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Why is it always Tuesday

"Soon all of our cloths strewn around."

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Author's Notes

"Sometimes the unexpected does happen!"

The first things first I must write this down so I wont forget because over time the mind plays tricks on you and you tend to forget. That was written 20 years ago I was in my 30's then now I’m my 50's, though in this telling the names and the places have been changed to protect the sexy. So the day started like most days get up and go in to work, collect the jobs for the day. Today it was to install an extra to an appliance, the job was up north and was expected to be a days job.

On the way up I got some lunch ready for later, it was just the normal uneventful trip to a business location that I had never been to, or so I thought. I arrive at the gate and press the intercom and get told to proceed up the drive way. It was office in a house yeay nothing to see until, I get a glimce of the of the person I was to meet, well just use Her and She instead of names, She was behind a railing on the deck She appeared to be hurriedly pulling up Her panties which were lacy Brazilian jobs as I suspect she had been sunbathing naked a sporty pink top with no bra was the final peace of cloths She put on. She muttered something as I was parking the car when I got to the door I knocked She was not dressed properly She joked about it I laughed and said It was no problem.

Eventually I was lead up stares where the appliance was. The room was a small office just off the stair case just before the master bedroom It was a little messy a broken phone was on the ground papers every whare. I proceed to install the extra option and was chatting to Her who was finely dressed who was just chatty in the normal office way. I was offered something to drink I think She wanted me to have a beer to soften me up I had some sports water instead. In my mind, I was thinking about some of the things my work crew had said about this place and Her and I was relaxed I was not gonna fuck this woman as She was another Man’s and this was work and I was married.

As time went on and the install part of the job was done, on to testing, I had quick conversation to Her Husband over the phone he was not going to get back in time I was told that She had all authority in sign-off. Much later and testing was complete. A lunch had been offered the unwritten rule was accept any drink or food as the next person on site wont be offered anything so I accepted, as Beer was offered it was rude not to, there was much chatting over lunch I found out She was in her 40's, She talked about her body and Tit Job. After lunch We went back to the machine. The day was one of those hot days with a pleasant breeze I know this as we had lunch out side it was way too much of a nice day to be working.

While doing the final set-up of machine, the phone went She rushed back to answer the it and She talked and talked She described me as some sort of hunk and while on the phone She had consumed two glasses of wine, She said over the phone that I was good enough to be fuckable, I thought She was joking. After the phone call I jokingly said were you joking about Me being fuckable? She said no joke I was surprised as She said "how should we start" I suggested a 69 She said She had not shaved or something She smooched over and asked If I was hard, as She proceeded to feel me up. Soon I was unzipped it popped out next thing I knew is She started to suck it It felt good as I had not had It for a while.

I proceeded to take Her top off, to be greeted by Her BIG tits with rock hard nipples that just begged me to feel them, soon the skirt was off I could see those Brazilian style knickers soon they where off too. Soon all of our cloths strewn around. She was on the floor on Her back and I was in a place where I could part Her legs, so I could lick or play with that musky sexy part, I could smell but not see, She would not let me, as a period was starting I never got to lick there this is something I wished I could have done. On the ground was some cardboard on the floor which was was sliding around eventually She said fuck me Now! I slipped on the condom and got Her on all fours and Stared at that ass of Her s as I approached Her from behind with a raging hard on She reached around with Her hand to guide me in to Her wondrous pussy and there I was fucking a 40 year old mother wile I was in my 30's doggy style and very carnal animistic, not like the love making of my wife this was FUCKING! A quick switch to missionary where I got to feel some more of that body, back to doggy again She started to moaning as by that time I playing with Her But hole and that wondrous ass of Hers, as well anything else I could stroke including those tits and all too soon I came.

Feelings of guilt and pleasure was going through my mind, She was shocked that She went through with it and wanted more. I got back to the demo and She cuddled me. There was more conversation I asked if She ever thought about Anal? and She confessed She would like to try it as you have a nice clean Cock why not, I sad how about now we both new It was too Late in the day funny things She said it was Her wedding anniversary She told me thanks for using a condom, As I was leaving I was given an open invitation to come back. To this day I do not know if She had done many others or was just a flirt and a tease that this time went too far or was it planed to take a service man and make the old storeys of the lonely house wife come true. Some times I wonder what would have happened if I did not have that condom with me would She have still gone ahead or would She have let me do Her as I would have inseminated Her if it was raw.

On the way home I spilt coffee me to hide the sent. The wife never suspected a thing and fucked me that night as we had not had sex for two years. I never managed to get back up that place again I still have fond memory’s of that day.

Written by Not_Expecting_Anything

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