So I'm on the rocks holding my fishing rod facing a cute brunette in a yellow bikini, who is a total stranger, telling me that she saw me watching her friends fuck. Damn I'm so embarrassed I just can't think what to say, and on top of this her nipples are so pointy I am really distracted.

So she helps me out by saying that if I give her some fish, then I can get lucky myself. Of course I say yes, and she comes over to where I am sitting and tells me that she will be in charge, and I am to do what I am told. OK to that, no worries. I am told to stand and put down the fishing rod, which I do. She stands in front of me and instructs me to drop my shorts / undies. I do so and she drags off my singlet and ties it over my face. This is a new one on me and I realise now I have to listen carefully.

I feel her hand under my balls, and then good hard squeezing which is a mix of pain and pleasure. Her other hand rubs under the head of my cock which is getting super slippery by now. She tells me to drop onto my knees which I do and I am instructed to lean forward and lick her nipples. She has taken off her top and there they are, hard little tits with long hard nipples. I'm licking and sucking and best I can and I hear a few moans. I feel her move and sit in front of me and I am instructed to lick her pussy, which when I lean forward and find, is nice and shaved. I suck the lips and lick her clit and now she really gets moaning. My cock, it's just dripping and hard.

After a few minutes her hips and stomach begin to shake and lift and she pulls my head between her legs and pulls my hair as she comes. My cock is so hard, I hope I am going to be able to come, but she orders me to stay on my hands and knees and I feel her move behind me. I feel her hand under my balls again and then sliding up my cock shaft between my legs. She asks me if I need to come and when I tell her yes, she tells me I have another task to perform and if I can do it them I can fuck her.

I nod and agree and I hear her move away and I hear her pick up something from my fishing gear. She comes back and I feel her kneel behind me. She rubs my cock shaft and head and then spreads my sticky juice on my ass crack. I feel her forefinger slide into my ass, and as it's one finger it feels great and I push back. She laughs at me and tells me I wont be so brave shortly. Then it's 2 fingers side by side pushing into me, which is a lot tighter for me but sooooooo nice. Then the fingers leave and she tells me it's task time. I hear her spit several times and I feel something hard and wet pushing at my ass. I push back and damn I'm being split open. I force myself to breathe and relax and slowly I take it in my ass. I suddenly work out what it is, it's the handle of the small fishing rod I use to catch bait. After a little while I feel like I have a fair length of it in me and she starts to pump it in and out of me quite fast. Oh my god, it feels so sore and nice at the same time and I'm groaning and moaning and begging her to let me fuck her.

Suddenly she gives it one really deep thrust and then pulls it all the way out. She rips off the singlet blindfold and I can see how beautiful she is. I stand up and she stands in front of me facing away. Slowly she bends forward at the waist and my cock just slides into her pussy. I hold her hips and pump my cock as hard as I can. It's just so slippery and after a few minutes I feel myself build up and then let go a nice load into her.

Within a minute she has her bikini back on and gone with my biggest snapper. I sat naked on the rocks for a while, feeling my sore ass, then got dressed and went back to my fishing.