I messaged them the only way I could with a wink hoping I'd stand out of the crowd of attention seekers I was sure they'd have knocking on their door.

Their first response was cautious but positive, the following messages became more open and we exchanged pics and set a date to meet in town for a drink.

I got to the bar early and waited nervously for them to arrive, no shows are the Bain of this lifestyle!

A couple walked in and I really hoped it was them! Wow she's hot!

Even though we'd exchanged pics I wasn't sure.

They proceeded to nail a couple of shots, wow really really hope it's them.

They turned looked at me waved and came over for a nervous hello.

We chatted, told stories laughed and drank we talked about other people on KS, finally I asked they would like to come back to my room.

I poured drinks in the room turned music on and her husband and I proceeded to slowly undress her. One of the sexist sites I've seen was her leaning back into his arms hair covering most of her face wearing just her bra and suspenders while I devoured her pussy. She moaned spread her legs more and kissed her husband as she came all over my face.

We moved onto the bed and it all turned into a blur, her giving me a blowjob him fucking her me rubbing her clit , her on all fours getting fucked from behind while trying to give a blow job, her impressively riding cocks and enjoying being the centre of attention. The boys kissed licked massaged and fucked her till she said enough.

Her and I had a hot shower together which only got hotter and we kissed goodbye.

What a night......