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A lazy morning off

"How good can shower sex be?"
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Published 1 month ago

Your flatmate hasn’t left for work yet. 

We have both been up and about having breakfast and you have even had a shower. I was a little disappointed because I was looking forward to joining you in there, but now the job is done. You have been looking at me kind of funny and I think I know what is on your mind, but I'm not sure because I haven't seen you for so long. The door closes and you watch your flattie walk down the drive to the road to catch his bus. Once you are sure he's gone you come striding over to me and press your body into mine. I wrap my arms around you and kiss you, hard... you tell me that I need to go and have a shower, as you want me clean for this mornings activities. I look in your eyes and they are gleaming with some kind of surprise that you have cooked up for me. I go down to the shower and wonder where you are and what will happen. I strip down and turn on the water, it's hot, and it starts to turn my skin pink. I have two days of beard as I couldn't be bothered shaving, to be honest I was thinking of growing a beard on this holiday. I close the shower door behind me and soap myself up, washing my body and wondering about you. The shower door opens again. You are wearing a towel around your body and I suspect nothing else. You let the towel fall to the floor and step inside. I kiss you again and run my hands all over your body. I kiss down your neck to your collar bone and push you to turn you so that you have your back to the water. I tell you that you already have had a shower but that I think you need to be cleaned again. I soap up the loofah and begin with your arms, you smile sillily at me as I gaze at your body, intent on my work. I work my way to your chest, gently rubbing and massaging your breasts. You take a deep breath and stand to your full height when I reach down and being to wash your arse. I press my cock against your body and I pull you to me so I can reach around to wash your back. I gently wash your arse cheeks and you can feel the hot water washing the soap away from your skin. I turn you around so you are facing the shower head now and push you against the wall. This pushes your legs towards me. I reach around in front of you and begin to wash the front of your thighs, leaving your pussy alone for the time being. I wash down the front of your legs and note that they are recently shaved, they feel silky in the water and I marvel at the even skin tone, still with a hint of brown despite the winter.


I soap up again and begin to make my way up the back of your legs, spending some time caressing the sensitive places in the inside of your things. I put the soap down and with one hand pull your hips toward me and the other hand push your shoulders towards the wall, you have your arse pointed at me now and your chest pressed against the shower wall. I slowly begin to lick my way up your pussy, starting at your clit and stopping to slowly press my tongue inside you. Your pussy responds immediately sending a rush of blood to your head, my tongue feels so good inside you, just like you remembered. I want to make you come in the shower and start to massage your breasts from behind you as I lick and suck at your pussy. It tastes so good but I feel like I am drowning with the water running down your back!. I slide two wet fingers inside you and start to move them in and out as I move my tongue to your arsehole, gently licking and biting your arse cheeks. I stand up and you look over your shoulder at the man behind you. You turn around and reach out to my raging erection, slowly stroking it in your hands. You pull me toward you and lean back against the wall. Bracing your feet against mine you rub my cock head against your pussy lips... I pull your head to mine and whisper in your ear 'are you going to play with that all day?' You reply by turning back around and leaning against the wall, I immediately place my cock at the entrance of your pussy and push slowly inside you. It feels cool inside after the heat of your hand and the water, and we both revel in the feeling of being joined together again. I slip inside you easily, but pause to let you adjust to my girth. I slowly thrust back and forth until I am fitting inside you. Our bodies move together and you start to push back hard into me, I respond by doing the same, I shift my weight on the floor, take a wider stance and grab your hips hard, pulling you onto my cock. You look back over your shoulder at me and you have your hair stuck to your face with sweat and water, you look so sexy and I tell you so. You raise your arms above your head and I move my hand to your breast, tweaking the nipple there and sending a spasm to your sex, I massage and play with your chest, holding you close so you can feel my chest against your back. You start to play with your clit and I can feel your fingers moving on my cock. You bite your lip and I can tell you are close to coming, so am I. Our backs arch, you lean into me and I push against you as we come together, I can feel myself unloading right up inside you. Your pussy clenched around me, you pull my face to yours and kiss me hard, the angle is awkward, you tell me that you love it like that, and I can tell that there is plenty more of where that came from! 

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