Written by LickherLover


I take his hand and walk up to the bedroom. Once we're in the

bedroom I do a sexy strip tease and slide my short dress off. I'm standing in a red lace bra and panties in front of him. I help him take off his clothes. I like what I see when I pull his boxers down. His cock is large and hard.

I start to wank him off alternating between looking at him in the eyes and watching precum form on the end of it.I kiss all around from the tip to the base and all over his throbbing balls.I then stand up and say I have an idea. I go to a drawer and pull out some dark red lipstick. I apply it and then go back to his cock. I kneel down and open my shiny red lips and put the head of his cock in my mouth. I wrap my lips around it and start sucking at the tip. He asks me to go deeper so I do. My lips slide further and further down his cock until I cant take any more but he grabs my head and pushes down even more, making me gag on his cock for a few seconds. He lets go and I come back up for a breather.

I giggle and start sucking and licking him again. I gag less and less but still love taking him whole. I look him in the eye while I'm sucking his cock. I stop sucking his big hard dick and move down to his balls, licking all over them before sucking each one in my mouth.

He then asks me if I'll do anything he says. I look at him

and tell him that I'm his whore and will do ANYTHING he asks of me. He grins and then tells me to kneel behind him and lick his asshole. I spread his ass cheeks apart and stick my tongue out,

bringing it closer and closer to his asshole and start giving it very long wet licks.

His cock is quivering and dripping with precum by now, as he turns around and grabs my arm, dragging me on to the bed.

He forcefully pushes me onto the bed and makes me lie down so my head is dangling over the edge.He then shoves his rock hard cock inside my mouth and starts fucking it hard like a pussy.

He then tells me to keep my mouth open as he wanks himself off in front

of me and I am rubbing my hard clit while watching him. Soon his cock erupts and he shoots a load of cum into my mouth.

I close my mouth and swallow his cum while he stands watching with a grin.

He then gets on the bed and removes my bra. His hands grope my breasts before he starts licking, sucking and biting at my nipples. His tongue then runs down my body and he licks over my panties, making me moan, wanting more. I ask him if I can take the panties off so he can lick my

pussy and he agrees. Once my panties are off he traces around my clit with his tongue. I writhe in pleasure as his tongue goes further down and licks over my pussy. I beg him to stick his tongue inside, but he teases me for a little longer.

Soon though he can't resist himself and his tongue slowly penetrates my wet cunt and I start dribbling juices onto his willing tongue.

While he's tongue fucking me, his thumb and fingers are rubbing all over and around my clit. He then alternates sticking his fingers and tongue in my dripping wet pussy. I soon have my first orgasm. He tells me that I taste real good. His cock has become hard again so he puts it to good use. He rubs the head against my clit making me moan. He does this for a little while until I'm begging him to fuck my pussy. Slowly he slides his cock inside me. I moan every time another inch goes inside of me until it's all in to the balls.

He then starts slowly thrusting in and out of me missionary style while he sucks at my nipples. He starts increasing the speed until I am moaning with pleasure. He continues fucking me hard like this for a while until he stops, pulling me by the hair to get up and turn over and then slides back inside me again so he's fucking me doggy style thrusting even harder than before. He grabs on to my ass as we fuck and slides his thumb inside my asshole as I get pounded. As I cum again,squirting hard with every thrust and soaking his cock and balls he is fucking me harder until he shoots his cum, inside my pussy. The feel of him cumming and filling me brings me again to orgasm.

He slides out of me. I feel spent. But he tells me we're not finished and asks me to suck his cock back to hardness. I take his cock, covered in my pussy juices, into my mouth and begin sucking him off until he's hard again. He then pushes me off him and turns me around, forcing my head against a pillow with my ass stuck up high. He tells me he's going to fuck my ass now if that's okay. I replied by telling him again that he can do anything he wants to me.

He rubs his cock head against my asshole and then penetrates it slowly as I push back against him .Soon he's in and he starts fucking me slowly. I moan in ecstacy and tell him to fuck it harder.Soon I cum again and he pulls out and cum drips from my gaping ass onto the sheet.

He then tells me to suck his cock, ass-to-mouth style just like in the pornos he has been watching. I grin and do just that. I suck him until he's about to cum... then he takes over and cums all over my face and breasts. I then collapse in a heap on the bed, exhausted.

He gathers he clothes together and heads for the bathroom and is out in 5 mins dressed and ready to leave saying it was the best sex he's ever had ^-^