Written by kinkyandsaucynz


An amalgamation of two meetings, for the sake of story telling.

We had already been drinking over dinner, and when his wife Tara and I went exploring and found to our delight that our rented house had a hot tub, we invited Suzie and Jeff to join us for some fun. Typically, they were nuzzling together in the kitchen and making slow progress on desert for the night with their usual bad behaviour. After chatting and joking over a bottle of champagne, we had all lost that shyness which always rears its head at the start of one of our meets. The tub was downstairs, Tara and I went first laughing and giggling, playfully grabbing at and clinging to one another. The others promised that they would be down shortly, Jeff proclaimed, with a grin, that he wanted to investigate matters of a culinary nature with Suzie first.

Tara stripped quickly in front of me, her perfect, perky breasts accentuated by her shapely and toned thighs. She caught me watching her with barely hidden admiration and smirked as she slid sinuously into the hot water. I turned on the bubbles while gazing at her with nothing but desire in my eyes, then I stripped slowly and got into the water with her. We cuddled and flirted with small talk, enjoying the gentle feel of the champagne soothing our minds combined with the heat of the tub. Tara wrapped her thighs around my waist and settled her delicate frame onto mine while facing me, she breathed warmly into my ear and I shivered, it felt so nice. My cock swelled and was soon pressing against her bottom, she sighed and pressed it between herself and my thighs. Eventually Jeff and Suzie came to join us in the bubbly hot tub, armed with the remaining champagne and some glasses.

The tub could hold two very comfortably, four at a squeeze... and a squeeze it was. By the time Jeff finally got in we were all naked, our bodies sliding all over each other and hands wandering everywhere. I stroked my wife Suzie's shoulder fondly while Jeff had her pinned against the side of the tub. We were all lost in the salacious luxury of the moment, yet before I knew it, Tara had her hand around my hard cock, stroking and rubbing. She started to expertly massage the head and tip and then, sliding back away from me, she reached down with her other hand and began playing with my balls. I stood up and out of the water and Tara's mouth gasped open, she seemed to adore the rudeness of jerking my throbbing shaft in front of her own face. She looked at me and smiled, knowing exactly what I wanted by the shy, yet devilish grin on my face.

In the meantime, Jeff had designated himself in charge of the champagne, and was holding the bottle above his head and pouring it into Suzie's breasts as she stood up to cool off. She laughed and writhed, loving the contrast of the cold champagne trickling over her chest, and down between her thighs. Jeff licked the champagne off of her boobs as the fizz faded, circling her nipples lightly with the tip of his tongue.

Giggling, Tara took the bottle from Jeff and poured some on my neck as I sat back into the hot water. I shivered both from the chill of the champagne and from her hot, darting tongue as she slowly licked it off. She motioned me upwards and then poured it directly over one of my nipples, watching it turn hard, then taking it into her mouth she bit gently on it. I sighed and almost toppled forwards with the sensation, but she steadied me. Her hand moved from my waist and over to my cock, and it was obvious that I that I was enjoying her every move. She looked up at me smirking and massaged my balls, occasionally teasing me by slowly sliding one finger across my arse and pressing gently as she drifted her fingertip over my naughty entry. Meanwhile, Jeff had lifted Suzie up and out of the water, her legs draped over his shoulders while he lapped and licked at her pussy. Suzie was clearly lost in her own private pleasure and was circling her fingers over her clit and sighing softly with one leg responsively twitching and kicking in the air.

With my legs quivering I settled back into the water and leaned forward to kiss Tara, gently at first, but as she kissed me back she bit on my lower lip and I drove my tongue deep into her mouth. We kissed passionately for a while, and then she climbed on to my lap. My stiff cock slid into her welcoming pussy and she slid up and down on my hard length, slowly grinding herself firmly and deeply against me.

Suzie reached over and delicately fondled Tara's boobs, she did not have much experience of how gentle or rough she should be but had long wanted to appreciate our friends gorgeous form. She explored Tara's chest and did what she likes to have done to her own curvaceous boobs, sometimes grabbing them firmly, sometimes barely touching and occasionally brushing against Tara's hard, quivering nipples. Jeff sat back to watch with a lustful grin on his face as I continued to be ridden by Tara, faster and faster as her silky smooth and taught pussy became more wanton and hungry. Suzie pulled Tara's head to face hers and kissed her nervously, but with absolute affection and tenderness. Jeff stared, wide-eyed and rock hard, he settled in behind Suzie and pressed his long thick, dripping erection against her bottom. Suzie breathed in deeply and now distracted by such desire, she sat up and on to the edge of the tub and guided Jeff towards her. Deftly, she reached over the side and squeezed some lube onto her fingers and then pressed them into herself. Clearly hungry for Jeff's magnificent cock, she ran her slippery fingers along his throbbing muscle and pressed it against her entrance. Jeff leaned down to kiss her and in one tender and smooth motion, slid inside. Suzie arched her back and groaned loudly, his huge cock filling her warmly and parting her nether lips.

Tara was fucking me harder and harder as we both watched our partners misbehaving. We were filled with outright lust and as we rested our foreheads against each other while biting our lips and gazing into each others eyes, Tara started bucking and riding me passionately, practically shoving my cock into her pussy with every thrusting stroke. After a few minutes Tara and I forgot all about Jeff and Suzie, we were nearly yelling with pleasure as she bounced up and down on my cock. We growled and uttered the naughtiest of talk under our breath to each other “Your cock feels wonderful”, “Your pussy is going to suck me empty...”, “Come on, fuck me...fuck me harder” “You bad bad girl, yes oh yes...”.

Tara leaned her head back and let a throaty moan of escape as she hit that beautiful point and came on me, she juddered and lowered her head, gasping, to rest on my shoulder, pressing her teeth against me. I could feel my cock tingle and twitch with the outrageous heat of the moment. Her pussy latched onto my engorged cock, pulling it as deep as it could go. She moaned and relaxed against me, sinking into my arms. Suzie and Jeff were now splashing water everywhere, oblivious to everything except for fucking the hell out of one another. Suzie begged for more as she felt herself on the edge of climax, getting fucked harder and harder, and then she came loudly. She collapsed, shuddering against Jeff's wet, hairy chest, her legs still wrapped around his waist, breathing heavily as he held her close to him.

The night drifted onwards, we all went back inside to dry and warm by the fire. We stroked and massaged one another and had lazy sex on the floor all night. Eventually we all dozed against each other, waking up occasionally to gently toy with our respective lovers. Licking clean or tasting our tender and spent nethers with fuzzy heads and the rude scent of sex in the air. At some point the sun would rise and a volunteer would be required to make some coffee's, but for this moment we savoured the comforts of our friends and lovers, warm with sweat, smirking and smiling with dirty thoughts, filled with satisfaction and all coated in fuck. What an amazing, mind blowing way to savour our bodies and minds....