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Why did I wait so long????

"Part 2 - botanical gardens and more"

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After our amazing first meet it wasn’t long before we were planning our next encounter.  We decided on the botanical gardens and arranged to meet at 2:30 pm on a Sunday afternoon.  Probably a reasonably popular time at the gardens which we didn’t really think about.  Luckily it was a nice sunny day, I had a shower then went outside and dried off in the sun which felt so nice on my naked body.  I went back inside and put on my new pink corset bra with matching knickers, a skirt as I thought it would be easier access and a white top.  I decided on my butt plug again and when I was ready headed off.  I was so excited.  I arrived at the carpark and then saw his work ute arrive - for some reason that turned me on.  He pulled up and I got into his Ute and we drove around the road in the gardens a bit and parked and he said this looks pretty good.  I grabbed my bag which had a towel and picnic blanket and we started walking towards the bushes.  He walked around the water tank and picked up a blanket and drink bottle that he’d left there - wow he actually made an effort, I was really impressed with that - a very rare experience for me.

We clambered through some native trees and a bit of blackberry and found a nice little clearing- it was so nice with the dappled sunlight shining through the trees and the sounds of birds and cicadas.  The bush wasn’t all that dense but it was good enough.  We put the blankets down and sat down.

We were pretty much straight into each other.  His hands sliding up my skirt and pulling my knickers to the side, rubbing my pussy and clit softly while I was rubbing my fingers around the hard outline of his cock that was bulging through his shorts.  I pulled his shorts down so I could get more intimate, and started sucking him.  A few minutes went by and then we heard voices, they were getting closer and closer.  We stopped what we were doing and looked at each other a little surprised, grinning at each other and looking around.  We then realised the walking track was very close, maybe 20 feet away, we giggled and carried on.  I asked if he could take some pics for the January photo competition, which he was more than happy to do.   

Being a Sunday afternoon, the gardens were quite busy and there was a steady flow of foot traffic passing, this of course just added to the excitement.   We were trying to be as quiet as possible,  fucking and sucking in different positions, he fingered me, starting me squirting, then fucking me and making me squirt even more - with him cumming in and on me two or three times.   After a while it was time to go, we packed up our stuff and headed back to our vehicles, said our goodbyes and headed home.

A couple of weeks later we decided to have some more outdoor fun, he’d told me previously he was moving to Aussie at the start of March so we were trying to meet as much as we could before then.  This time he said to meet him at the mitre 10 mega carpark- he’d be in a while Holden Ute - I’m hopeless at identifying vehicles so just looked for a white Ute, seeing one at the far end of the carpark I pulled up next to it, phew the right one.  I grabbed my bag and hopped in the passenger seat.  We headed off up the ETA a bit further and then he slowed down and turned off the road onto a dirt track,  drove a few hundred meters and came to a nice flat area.  The weather wasn’t quite so good and it looked like it might rain, luckily it didn’t.  We had another fantastic afternoon here, maybe not quite as thrilling due to the remoteness.

As we were talking, I asked if he’d come to a local party with me.  I’d bought tickets for 2 parties in town a few months prior, and had been trying to decide who to invite .  I told him a bit about them, the first was a gangbang type one and the 2nd was I guess more a couples one.  He said he’d love to go with me.   I’d already arranged to have that weekend off work and had booked a room in town for the night so I didn’t have to try and get home after if I’d had a few drinks.

A few days before the party I messaged him to check he was still keen, I was actually thinking he would have forgotten about it and have other plans - but no, he was still keen and getting excited to see what it was all about.

I got the details of where the party was - which just happened to be a few properties away from the motel which was really handy.  The first party started at 3 so he said he’d meet me at the motel at 2:30 on Saturday.

Saturday arrived and I started getting organised- packing some things and deciding what to wear - I still didn’t know so threw a few things into my bag so I could decide later.

I arrived at the motel and got settled into the room, messaging him the room number - he said he was on his way - he is always on time.

