Written by KiwiBanga


Have you ever played Dare , Truth or Promise ?

One night about 3 years ago , me and my friend T were bored and decided to play Dare , Truth or Promise .

We were having a few laughs about some of the silly things asked during the game. It wasn't until I got Dare that I realized that T had been planning in her head for a Dare for me.

She must of thought it through for awhile , as she said it so calmly with a big grin on her face. " I dare you wear my sexiest knickers around all day tomorrow " . T knew i had a couple of job interviews the next day and I reminder of them. But she just said so your not going to do your dare then. I never like backing away from a dare and she knew this. But the thought of wearing her knickers on the day of 2 interviews made me think twice about it.

I said okay I accept your dare and she goes to her bedroom , next minute she comes back with these very sexy high cut pink bikini knickers that I had brought for her a year earlier and were tiny. They had a very small area covering the pussy part of them and the rest was see through silky mesh.

My mouth dropped , as i thought to myself Hell No , I can't wear these to my interviews and that was when she made it even more daring. T said if you wear these for the whole day I will let you fuck me the day after tomorrow when the kids are at there fathers. I had only fucked her once before even though we had teased and flirted with each other.

Fuck it , I'll do it. Only because you you have added a bonus now. She laughed in a naughty erotic way.

We carried on playing the game a little longer and I was thinking how can I get her back. She hadn't had Dare yet and I was hoping that she got it soon , before I went home. 2 turns later bang Dare . I said to her I dare you to wear the same knickers straight after me for the whole day the next day. T thought about this and wasn't to keen on the idea and said what is my reward if I do. I said I will let you tie me up and have your way with me.

She agreed to my dare. We played for a couple of more rounds and told each other some more hot naughty secrets about ourselves until it was time for me to head home.

The next morning after a shower i got ready for my interviews. I lay out what i was going to wear to them on the bed.

My black suit , a light blue dress shirt with a dark blue tie , black socks , black dress shoes and a pair of sexy high cut bikini knickers.

I slipped the knickers on and they were very tight fitting , but felt good against my body. I just had enough room in them for my package. I finished dressing and headed to interviews.

At the interviews my thoughts were running wild from the knickers and how good it would be to final fuck T.

I had gotten hard in her knickers about 6 times during the day and was very turned on from wearing her knickers. I had pre cum dripping out all day. That night I rung T , she asked me how things went and I told her what happened , she had a good laughed. I told her I will drop her knickers off in the morning.

The next morning I drove over to T's place still wearing the knickers. I showed her that I had them on and she loved the look of my package inside them. I told her that I was just going to bathroom to take them off for her wear for the whole day.

I hear yell out , whats taking you so long. I say I am coming wait your horses.

I walked out and she was waiting for me . T was dressed in a short black mini skirt with black knee high boots and a purple blouse with her matching pink bra underneath.

I handed over the knickers and she didn't look to see inside them before slipping them on , as I had left her a surprise.

As she pulled them right up , she looks at me and says you bastard you came in them didn't you. I quickly replied yep , I hope you like my surprise. T laughed and said well I will see you tonight won't I babe. Of course you will and hope you have a good day I say as I left.

That night when I went to see T , I asked how her day was and she laughed with a happy grin on her face.

Well she said I went to see a girlfriend after you left and we went into town for lunch. I was sitting at lunch when all of a sudden I could feel this dripping feeling down my leg. Oh really I say , what was it laughing my ass off.

You fucken know you arsehole she says. But you will keep I hear her say.

She tells me now it time for your reward. I throw her on the bed and dived right between her thighs pulling down the knickers and started to lick her pussy. mmmmm she says , i have been waiting all day for this. She then says that me cumming in her knickers had made her so horny that she had a play in the car on the way home from dropping her friend off.

T moans eat me babe , tongue fuck my wet juice cunt babe , suck my clit. I do it to her until she squirts so hard and without any warning. She starts to tremble and moans fuck me , fuck me now , no one has ever made me squirt before and I want to that hard cock inside me now. I flip her over and spread her legs as she lays hard face down on the bed , as I enter her wet pussy. Fuck babe your so wet. T goes yes babe for you , you dirty fucken bastard. I pound her pussy hard and she starts squirting again. That feel of her hot nectar spraying against my body and cock got me so hot , that I ask her if its okay to do her anal. T scream Yes Babe Yes fuck my tight arsehole .

I then slide myself deep into her tight arsehole and work my stuff until I feel her tensing , ready for an all might orgam.

She tells me to cum in her ass , so try to hold it for as long as I could. But T kept moaning and grinding faster into me , until I couldn't hold it again longer. I let out one hell of groan , as it felt like the biggest load was being drained out of me.

I lay on top of her with my cock still in her ass for a few minutes and then just as I had lay back on the bed , T grabs my hands and ties them to the bed posts , she then ties my feet with them spread.

Now its time for my reward T says in a scary laugh. Oh fuck , I had forgotten about her reward.

T slips on a latex glove and slowly inserts 2 fingers in my arsehole as she slowly rubs my cock up and down. Oh fuck I say and she smiles at me , saying revenge is going to be mine now babe..

T looks at me and says right I am going to give your prostate a good massaging babe. As she worked her magic , I could feel an awesome feeling coming over me. It was like no other feeling I had felt before. What a sensation I was feeling.

T finished me off by riding my cock as she fucked my ass with her smallest vibrator. T worked me over good and I loved every minute of it .

When she had finished , she grabbed the Pink Knickers and rubbed them all over my face and said how do they smell now with my pussy juices soaking out for cum stains.. All I could say was yummy , they smell so yummy.

T warned me , if your going to play this game with me. you better have a back up plan after making a reward.

Moral of this story :

Women always are one step ahead when it comes to playing games , make sure you have a plan after the plan in case you get tied up..LOL

We still play Dare , Truth or Promise and we have only fucked once more since this night.