An off key voice sings words illuminated by a monitor in the dimly lit room. This casino dance floor is usually reserved for live bands but tonight it is an all out Karaoke and dance scene. The turn out is amazing and the room is packed. Cigarette smoke mingles with the metallic smell of body pressed against body as the crowd, empowered by the singer’s wholehearted and uncaring abandon of self-consciousness, packed tightly together on the dance floor, move together in imperfect unison.

Your eyes catch mine, you have seen me glancing at you for a while. I smile as I walk up to you.

“What are you having?” I say, motioning to your near empty glass.

“You pick.” You reply with a smile. I catch the bartender’s eye and order us both a whiskey. I stand close to you as we watch the dance floor: the dancers undulating and grinding to the deep base tones seems to move through them in waves. Even here, next to the bar, the beat is loud enough to vibrate over your skin, washing it in deep pulsating rhythm. A third drink follows and as you finish I lean towards you, still barely able to be heard over the din; “Do you dance?” my lips graze your ear with each word.

You lean into me, your cheek grazing against the stubble on mine, “I normally don’t.” you reply.

“Ah,” I counter, “Normally I am not here to ask you.”

You smile. “Well, when put like that…”

I take your hand and lead you into the throng, pushing past couples until we are in the middle of the floor, lost in a sea of humanity at its basest; we allow the beat to wash over us as we begin to dance. The press of the crowd pushes us together; the hem of your already short dress rides up past your knees as our legs interlock, hips moving in unison with each other and the music.

Too loud to talk we ride out the song, until the singer wails her imperfect closing notes. Applause and cheers see her off and another young lady takes her place on the stage, the opening notes of the song’s intro rumble over us as you move close enough to me to hear me ask for another dance. You nod and pressed against me we begin to move again. This song, more sultry than the last sets us rocking far more sensually together, you straddle my leg as we grind out the beat; my thigh pressing hard against your sex in slow circles.

My hands slide along your shoulders and across your back, making their way to your hips, guiding you more firmly against me. That song leads into another, then another, each bringing us more tightly pressed and giving more time for hands continue to guide your hips against me. The constant pressure of my leg on your clit brings higher arousal and your hands slide over my hips pulling me, in turn, more firmly against you. You smile in a self-satisfied way when you feel the evidence of my excitement for you straining against my jeans.

My hands slide down to your ass as your hands slide over my chest and down to my jeans, trailing a finger over my throbbing cock. My smile matches yours as I turn you around, pulling your ass against me as our bodies continue to rock together. In the chaos of the crowd no one seems to notice my hands slide over your neck, breasts, stomach and hips; a constantly moving exploration of your body. My fingers brush over your sex, finding your clit through your dress; you lean your head backwards, taking my earlobe between your teeth and moan your appreciation as your slide your hands behind you, down the fabric of my jeans and wrap your fingers around my cock.

It is my turn to moan and my teeth find your neck and shoulders, I slide my hand up the back of your dress and am happily surprised to find that you have forgone wearing panties for the evening. I cup your ass and sneak my fingers further forward, feeling how wet you have become. Your grip on my cock becomes more intense as I slip a finger between your soaked lips and against your clit. In the press of bodies I cup your ass, sliding a finger inside you and we continue grinding together.

The next song finds us panting heavily, you straining to stroke me, me sliding a finger in and out of you to the beat. Irritated with my jeans inhibiting your attentions you struggle against my zipper, but with your back turned to me it is all but impossible. Selfishly sympathetic to your attempts I assist you, and moments later, with the back of your skirt hiked up my freed cock is rubbing against your ass and between the excited lips of your pussy. You rock yourself back and forth over my cock, soaking it in your wetness as I slide across your swollen lips.

Each rock of the beat brings me closer to your opening, brushing against you before resuming the forward thrusting motion to your clit. Each pass we pause nearly imperceptivity each time our hips line me up with the opening to your body, as if daring each other to go further. As the next song begins I take your dare, and as we line up yet again I slide the tip of my cock inside you. We both moan as each rocking beat buries me a little deeper inside you; as you push your ass against me, wanting me to further fill you amidst the unsuspecting masses around us as we continue to dance as you ride my cock in time with the deep throbbing of the bass.

As the song continues you feel yourself getting close, feeling yourself gushing wet as you cum, your voice lost in the thump of the music. Your pussy grasps down on my cock as I hold you up through the waves of orgasm that pulse through your body, the deep thundering of the base drowning out your moans and buzzing against your skin.

Just as you are coming back to earth you feel me flood you with cum, shooting deep inside you coating you in hot streams as I growl into your ear.

By the time the song comes to an end you have straightened your dress. You turn to face me, kissing me for the first time.

“Want to buy me another drink?” you ask.

“Absolutely,” I reply, smiling like a hungry wolf, “And then perhaps another dance?”

You feel my cum slowly trickling down your inner thigh and smile to match mine; “Absolutely.”

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