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"♫♫♫do you wanna kick it in the backseat♫♫♫"
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We had been messaging each other for a while and he was such a tease, some exchanges had been extremely intense, but we just didn't seem to be able to meet due to distance and his work. I was starting to think we wouldn't get the chance to meet as my winter break was nearly over and I wouldn't have time for a while once my work started again, so I told him we'd have to meet real soon.

I received the message in the morning, around 8, that went something like this

him: what up

me: not much – just thinking about when you’re gonna come fuck me

him: hahaha

him: wanna meet today

me: yip – where

him: at the falls

me: ok – when

him: I can be there by 10

me: ok

and then my heart started racing, which is pretty standard for me. I started feeling nervous as he was so sexy, 20+ years younger than me and it seemed too good to be true. We agreed to meet at a scenic lookout about halfway between where each of us lived. I quickly had a shower and got ready, although I didn't have much time, popped a gem butt plug in and off I went.  The pic he sent of his hard cock while driving set me off again.

I got there first and parked my car, a few minutes later he pulled up in his ute. He got out and walked around to my door, I got out and he started kissing me straight away - mmmmm I was pretty excited as I had been longing for this day for ages. We got in the backseat of his ute, which had tinted windows and he hung a blanket over the front seats.

He pulled his sweatpants down - mmmmmm commando - his cock looked so good and so hard, he had looked amazing in the pics he'd sent and now he was right in front of me. I leaned over and started sucking and licking him, his cock felt so good in my mouth. I slipped my jeans off and lay down on the seat a bit, he pulled my knickers to the side and slid his fingers inside. Fucking me with his fingers I was squirting uncontrollably within minutes, the feeling of the pleasurable build-up and release almost over-whelming.

Other cars pulled up and people kept standing in front of the ute to look at the scenic waterfall, it was funny, and we kept stopping to laugh and giggle, trying to be quiet, the windows had fogged up a bit so I don't think they could see in. Then he started me squirting again and I knew I was making a mess, I could feel it splashing everywhere, finally I felt his hard cock slip into me - I lifted my hips up to try and get as much cock as I could - we kissed and fucked, it felt amazing, stopping from time to time when people came, I felt him harden even more and then the warmth and pulsing - it felt incredibly good.

After that he sat on the seat and I lay my head on his legs, we talked a bit.  I noticed his cock getting hard again, so couldn’t resist licking him again, opening my mouth and slowly slip my lips around and over it.  I can taste myself on him which makes me moan gently in my throat.  He lifted himself up a bit and started fucking my mouth, then reaching over and getting me squirting again with his fingers.  I lost control and could barely keep his hard cock in my mouth - then he told me to get on my hands and knees so he could fuck me from behind – it wasn’t long before I felt him cum in me again.   I eagerly offered to clean his cock for him before we got dressed again and went our separate ways.

We have since kept in contact and can’t wait until our paths cross again.

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