The beginning of our journey.......Hubby had been a Kiwi member for a while to try to get an understanding how this game worked. He had a fantasy to share me for some time, and see me pleasured by another man, but not really sure how he would react if and when it actually became a reality. I was very hesitant, but agreed to go on the site.

After some time messaging, checking out profiles and a few cam's, we organised a couple of meets to 'feel the waters', we realised we were both very comfortable with the whole thing. He enjoyed watching and joining in with mfm, and I enjoyed the chemistry of having two men. This was a whole new side to our marriage, and it felt exciting. We still had great sex, but this new hobby added another level.

I had been having lots of fun chatting with some very horny guys online, no shortage of these around. He sent a wink, so I went to his profile to check him out. Face pics straight up, I liked that, and I liked what I saw. Great Bod, tanned and very fit, just how I liked them. Some messages back and forth, exchange of numbers and we started chatting by txt. He was a smooth talker.

Not long after this, we had a few days planned away on a work related trip that happened to be not far away from where he lived. So I messaged and and told him we were heading his way. We got to his town, and we had a very quick face to face meet, but I knew straight away that I wanted some fun with his toned bod. My expectations were exceeded.

He met us later that evening at our motel, and came prepared to stay. The three of us chatted for a while, with a drink to break the ice, but I was growing impatient, and so was he.

'Enough talking....I want to do wicked things to you.' was the look he gave me.

Our motel had a hot-tub out the back, so I excused myself and went to put on my bikini, he got in first and waited for me, after less than 10 seconds of getting in, I wondered why I even bothered to put on the bikini. He pulled me to him straight away and we kissed, I believe his words were, 'Fuck you're sexy!' My top was instantly removed and he began licking and sucking my erect nipples. Meanwhile Hubby had come out to chat, but he was surprised how we had wasted very little time in getting down to business. Hubby had created a monster!

I put my hands on him and he was hard and ready for me. The temperature was heating up, in both ways. The heat of the water was too much so he sat on the edge of the hot-tub and I went to him and removed his wet clothing. His cock looked very tasty, just like the rest of him, so I began licking and sucking it. I took it all in my mouth and played with my tongue. We left the hot-tub and went upstairs to the main bedroom, more kissing, then he gently pushed me down on the bed and went straight for my swollen clit and began his slow domination over my body, while I laid back and enjoyed the pleasure of his tongue. Hubby had joined us upstairs and was enjoying the show of his horny wife. Finally he leaves my clit and I sit up on the bed and take his cock in my mouth again to start to re-pay him the pleasure I have just been dealt. I cant remember the first fucking position, as my memory has become slightly hazy, but I do know it went on for some hours. On and off fucking, hard then slow, doggy style, then take a break and more sucking his ever-hard cock, cowgirl, missionary, more sucking then another break, then reverse cowgirl, where he has a firm hold on my long hair like reigns, while my arse receives plenty of encouragement in the form of his hand slapping harder and harder. Now I am just hanging on and riding for my life, and it feels fucking great. Of course through the night hubby is there to help out pleasuring his horny wife, but I do believe at this stage he is just in awe and stunned at his extremely dirty greedy wife, who just cant seem to get enough. A monster I say!

So.....after several hours and we are all pretty exhausted and spent, we call it a night, at around 2 am, but I promise to come and see him in the morning. He leaves us and goes downstairs to catch some sleep.

The next morning I am awake and thinking of our crazy night, and feeling the after effects between my legs. Time for some more. So I kiss hubby good morning and say I'm going downstairs to get a glass of water...he gives me a knowing smile and I leave him to snooze. Downstairs, I slip under the covers beside his naked body and he is hard instantly and ready again for another hot session. We kiss for a while and become more awake, I climb on top and slowly slide over his hard cock. My lips feel swollen and tender from the night before, but it still feels good. I begin my greedy attack on his body, this time slow and deep, slowly sliding on and off, getting wetter and hotter. I ride for a while, then climb off and go down to lick my juices off his throbbing cock. I want to take my time. Licking, teasing, slowly taking his full shaft into my mouth, licking teasing his slippery balls. He has his hand firmly on the back of my head, there is no way of escape, as I slide my mouth up and down his full shaft. The intensity increases, my attempt at control disappears as he gradually begins to take back control and dominate me yet again. His hand is strong on my head and his hips are rising and falling, meeting the rhythm of my mouth, faster and faster, harder and harder, as he forcefully fucks my mouth. I gag, and struggle to get a breath, but I am so turned on that I have no choice but to surrender my mouth to his control. Eventually, he releases me and I lay down beside him, spooning, he enters me from behind and slowly slides in and out. One more last hard fuck, and we are all fucked out. We lay for a while and snooze. Content.

Its hard to focus, during the days ahead with the memory of our dirty weekend, and on the drive home, a couple of days later, Hubby and I certainly have plenty to talk about. I also have a nice reminder of our horny weekend. A perfect palm sized bruise on my left arse cheek. Just to remind me that I have been well and truly dominated.