Written by Laidback


Having tried to be good and deleting my profile, I found I missed the thrill and excitement of meeting new people so recently rejoined.

Having a day off, I jumped online, to see who was in chat, and was soon chatting to a fun lady called Chelsea who lived nearby.

We seemed to click so agreed to meet at a local coffee shop to see if the spark was as powerful in person as in our chat, which had got very heated....

We both arrived about the same time and after the initial nervousness, we soon got on like a house on fire and could both feel the spark and the desire. Soon our knees touched under the table and the hunger in each others eyes was plain to see.

The conversation soon moved to sex and what we did and didn't like, then to arranging a private meeting in the future.

As we left it was obvious to both of us that we couldn't wait so this gorgeous lady whispered in my ear, follow me home.....A few minutes later found me knocking on her door.

She opened it, took me by the hand and led me in, and we drew in to each others arms and our lips and tongues met in a hungry kiss.

She took me by the hand and led me in to the bedroom, where we hungrily kissed and touched and slowly undressed each other

As she undid my jeans and pulled them down she pushed me back on the bed and hungrily took my cock in her mouth, damn it felt so good!

She was so hot sucking it deep it her mouth gazing up in to my eyes, fuck I always find it so hot when a woman is going down on me and staring in to my eyes with hunger! It was taking me all my will power not to cum, but I wanted to be deep inside her.

I flipped her on her back and as we deeply kissed I felt her womanhood for the first time, damn she was wet and so hot...I slowly slid down licking and sucking her magnificent breasts, biting harder as she moaned in pleasure and pain... before I drifted lower slowly tracing my tongue down her stomach.

I could feel her body quivering in excitement and she shuddered when my tongue touched her wetness...and she tasted so good as I thrust my tongue deep inside, alternating between licking her clit and tongue fucking her.....she was soon moaning and thrusting in to my mouth...

Licking her hard clit I slid first one then two fingers inside and started thrusting as I tongued that gorgeous clit, and curled my fingers up looking for that ever elusive g spot (if there is one). I don't know what i hit but it certainly had an effect and Cheslea came so hard and soaked my fingers and tongue, damn this lady was hot!!

I continued licking and finger fucking that soaking wet pussy and made her cum several times again, making her pussy so wet......I slid another finger , then another in until I had four fingers deep inside and she was bucking against my hand, so hot.

I slowly slid my finger s out then slid two back in and licked that swollen clit again, making Chelsea moan in pleasure, then I slid another finger up her arse and she moaned deeper and pushed down hard on my hand, cumming again...

Enough I thought as I kissed her hungrily so she could taste her cum on my mouth, and she thrust her tongue deep in my mouth hungrily tongue fucking me.

I pulled away and put my cock in her mouth kneeling above her, watching her deep throated my cock as I gripped her hair and fucked her mouth, Wow Chelsea was really getting off on this and sucked my cock so expertly.

As I was watching I spotted a couple of strops with Velcro tied to the head of the bed, mm I thought this lady has hidden kinky depths.

I pulled them out and took one hand and tied her hand above her head, and then the other, she kept hungrily sucking my cock as I did so...

I was nearly there and wanted to feel my cock deep inside her cum soaked pussy so I pulled away from her hungry mouth, deep kissed her, then licked sucked and gently bit her nipples while finger fucking her pussy again....

She arched her back to push her pussy into my hand so i hooked my fingers back up to that spot again and soon she was bucking against my hand and cumming again..

Enough was enough as I spread her legs and rubbed my cock against her soaking wet pussy, she thrust herself up trying to guide my cock inside yelling fuck me, well as a gentlemen who was I to refuse, as I plunged my hard cock deep inside in one stroke slamming my balls against her arse, she moaned in pleasure...

Chelsea was bucking her hips up off the bed to fuck me so I obliged and pounded my cock in to her hard, making her scream in pleasure and cry out fuck me hard which I gladly did. despite having just had four fingers deep inside her, her pussy was so tight and wet and felt so good around my cock as I fucked her yard, slamming the headboard against the wall.

She was straining against her bonds clearly wanting to touch me but I continued pounding her pussy, thrusting my tongue deep in her mouth until I came deep inside mixing our cum together.

I held my cock inside her and we kissed gently enjoying the warm afterglow, before I released her bonds and we lay there kissing and touching, quietly talking about what we had just shared...

Before long she started playing with my cock and going down on me again making me hard.......soon it was time for round 2 but that's for another story....thanks Chelsea you're a beautiful lady.....