Written by Anonymous


Lots of these stories are about amazing fun but we thought I’d tell a story of a fail. Perhaps some of you can relate!

It was many years ago, with a different woman to my current partner. But she was my gf at the time and (because a leopard cannot change his shorts) we were into a bit of experimenting and group stuff. We had had mmf, ffm, same room stuff before so we were old hands at this lifestyle.

We decided to have a bit of mmf fun but nobody in our usual circles was able to be asked (in relationships, awkwardness, etc) so we branched out and found an 18 year old guy named Ian on a dating site. He was hot enough, had good chat, so we felt comfortable enough to meet up and fuck (foolishly in those days we didn’t do a pre-party meet up)

We met in the Ocean Spa Napier carpark, shook hands, eyed each other up. Tara was hot, athletic, with strong swimmers shoulders, long blonde hair, and was wearing a bright red bikini under a white summery dress. She was looking tasty and Ian was greedily eying her up.

We went into the private spa room. The room had a shower, a bench, and a spa pool about 3m by 3m. We had it booked for an hour. We all stripped to our togs and jumped in the pool and started chatting. After about 10 min I started visibly feeling up Tara, stripped off her bikini top and encouraged Ian to get a handful too!

We tore her bottoms off and took turn fingering her pussy and playing with her firm breasts. She ordered us to lose our shorts and sit so she could suck us both off. I had been hard since the carpark so i was ready to get swallowed but Ian just kind of sat there with a semi. Tara wanked him off while sucking me but just couldn’t quite get him fully hard, he kept moaning, making the right noises and playing with her head and tits bit couldn’t get fully hard.

Well we’ve all had a bit of stage fright so we told him to eat our Tara’s tasty pussy while she focussed on properly sucking my cock. After a few minutes of this she got my attention (easy to get when you are sucking on a mans balls) and mouthed “He’s awful at this” to me.

We asked how he was going and if he was hard yet and he gave us a nothing answer and we looked at each other. We made a joke and said that she could suck anybody hard so she flipped around, presenting her rear to me and engulfed his flaccid penis in her mouth. I never waste an opportunity and started going to town on her, slapping her ass, grabbing her hips, and making her moan and squirm.

After a good wee while I gently tapped her on the shoulder (while still fucking her) and she covertly gave me a thumbs down. Deciding that this farce had gone on long enough I ramped up the ferocity of my fucking, said “‘scuse me” flipped her onto her back and then came all over her tits. I looked up at Ian and said “if you want to fuck her you’ll have to hurry, do you think you are up to it?” He made some excuse about the heat of the spa. Tara showered off in the shower, Ian put his clothes on in the corner quietly, and I jumped in the spa to wash the mess off my cock and groin.

We three exited the complex. He told us we had put on a great show, he was sorry he couldn’t perform, and that he’d love to try again sometime. He gave us his number and said to text sometime.

Well reader, we never spoke to him again!