Written by KiwiBanga


This is a true story and one I have come to regret.

One saturday night me and a friend decided to go to one of our local pubs. When we got there i noticed this beautiful young maori wahine sitting at a table with a older maori couple who i had met a few weeks before hand. Me and my friend grab a drink from the bar , then go over to say hello.

We got talking and it turned out that the lady was the older couples daughter. As the night went on and the band began to play better music , the young wahine asked if i would like to have this dance. I jumped up and grabbed her hand to help her up from her chair. I lead her to the dance floor and we danced for the rest of the night as we talked .

I asked what she was up to after the pub and she said she was going home with her parents. I asked if she would like to come to town with us. She turns and says to me that she would like too , but she needs to make sure her mum and dad got home safely. I say to her that we can drop them off on the way if that is okay with them.

We head back to the table where my friend and her parents were sitting talking. I ask her parents for permission to take their daughter into town and that we would drop them off on the way.

They looked at me with a big huge smile on their faces and said yes you may take Te Aroha into town with you , as long as you look after her. I promised them that i would take good care of her and that i would treat her like a princess.

It was just after midnight when we left the local and dropped Te Aroha's parents off at home.

When we got to the night club , me and my friend got out of the car. I went to open the door for Te Aroha to get out. But she says that she doesn't really like night clubs. I tell my friend that we will just wait in the car till he gets back.

She says sorry if i have spoiled your night. I just thought that maybe me and you could spend some time together to get to know each other. I tell her that she hasn't spoiled my night and that i would like to sit in the car with her , talking.

I jump in the back seat with her and we begin to talk. As we talked she became cold , so i gave her my jacket to wear. T.A says but won't you be cold now and i say its okay. If i get cold i will snuggle into you ( i say jokingly ). We laugh and then next minute she snuggles up into me. We talk for a wee bit longer , before we started to kiss. Her kisses were soft sweet and sensual. We both were starting to feel warmer and our kisses were getting hotter. The passion between us was starting to get out of control.

We both wanted to fuck each other right there in the back seat of my mates car , but i turn to her and say i am sorry. I can't do this. She looks at me with a weird look on her face and asks what's wrong . I am not pretty enough for you , don't you want me or do you have a girl friend. I look at her and try to explain my reason behind not wanting to fuck her there and then in the car. I look her straight in the eyes and say that i made your parents a promise. I promised them that i would look after you and treat you like a princess. She says to me , but you have and you have been wonderful . I say thank you for your kind words , but to fuck you on the back seat of this car wouldn't make me feel like i have honoured your parents.

Te Aroha then says to me that i am gentle man to say that. Just after she finishes what she is said , my mate comes out of the night club with a girl with him.

He gets in the car with this girl and asks Te Aroha if she would like dropped back off at her parents place now.

Te Aroha says no , i have my own place as she looks at me as she gives me a big smile and grabs my hand. On the drive her house she holds my hand tight and as we pull up , she gets out and pulls on my hand to join her. My friend turns and says to me , do you want picked up in the morning . I tell him that i will be alright and ill find my own way home.

As soon as we get inside we begin to strip each other as quickly as we could. We both knew what we wanted and we knew that it was going to be great sex , as we had waited long enough.

You could feel the passion of love was going to take control of our bodies. As soon as she had stripped me of my jeans to find that i was hard as fuck for her , she pulled me into her as she dropped to her knees and took my hard manhood quickly into her mouth. Te started to give me the greatest blow job i had ever had. She was sucking my throbbing cock so hard that my balls were slapping her chin. Fuck it was feeling like i was ready to blow my load all deep down her throat. I thought to myself no not yet not yet and with that i said it now my turn. So i got her to lay back on the floor as i began to spread her legs more to bury my head between her tights. I started by licking her clit as i fingered her pussy. Her moans sounded amazing and it seemed to make me want to pleasure her more. I ate her pussy and tongued her as i rubbed her clit with my thumbs. Just before she was about to come , Te held my head hard down against her pussy and had an orgasm over my face. I picked her and held her in my arms , before i pinned her in the air up against the wall. I slowly inserted my fully hard cock inside her wet hot pussy. She was loving me holding her against the wall with her legs wrapped around my waist.

We were passionately kissing and our mouths were locked together as i drove my cock deeper and harder inside her. Te Aroha's body was rocking on my cock. She was riding my hard as i pounded her harder. We both said at the same time , i am going to cum. Cum with me cum with me and we both hit that point where we couldn't hold back any longer and i exploded deep inside her as i felt her gushing against my cock.

I carefully put her on the floor and we lay there in each others arms for about 20 minutes talking before we went at it again. Me and Te Aroha carried on having sex till around lunchtime before we finally thought we better get some sleep.

Her parents were happy to find out that , i had treated their daughter with respect and had looked after her.

Me and Te Aroha became good friends with a lot of sexual experiences.

But then i meet her sister at the family home and my heart dropped a beat or two..

To Be Continued