge of the cage and the shelf. Rick would help steady her as she swayed with a vertigo induced dizziness. A few times he would only be able to reach her waist to steady her and the feel of his vice like grip on her slender body delivered an overwhelming sense of his power. His reassuring grip brought her mind back to thinking of the naughty things of earlier in the day, which was a welcome intrusion on her thoughts from the rush of saving her job. The shift in her thoughts also helped to subside her fear of heights as well, though she still stumbled on occasions so as to feel Rick’s hands on her. Usually he could reach her elbow for a more appropriate gesture so she learned when to stumble so that he was forced to help her out in a more hands on way. Hands on her hips. Hands on her waist. Hands under her armpits. Hands on her stomach and small of her back. Unfortunately he was very good at keeping them to safe areas. The growing heat in her loins was increasingly getting her to think of ways to try to flirt with Rick.

After a few hours, she had plenty of time to talk to Rick. He was a really good guy, a diamond in the rough. He was smart, funny through his gruff demeanour, and really switched on. She was having a good time with this hands on work, and having his hands on her body every now and then was keeping her carnal pleasure tingling away quite nicely. Mark would also chime in with some witty comments at times and liked to gently rib Rick, who seemed to take it with good humour and give it back. By midday she was starting to feel like one of the boys and they were laughing as they worked.

Philippa was oblivious to one thing though. Mark was raising them up to shelves, and then bringing them back down, then moving to the next shelf and raising them back up, and repeating.

Rick seemed a bit exasperated when he barked at Mark, ‘Mark. Why the fuck are you bringing us all the way down when you move between each place, only to take us back up again? It’s slowing us down while we wait to go up and down.’

Mark muttered something about ‘two people and the translation of vibration while he moved between two spots’ but wasn’t too clear and Rick didn’t seem convinced. Rick wasn’t happy so the next time the cage came down to floor level, he told Mark to swap places. They had a few words as they swapped places with Rick at the wheel and Mark in the cage. Mark came on board with a smile on his face and they carried on doing the job.

It was about a quarter hour after they swapped places that the penny dropped for Philippa. She was just coming back into the cage from a shelf after checking the shipping order and was crossing off the order on her sheets of paper by resting the clipboard they were attached to on her knees. Finishing her scribbling she looked down at Rick through the wire floor of the cage and made some jibe to get a laugh from the wise cracking Mark. It was then that she realised that Rick, and Mark before him, could just look up at any time and see right up her skirt. That was why Mark was bringing them down between locations because he wanted a better look. And Rick was doing the same and had a huge grin on his face. Both of them had great poker faces and weren’t giving anything away, they just seemed happy.

Philippa straightened up and looked back down at Rick and realised that even that didn’t make a difference, the driver could just look up and see her sweet shaved pussy. She then broke down everything she had done and realised that when she rested the clipboard on her knees to write she was really showing the driver everything, and she realised that she could even feel her pussy lips part open when she did that. The driver never seemed to talk while she wrote anything, not out of respect for her work ethic, but rather because they were just enjoying her pussy that had been getting wetter and wetter as she had been steadied by her cage supervisor. The dawning realisation immediately brought a flood of moisture to her pussy and her brain switched back to her morning, making her want to just grab someone and fuck them. Her nipples hardened and her mind concocted a million filthy scenarios in time with the ripples of pleasure washing over her body. She almost had an orgasm right there and her knees quivered. Philippa was not to be deterred from either saving her job by completing the search, nor by the fun that she could have with these two. She formulated her plan of attack.

