Written by Rose


I had had a big day at work, got home showered covered myself in kama and slipped into my silky black dress without any underwear at all. I was getting myself a drink to settle in for the evening when my work phone rang, it was him my boss who i had such a wet pussy for. He is so hot and i have always fantasized about what he would be like inside me. He wanted me to come back in straight away with some paperwork i had. Without changing i quickly made my way back in as he did not like to be kept waiting. When i got back to the office i could hear his music playing Foo fighters his favorite (Everlong) As i entered the office he handed me a beer and told me to sit down at his office chair. Straight away he started to untie my hair and rub my shoulders. He then started to breath on my neck licking and sucking as he fondled and gently tweak my nipples, you are wearing no bra, what else have you forgotten young Rose. I looked into his gorgeous blue eyes and blushed as i had forgotten completely to put anything on before leaving. "Rose arms up" he demanded and as i stood to flee he enveloped me in his arms and turned me around and bent me over the desk, sliding my dress up to my waist. OMG i could'nt believe what was happening, i was so wet as he slid him fingers up the inside of my legs he gave a little chuckle. Well missy what do we have here he said as he caressed my clit until i was squirming in his hands. He got down on his knees and ate my pussy till i came all over his face and then he entered me with the hardest cock i have ever felt. He took me doggy then flipped me over and put my legs over his shoulders and did me deep, oh god it felt so so good i was drowning out Dave Grohl with my screams of ecstasy. He took me to a ottoman that was in his sitting area and laid on his back upon it. Come and ride me you horny little bitch. I obeyed instantly and climbed on his hard cock and rode him till my legs were burning like they never had before. He was telling me what a sexy bitch i was and how he had had fantasy's about me riding him till i came. At that point i let go and gushed all over him till he was soaked. We cleaned up finished our beer, i gave him the paperwork and he informed me that i would need to come back into work for as long as he wanted me to. Oh the heat in my core at the exciting thought of that kept me up most of the night but i always do as my boss requires of me and i love every hour of it.