Written by fisherman


Since the best fishing places are remote, I always ask the local farmer if I can walk over their land. He was fine but warned me that a university science group was camping near the sea doing some experiments. Off I go through the bush, heading toward the sea, and after a long walk I see a yellow tent up ahead on a small flat area. Being a nosy bugger I stopped fairly close but hidden in the fern.

Down below me was an older guy about late 50's and 2 ladies about 20's whom I guessed were students and a professor. The lucky bugger is cooking on a little BBQ while this really curvy blonde lady is kneeling in front of him, naked, sucking his cock. She looks an expert as she's got all his good sized cock in and out of her mouth nice and deep, and all I can focus on is the huge tits she's got swinging from side to side. You know the type, really full and round with huge flat nipples. The other girl is just watching, she's an athlete, all toned and muscles in a bikini, and occasionally she moves blondie's hair away from his cock.

I am super hard, damn it's erotic to watch, but then out of the blue, a new experience for me. The guy moves behind blondie who stays on her hands and knees and gives her the hardest smack on the ass cheek with his plastic cooking slice. She gives a half scream moaning noise, and then he gives here about 5 more in rapid succession. This seems to get the athlete interested as she comes over and runs here hands over blondie's ass which is good and red now.

The guys surrenders his slice to the athlete and she turns it round and puts the handle up near blondie's pussy. In one fast movement she pulls blondies hair back really hard and pushes the handle into her pussy. Mr professor goes back in front of the still kneeling blondie and puts his cock back into her mouth, she's back into it again sucking it deep and fast. Lady number 2 has got all the slice handle in and out of blondie's pussy now, and then hey presto out of the pussy and straight into her asshole. No mercy, and blondie's back just arches as she takes it.

This goes on for a while, and of course I've got my cock out, giving underneath the head a nice slippery rub with all my pre-come. I guess about 10 minutes later Mr professor's hips start to really move and he comes on blondie's face and into her hair. That's it or me too, a good load of cum hits the ferns.

After a quiet getaway I find the rocks about a mile away and set up my fishing gear. After an hour or more I'm catching a few nice fish, and all of a sudden the sexy athlete arrives in her bikini and says hello.

Damn she's pretty and 2 really hard friendly nipples are pointing at me. I'm a bit embarrassed because of what I have just seen, but she's friendly and I can't help but notice a bit stern almost. She's keen to see my fish and asks if she can have some for her BBQ, on the condition that her knowing I watched them fuck the blonde remains a secret. When I'm speechless she laughs at me an asks if I liked what I had seen. I nod and confess when she put the slice handle into blondie's ass it was probably the sexiest thing I have ever seen.

Ms athlete looks at me and tells me I can have the same if I can make her cum........

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