The next shelf to be stopped at saw Philippa have to check the order number on the shipping pallet which was very low on the case. Because Mark had just started his role of cage supervisor with her, she realised that he hadn’t seen her more demure and ladylike ‘legs together’ squat which had denied Rick a view up her skirt. Philippa could not stop herself from what she did next. She leaned over at the waist, and kept her knees straight, yet slightly apart. She could feel her skirt rise up the back of her thighs as she was halfway to being able to inspect the label, exposing the tops of her stockings. She continued down further to bring the label into sight, and her skirt flitted up over her bottom. She glanced behind her at Mark and he had his eyes glued on her ass and pussy. Philippa’s heart rate increased and the increased blood flow instantly engorged her pussy even further. She could feel her pussy lips split wide apart, exposing her inner folds to the warm warehouse air and Mark’s gaze. She then continued the ruse of steadying herself by spreading her legs a bit further for more stability. Mark’s view was by now obscene, and she was like a taut guitar string strummed and humming with sexual vibration. She recorded the relevant details and then stepped back into the cage. The step across from the shelf to the cage saw her take a long step that spread her pussy wide for the driver to view carefully. When back in the cage, she again leaned the clipboard on her knees to mark of the relevant details. The near squatting position was enhanced further because she jutted her bum out a bit further in a teasing manner. Rick was treated to an even better view of her pussy. The manoeuvre brought her horniness to a new level. She had two men readily gawking at her exposed sex and she was loving the attention. Philippa looked up from her squatting position at Mark who still seemed stilled by lust, and followed his eye line. He was looking at her chest, which she now checked, disguised by her work on the clipboard. Mark had a very nice view straight down her top and could see both breasts and nipples because her top had fallen away due to her having to lean forward to rest on her knees. Philippa could not have been more thrilled by this happy fortune, as it meant that during Rick’s time in the cage he was not being denied a pleasant view. It was very odd how benevolent she felt about her body being seen by these good men. In a strange way, she felt as if they deserved to see her body, especially seeing as how their help was saving her ass.

As the hours passed, Philippa was successfully completing her mission, all the while continuing her show. She was loving her show. The guys were loving her show. She could clearly see both their erections that must have been painful because they were really pushing hard on their jeans and they had been hard for hours. Philippa’s pussy was sopping wet, it was only the fact that it spent so much time exposed that her juices weren’t running like a waterfall down her legs. Only the occasional drip would trickle its way down her leg, and god that sensation almost made her chest explode with lust. Both of the men would occasionally adjust their crotches, but both of them were being gentlemen and not taking liberties by touching her inappropriately. Her lust for them grew because of that.

Late afternoon was approaching by the time they finished their task. They returned to the warehouse office and it was empty. Rick went and sat down at his desk and fired up the computer so that they could finish entering all the details on to the computer. His and Marks help had been invaluable, and Philippa knew that there was no way she could have done it without them. Her gratitude was palpable and she expressed it to them with gushing thanks. Her pussy desired a way to thank them personally for being a good audience.

‘Thanks guys, you have really saved me from a bind.’

‘Don’t mention it.’ Mark smiled as he sat in a chair opposite Rick.

‘No, really, my job would over if it weren’t for you two.’ She moved over to stand beside Mark and put a hand on his shoulder as way of thanks.

‘Well let’s get this stuff entered onto the computer so that we can...refresh ourselves.’ Rick motioned to the computer and looked at Philippa for her paperwork.

Rick brought up the necessary paperwork on his computer and looked at the paperwork, then back at the screen. He frowned, ‘I need your access to make these entries.’

Philippa stepped slightly closer to the desk, which brought her little in front of Mark, and leaned over the desk to grab the keyboard from Rick and she entered her passcode. As she leaned over her legs ended up on either side of Marks knee and her skirt rose up. Mark’s face was now mere inches from her throbbing wet, shaved pussy. The view, in Mark’s eyes, was a magical pussy framed in a flirty dark skirt and patterned thigh high stockings. Rick, while Philippa entered her passcode was treated again to the exposed curves of her breasts and her nipples, erect from the slight friction of her top. She was intentionally putting herself as the meat between two pieces of bread. Rick was not slow to act.

‘Now where do I enter this information?’ His question kept her in position so that she could access the right part of the companies program.

She started to describe to Rick the whole process that he already knew in his sleep. The important thing as far as she was concerned was that she wanted something that she had only dreamed about, and that was two men at once. Her pussy was now really starting to flow at the thought, and she could only imagine what was going through their minds. A gentle touch from Mark’s knee against the inside of her leg sent her into silent delight. Again, his knee touched a bit more insistently so she very slightly moved her leg, spreading them according to Mark’s silent instruction. Her anticipation was at a fever pitch now. As she leaned over the desk, her breasts were hanging freely for Rick’s pleasure. The slight shift of her leg also brought her tits very close to Rick’s hand holding the mouse. She deliberately reached to show him something unimportant at the far edge of his screen, which saw her body press down to accommodate her stretch. Her breasts brushed against his hand, which meant his knuckles stroked her nipples as he moved the mouse in lazy circles.

Mark had finally had enough of subtlety, his hand touched Philippa’s thigh, gently at first, and then closing around her leg. He brought his hand upwards in a firm stroke towards her pussy. She melted at his touch and relaxed onto the desk, bringing her breast now fully into contact with Rick’s hand. Philippa completely lost her composure and stopped her banal instructions for Rick.

