My favourite beach in Wellington is Breaker Bay. If you walk through the hole in the rock, the beach from there up to the far end is for nudists. I’m a dedicated exhibitionist, any chance I get I’ll take my clothes off, so I go there as much as I can.

I love being naked and I love looking at naked people. Guys or girls, I’m an equal opportunities ‘perve’.

I prefer it to be at least 20 degrees, otherwise it’s a bit cold and a bit deserted. Last year the temperature hit 20 at the end of October and I was a beach regular from then until April.

I love the people watching (read NAKED people watching) and amongst the highlights from last year were the dozen poly tech students who stayed for several hours, the beautiful and French girl who arrived with two young guys and the amateur photographer and his amazingly sexy Chinese model.

I’m not a creep who hides in the bushes. I get naked and read a book and every now and then I watch the people without making anyone feel uncomfortable. Just like a sidewalk café but much better.

However, one afternoon this year things got way more interesting.

I often go to the far end. This is where the gay men go. You also get couples and single women going there because there are fewer creeps. I go there because there is always someone there, I like looking at men’s cocks and I know that the gay guys like looking at mine. I’ve never spoken to any of the men there or had a sexual encounter with another man, although that may change this summer.

So I went down to the far end. There was one guy there. He came walking past me and it was obvious he was checking me out. I lay on my back with my book over my face so he could take his time looking me over. He came back twice more but I didn’t start a conversation so he didn’t stop.

Not long after, I saw him over by the rocks. He was talking to another guy who had arrived. They were both naked, I don’t know what they were talking about but the new guy had an erection. I wanted to keep watching but they kept looking over towards me and I didn’t want to be rude. I was a little bit turned on by the new guy’s blatant sexual arousal. I’ve never seen a guy on the beach with a stiff cock before. I liked it.

They started walking back up the beach. They were coming past me. I didn’t want to get involved in a conversation so I rolled over and read my book till they went passed. They walked around a little rock formation and I couldn’t see them anymore.

It was time for me to leave. I like to walk back to the hole in the rock in the nude so I gathered up my towel and started walking along the waterline. As soon as I got past the rock formation I saw them. The first guy was lying on his back and the second guy was kneeling over him giving him a blow job. His head was going up and down and the first guy was using one hand to guide his head up and down.

I was a little shocked but also totally excited. They saw me looking and they stopped, I was only ten metres away from them. I looked away and kept walking then I looked back again. He was sucking him off again. They stopped and I looked away. We did this a couple more times, I’d sneak a look they’d stop I’d look away they’d start again. I was still walking up the beach getting a little farther away each time. I was getting an erection. Of all the beautiful sights I’ve seen on that beach I’ve never gotten an erection but these two guys were something different all together.

I couldn’t help myself, I was meant to be going home but instead I walked up near the trees where I could still see them. I lay on my towel and started stroking my cock and watching them. I had a glorious hard on and I masturbated while watching these two guys get each other off. They swapped places and I can only imagine that they both ejaculated, it was too far away for me to hear but they stopped after a time and one of them got up and walked off down the beach.

The show was over so I walked back to the car park. On my way I passed a young woman heading for the nude section, I couldn’t help but wonder if she would have enjoyed the show as much as I had.