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Jacksmate 10 years ago

Welcome to NZ

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I had just arrived in NZ and was invited out to a friends birthday party out wes Auckland. Was told to follow one of the Great South road to their street. It was dark, raining and the car my friend leant me broke down. I didnt know where I was or even who to call as my friend Jack had given me his mobile, which had died an hour ago. I walked up to 4 houses before anyone answered the door, and even this house looked abandoned (all the lights were out, no sign of anyone, no noise). As I was walking back down the path to the street, I saw a silloette standing in the doorway. By this time I was soaked through and a little irritated of this horrible country. It turns out this woman was called Emilly, she invited me into her house as long as i didnt wet her carpet. Emilly asked what had happened and where I was heading, I told her my sad sack story about breaking down and being late for a party where I was told there would be loads of hot Kiwi girls gagging for me and my accent. Emilly told me her husband was at work, but when he returned he would help me with my car and give me a lift to the party. But before that I had better wash up in the bathroom and she would dry my clothes. I headed up stairs to the bathroom, Emilly told me to undress and put my clothes outside the door when finished and that there was a dressing gown behind the door. It felt amazing after being wet and cold to stand under the hot shower, and was starting to revive a little - even my cock was looking better. When I got out of the shower my clothes were gone as was the bathrobe. I dried off and called out to Emilly enquiring in case I had misheard her. Emilly was a slim 42 year old woman, brunette with brown eyes. She called out that the bathrobe was in the next bedroom. I headed that way (turns out it was her bedroom) as I was taking my towel off i saw Emilly standing in the doorway smiling at me. She said that in NZ it is a custom for those that help others to receive a gift, and that she wanted me. Emilly casually walked up to me, removed my towel and took my now hard cock into her hands. As she started stroking it she pushed me to my knees and told me to lick her pussy. She was so wet, and tasted so good, I couldnt get my tongue in deep enough. I pushed her onto the bed and raised her legs as I continued to tongue her clit and lick her pussy, she started moaning and shaking and telling me to stop, but this was my first fuck in NZ and i was a horny toad. Emilly came all over my face and chin, then demaned my cock in her mouth. She was amazing at deep throating and licking my balls at the same time and every time I was about to cum she would stop me from doing so. I told her I needed to fuck her hard, my cock was sore it was so hard. Emilly said she loved doggy. I told her later, get on your back. Emilly oblidged, as I entered her soft wet pussy I couldnt believe she was so tight. We were kissing, I was sucking on her amazing breasts and feeling her pussy juices running down my balls, when she started to climax again. She felt so amazing around my cock that I almost blew my load, but Emilly was good at stopping me. Then Emilly demanded doggy, as I entered her again I coundn't resist putting my thumb in her asshole.Then I replaced my thumb with my cock, slowly easing my well lubed cock into her tight arse. (Emilly told me I would pay for that later) By this stage Emilly was moaning into the pillow, her legs were shaking and she colapsed onto the bed. Only making her pussy tighter, i couldnt hold on any longer pounding for all I was worth and cumming deep inside her. Then Emilly told me to lay on the bed as she wanted sit on my face, having me eat her pussy again as she sucked on my cock. I willingly did so. As her amazingly wet pussy came towards my face I thought I heard another noise but wasn't to sure what it was. Emilly had an amazing pussy, it was dripping wet, and i was getting an amazing blowjob. Emilly started shaking again, and was about to cum down my throat. She tasted so damn amazing when she finally came, just as I blew my load Emilly got off of me and I saw her husband swallowing all of my hard earned cum. It turns out he knew what Emilly had planned for me, but it made it better as I had now taken her anal cherry. All in all I'm still glad that bloody car broke down, I made it just in time to the party to see..................well thats another story.

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