‘Oh fuck yes!’ She cried out at last. She shuddered with passion as she finally released her inhibitions. She looked Rick in the eyes, ‘God I want you...both.’

Mark spoke first, his voice thick with lust, ‘Man, I have been looking at this all day!’

Rick nodded his head as her words washed over him, ‘you are such a beautiful creature Philippa,’ he raised his hand palm up to Mark who froze, ‘are you sure you’re ok with this?’

‘Fuck yes, fuck me, both of you fuck me now!’ She climbed up onto the desk on her knees as she reached for Rick’s pants zipper and yanked it down. She glanced back over her shoulder to see her ass bobbing up in the air and Mark fumbling with his own fly. Philippa’s head was down low at the right height for Rick’s cock as she pulled it out of his pants. She realised that by kneeling on the desk her pussy was too high for Mark to reach it with his cock, so she spread her knees outward to lower her pussy for Mark. This really spread her legs in way she hadn’t really done since her gymnast days, and it really splayed her pussy obscenely open.

Philippa’s depravity had her lean forward and lick at Rick’s cock, it was sweaty, hard and molten hot. She put her hand around the end and with firm pressure she stroked down his cock. It flared up as her pumping motion trapped the blood in the end and made it super hard. With her hand holding the base of his cock firmly she engulfed his shaft with her mouth. His cock was a good average size with lots of veins and a very bulbous head that she knew her pussy was going to like. She took him fully into her mouth and bobbed her head up and down a few times, bringing it to the full extent of its size, now pushing above average and really hard. She moaned through her full mouth which created a hum that was heaven to Rick’s cock.

Mark was mesmerised by what he was seeing in front of him. He was seeing a beautiful minx totally lose herself in sexual abandon, and he couldn’t believe that she was going to do both him and Rick. He stroked his cock a couple of times and then stepped forward. The head of his cock rubbed up against her slippery cunt which made her push back. Her body craved cock, she wanted it in her, on her, cumming all over her, in her mouth, in her pussy, in her ass, in both hands, all at once. His long thin cock continued to slide up and down the outside of her pussy, making her juices flow and start to trickle down her leg. When at last he decided to thrust he just pushed it steadily all the way in. Her moisture made its thin entry easy until she felt the length reach deep within her.

She pulled her mouth off Rick’s cock, ‘Ohhhh, fuck my pussy with that long cock!’

Philippa immediately took Ricks cock back into her mouth while stroking the veiny length. She swirled her tongue around his big end and used firm lips to work around it like a tight vagina. Her tongue then made light flicking motions on the underside of his head, bringing moans of delight, uncharacteristic of Rick’s usually gruff demeanour. Mark then brought the length of his cock almost the entire way out which elicited a sigh from Philippa’s busy mouth, and then slowly pushed it back in until he felt it press against her womb. Her juices were soaking his pubic hair and literally dripping onto the desk below. Her cunt was gripping and squeezing around his cock and trying its hardest to bring forth his orgasm. She was giving and receiving and relishing the feeling of being between these two wonderful and powerful men. Rick’s hand snaked behind her head and was controlling her pace with which she was sucking and slurping around his cock. She looked up at him, he looked back and groaned, then looked up at the roof because the heat exchanged between them in that glance threatened to tip him over the edge.

Mark’s pace of thrusting was starting to increase, her pussy was twinging every time her completely withdrew and then thrust deeply into her. His cock was impossibly hard and her hips were moving to try and keep him inside her. He was nearing the brink, his mind could no longer play the games of distraction to avoid the inevitable. His thrusts became forceful and when he was balls deep he held it there, savouring the taut feeling of her cunt. The fluttery sensation began in his stomach, his cock twitched, he thrust as far in as he could when his balls tightened. The pulsing contractions of his manhood overcame his whole body as his cum flowed in long jets into Philippa’s pussy. His orgasm kept going, continuing to empty him beyond what he thought was possible. Spurt after spurt washed her pussy walls, she lost control at the feeling and wailed in joy, the feeling of being filled up with his cum set of her own tightening orgasm. Her knees spasmed bringing them further apart, making her pussy touch the desk below her and Mark’s cock plopped free. His cock finished the last of his dying spurts over her dripping pussy. She released Rick’s cock from her mouth and emitted a guttural groan.