Once he got there I explained my dilemma of not knowing what to wear so I try a few things on and decided on the bright pink corset set with a white mesh dress over the top.  Putting my jeans and top back on before grabbing our bag and heading out the door.  I was extremely nervous as I’d never met any of the people that were going, and it was hard to know who would be there as extra people had joined the party page.  We pulled up outside, there was a couple walking along the footpath and they turned into the driveway.  We got out and headed in.  The house was set back off the road a bit with a lot of tree and bush cover from the road and neighbours.  There were already a few people there, I’m not sure of total numbers but around 25 with a few more guys than girls.  We were greeted by the host and then went inside to have a look around.  I put my bag down and popped my bottle of ever faithful nerve suppressor ’sex on the beach’ into the fridge, after pouring a glassful.  We gathered outside on the deck and our host welcomed everyone and gave some apologies for the ones that couldn’t get there due to the storm.

After the welcome, we thought we’d go and sneakily claim the master bedroom, we headed down the hall and walked in to find our host had beaten us to it, we laughed, shrugged and looking at each other started getting our clothes off.  I just stripped off to my ‘play clothes’ and he was in his undies.

We got on the bed and that’s when it all started.  I won’t go into specific details as it’s too hard to remember.

I lay on the bed and he started to lick my pussy, our host was watching and asked if he could join in - I smiled and nodded.  After a little bit I ended up naked, and some others arrived in the room - I was totally the centre of attention and it was a hell of a lot of fun.  There were hands all over and inside me, I started squirting to everyone’s delight.  I was on my hands and knees with a cock in my pussy and in my mouth.  There were other guys coming into the room and getting naked and waiting patiently to have their turn.  Someone behind fucking me and two or three cocks in front of me at a time, sucking, licking, fondling them in turn.  They all moved around swapping places, some going back outside to chat and have a drink, then returning.  After an hour or so (I have no recollection of the time really) there was a lull so I took the chance to lay down and rest with my young friend getting my drink bottle from my bag, phew luckily I’d brought some electrolytes with me.  He checked I was ok and we talked quietly a bit then round 2 started up - not any different to round 1.  I’m on my hands and knees and getting fucked from behind, fingers sliding sneakily into my butt, which I didn’t mind at all, cock in mouth when I hear someone say ‘I’m gonna cum’ the guys all decided he should cum on my butt so it wasn’t long and I felt the warm splattering- the other guys cheered him on congratulating him on the load he’d delivered and saying how sexy it looked,  so then in turn the other guys added to it.  Unfortunately the rules of the party didn’t allow pics so I never got to see it 😢.   One of the guys pushed his cock down my throat and came there - yum.  Then lastly my friend had his turn, I felt his cock push on my butthole and he whispered ’should I?’, I whispered back ‘not here’ but really wanting him to - he was going to cum inside me but decided to add to the rest - mmmmmm so hot, I flopped forward on the bed to rest, grabbing my drink bottle again.  The party was due to finish so we got dressed and left a bit early so we could be ready for the second party in about an hour.

We got back to the motel and I had a quick shower to freshen up and change onto another outfit.  We arrived back at the house just after 8 and after pouring ourselves a drink decided we’d hop into the thermal outdoor tub, so once again we strip off, the sun was going down and it was really relaxing, a couple more guys stripped down and got in.  We chatted a bit as the sun went down, we were gently playing with each other quietly.  About 9 o’clock they called out for dinner - pizza plus other stuff, we hopped out, dried off and went upstairs into the house for some food.  After eating we decided to go back to the motel as I was pretty tired.  Back at the motel we fucked some more and then he had to go. I really don’t think I could have chosen a more perfect party partner.

In the morning I noticed he’d left his cap and sunnies so I messaged him to let him know, he said he’d come and grab them.  I grabbed all my stuff and put it in the car and then he arrived to get his things.  He asked if I’d be able to meet him again before he left, which was only 10 days away, I quickly checked my roster and said I have next Tuesday off, maybe we could come back here and spend Monday night together- he said he’d love to.  We kissed and had a cuddle before he drove off.

When I got home I checked to see if there was a room available for the following Monday night - yes there was, so made a booking.

But that is another story 😉

Written by cybil

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