Written by Jimmyzbob - please search me out as its username on here


I got photos from a member on here and it just bought about this fantasy:

I was sat at the hotel bar, as agreed I had booked a room in case but she had agreed only to a drink and then to play it by ear. The bottle of red wine was uncorked on the table, 2 glasses next to it. I took another sip from mine while gazing thoughtfully at hers. I had seen her photos and each one had made me hornier, more determined to meet her.

And then she walked in. Her hips swaying in time as she glided across the floor. Her stiletto heels making each stride longer than it would have been, bringing her closer to me more rapidly. Her curves were caressed by the material of her little black dress in a way that I could not have found more alluring.

She reached my table, smiled at me briefly. Took me by the hand. Then drew me inexorably to the lift.... We walked straight in and I hit the button. She pushed me firmly against the wall of the lift and kissed me hard on the mouth. Our bodies melding into one as my arms wrapped around her waist drawing her pelvis on to mine, my cock stirring seeming to want to get even closer. Our mouths parted the kiss growing in passion our hands exploring each others bodies, my fingers drawing the soft material of the dress up over her thigh...