Mark stepped away, completely drained. Rick’s eyes were bulging at the dramatic show of raw sex. He stepped quickly around the desk and took a second to look at Mark’s cum drip from her gaping pussy and form a small puddle on the desk. He took his cock and rubbed it up and down her sensitive pussy. This both lubricated his cock, ready for entry, and brought Philippa back to reality from her own heaven in anticipation of another cock. Rick pressed his bulbous cock head to her pussy opening. It was bigger than her already wide open pussy, he pressed it insistently against her and the pressure increased. Philippa’s mouth opened silently, she held her breath waiting for her pussy to give her permission to breathe. His cock slowly spread her cunt wider as he kept the slow push going. She wanted that cock in her now. Her mouth was then full of cock, she hadn’t even noticed Mark come around to where Rick started. Her mouth was full of the taste of wet cock and her own pussy juices. At the same time Rick’s cock head breached her pussy and sunk in deep. She was awash in yet another rolling orgasm that saw her head sink further on to Marks cock and her pussy rise up and push hard against Rick. His thrusts were then hard and fast, he had built up his desire while she sucked his cock and he was devoted to the act of releasing it. She continued to suck Mark with the expertise she learnt from her college days. He was becoming hard again as she used one of her hands to stroke his balls and then slip a finger into his ass. Rick, like a man possessed, gave a final push and held it there, her tight pussy was drawing his cock skin tight over his raging cock head and he came. He let out a long low sigh followed by a series of short sharp grunts in time to his cum flowing into her sloppy wet pussy. She felt his cum joining Marks. Where Mark came in lots of short sharp spurts, Rick had longer spurts that felt like a hose spray of cum that started strong and then eased off. They felt like they were depositing a lot of cum into her.

‘Holy fuck guys, you started without me!’ Jack startled everyone, he had returned to the office without anyone noticing. They wouldn’t have noticed an earthquake considering how lost they were in the moment. Jack stood in the doorway with his pants open at the front and his cock in his hand. He had been there a little while, ‘This is the thanks I get for working my ass off for you.’ He smiled.

He wasn’t actually upset because his hand was stroking his hard cock. Philippa looked hungrily at his giant member. It was the biggest cock that she had ever seen, now hard, it would have reached his knee if it faced downward. It wasn’t facing that way though, it was looking right at her and she could see its sheer girth. It was as thick as her forearm and his hand could not reach all the way around it as he let it slide up and down.

‘It was a team effort, come over here so I can say thank you.’ She purred.

He was at the desk in a heartbeat. Rick had pulled his cock out of her pussy leaving her gaping wide open with even more cum drooling out into a now large puddle on the desk. Philippa was feeling the effects of all of the physical fucking, she rolled over on to her back and spread her legs wide. She could feel the cum inside her swishing about in her cunt and her horniness just kept getting higher, especially with this massive cock of Jack’s levelling at her pussy opening. Mark didn’t miss a beat and lowered his hard cock into her mouth which she pumped with her hand while her tongue licked the tip teasingly. Her eyes were cast down at Jack though, his hand was guiding his thick organ to her quivering pussy. Rick came around to stand beside Mark and offered his cock to her mouth while his hand squeezed her breasts with calloused hands. She used her free hand to pump at his cock, but her attention was with Jack. All of the cum that was inside her was slipping out of her, and he brought his cock to slide up and down her pussy, coating it in the lubricating cum of the other two, he would need it.

‘Fill me up, put that...thing, god yes!’ Her voice trailed off into a squeal as Jack pushed suddenly into her. He took no mercy by easing it in, luckily her pussy was incredibly wet and engorged so it just stretched out to accommodate him. He pushed it in, and unlike Jack, whose cock was just big at the end, Jack’s cock was thick all the way down. His cock was filling her up completely. The cum that was inside her couldn’t even escape the tight seal her pussy lips formed around the base of his penis. Jack’s eyes rolled in his head at the obvious delight he was experiencing. Philippa’s vagina was stretched out and full of cock, she was moaning around both Mark and Rick’s cocks as Jack rocked in and out of her. Jack was taking long slow strokes into her, but never withdrew allowing the cum within her to escape, thus leaving his cock continually lubed up. With nowhere to go, the cum inside her was being stirred to a froth. Her sanity was lost to the crazy sex beast she had become. She was being pushed, pulled, filled and squeezed.

As Jack was sawing into her she returned her efforts to Rick and Mark’s cocks and had both of them hard. The both squeezed her tits as she alternated her mouth around the cocks while she pumped her hands rapidly around both. Her blouse had been undone completely and was hanging wide open, allowing them easy