Written by KiwiBanga


The beautiful wahine princess I had become friend's with benefits with , had another princess in the family.

It was at Te Aroha's family gathering where i realized that a girl I had known for awhile and had been very naughty with on the a dance floor of a night club , was her sister.

I played it calm as did Te Aroha's sister Anita . Me and Te Aroha weren't going out , but just sexual friends. You could say we were a couple , but neither one of us had asked the question of becoming boyfriend girlfriend as i was 9 years older than Te but the same age as Anita.

As the day faded away into night and the beers began to flow more freely , Te Aroha was getting drunk and i was on my best behaviour. It was at this stage when she used the " L " word that I couldn't but help looking at her sister as she kept saying I love you honey. Te Aroha kept asking me " Do You Love Me ". The truth was i did love her , but i also liked her sister.

Me and Anita always dirty danced together when we were out clubbing and we would tease each other , by sliding our hands all over one another"s bodies as we danced. Anita had a boyfriend and they had kids together. But she liked to play the field. I knew her boyfriend from playing sport against each other and we never really got along , as when you play competitive sport against a different club. He was there that day and we had talked about our sport clubs etc.

He went home early to look after the kids and Anita stayed to enjoy the company with her parents , uncles & aunties.

It was getting late and Te Aroha was getting tired from drinking to much. I was sober enough to drive as i had only had a couple of beers. we say good night to everyone and as we are about to get in the car , her sister yells out. Can i get a ride.

I say yeah that okay. We head back to Te Aroha's place first and on the way Te Aroha places her hand on my crotch as i am driving and begins to rub me. I tell her to stop as her sister in the car and she says its ok aye sis you don't mind aye. I say wait till late babe , wait till were alone. We get to Te's place and have a coffee before dropping her sister off home.

We talked for awhile before I suggested that I should drop Anita off now , as Te Aroha was getting hornier and was starting to get very flirty in front of her sister. She was wanting me to go into the bedroom with her and said Anita will be alright out here as she waits. I go into the bedroom with her and we start getting undressed before I could get my jeans off , Te Aroha was on her kneels in front of me pulling them down. She then leans forward and takes my semi hard cock in her mouth. Te Aroha sucks me so deep , my whole body felt like it was being pulled into her. It was about 5 minutes into her giving me a blow job when I couldn't take it anymore and throw her on the bed. I just lay between her legs and began fucking her with my tongue. I then sucked her throbbing clit as i pinched her nipples. And it was at this point and time there was a knock on the door with a voice saying can you drop me off now please.

I say to Te Aroha , I will go drop your sister off and we will finish this when i get back. Te Aroha agrees and says she will wait for me to come back as she didn't want to come for the ride. Just as i am about to leave she says to me " I Love You"

Me and Anita getting the car , I was backing down the drive , when Anita say's to me. Do you not Love my sister.

I say to her I do but I am in lust with someone else too. Oh who Anita askes me. You Anita its you ..Okay you happy now , you already knew that though didn't you. She smiles at me with a cheeky grin and says yes I know , why do you think I didn't go home with Greg and the kids. Just after she says that Anita has my cock out and stroking it. She then undoes her seatbelt and begins giving me head as i am driving. Fuck Anita what are you doing , I say. You want me to crash.

She just says shut up and drive. Drive where I say , where do you stay. She tells me to park up somewhere. So I think of a save place to park up and head out of town on a side road. Anita says in a dirty way to me. Does my sister suck your cock as good as me. I say No you sucked my cock like I have never felt before. Anita goes that is nice to know coming from you.

Just as I turn the car off , Anita has jumped on top of my now fully hard throbbing cock. She pulls her panties to the side and begins to ride me , well saying fuck me like you fuck my sister. No fuck me better than you fuck my sister. A s Anita rolls her hips back and forth on my cock , rocking her body so hard with her movement. I open her blouse to free her breasts from her silky black bra and begin to suck them.

The passion was so intents between us and we had both wanted this moment to happen for along time , but never had the chance. Anita got off and told me she wanted me to fuck her on the bonnet of the car. We get out of the car and she bends over the bonnet as i enter her hot creamy pussy from behind. I push her hard against the bonnet with one hand , as I slap her ass with the other hand and pound her cunt deep with my cock. She screams in pleasure that she wants me to cum inside her. Fuck me .... Fuck me I hear as her screams and moans get louder and louder. Anita moans to me , I am going to cum now and you better cum with me. She then adds that she has wanted me to fuck her ever since we met. I said so have I.

I then grab both her waist with both hands and pump myself so hard into her i explode deep deep in her hot cunt and at the same time I can feel her juices trying to push there way out. We both say that was awesome fuck. WE then get sorted and I drop her off home.

Anita whispers to me as she gets out of the car , I bet when you saw me at my parents today , you never thought you would be fucking the sister. I say to Anita , Hell No. Not in a million years would have thought of that.

I get back to Te Aroha's and she is in a bad mood. What took you so long she asks ?.. Well babe we got a flat tyre and there was no jack in the boot , so I had to walk to a mates to get one. She then says did my sister get home okay and I say yes. She waited in the car when I went to my mates.

I say babe lets go to bed and finish off , where we left off before.

Te Aroha turns to me and says well big boy take me here and now. She begins to drop to her knees to suck my cock and I quickly stop her. I say no no no babe , if i remember rightly I was eating you out when we got interrupted. ( Not wanting her smell or taste her sisters juices still on my cock. So she lays back and lets me finish off were I was before her sister knocked on the door. After about 10 minutes of pleasuring her pussy with my tongue , I got on top of her and slid my now hard again cock deep inside her hot wet pussy. We fucked for around 2 & a half hours before I had drained 3 loads of cum inside her. Te Aroha tells me that was awesome and I think to myself " You can thank you sister for that ".

I felt bad for what I had done and it wasn't until about a month later when Te Aroha asked me out , that i told her about going with her sister on that night.

She was wild at me and i could understand why. Te Aroha telling me that she had falling in love me. I can't apologise enough for what I had done and felt discussed in myself. We didn't talk for about 6 months and had not seen each other since that day I told her.

One night well out with a few friends , I ran into Te Aroha , Anita and her boyfriend Greg at a night club and it was then that we started talking again. Te Aroha told me that she had had a miscarriage and was sorry she had never told me at the time of when she found out she was pregnant. I tell her it is okay , as you had your reason and that I am sorry for that.

Te Aroha then tell's me that Anita and Greg were going expecting another baby and that Anita was 6 months pregnant. I look at Te Aroha and think to myself , what the hell. When Greg had gone to the toilet. Te Aroha and Anita both say to me , its okay. Anita and Greg had had sex that night too and say that is wasn't mine. Both myself and Greg were pakeha. Anita said that it would be easy to hide even if it was mine , because we both had similar figures.

Anita wasn't drinking so she offered to drop me off with Te Aroha at her place.

We talked about things and got back together. We ended up going out and became god parents to Anita and Greg's baby girl.

But deep down in my heart , I knew that our god daughter wasn't Greg's. As she had a birth mark that I also have in the same place.

I broke it off with Te Aroha after a year , as it was becoming to hard to see our god daughter with her and knowing that in my heart that she was my daughter. Even though they had said she wasn't.

Baby grow up to become a beautiful young princess and is now 22 years old.

I am still friends with both Te Aroha and Anita today even though we all live in different towns.