She was a friend of the family and I promised my gran I’d visit her in her rest home.

We chatted away and she made me a cup of tea and a shortbread.

After we’d been chatting for a while she commented that most of the rest home residents were women.

I said that was nice as she’d have a lot of friends.

She replied that she missed male company and that my gran had suggested that I was popular with the ladies.

She said she wondered if an old lady would be exciting for me...

I asked when she’d last had a man and she said nearly 10 years ago.

I told her that thought made me excited.

She asked how excited

I told her if she took me into her room I’d be happy to show her.

She took my hand and lead me into her room.

I kissed her and tweaked her nipple making her moan.

I suggested that she strip. As she striped the sight of her slightly saggy G-cup breaks made me moan.

I lifted her breasts one at a time and sucked the Nipples.

Once she was naked I stripped quickly, i was already hard and she asked if ?I’d like to have her now.

I pushed her onto the bed and to her surprise startled licking and sucking her pussy and clitoris

Within 5 minutes she started Cumming so I mounted her and let her orgasm milk the cum out of my cock

She was moaning with pleasure as she felt my cum pulsing into her.

Afterwards we cuddled and she asked if I’d visit another time. This made me hard again so we had another round.

I visited her about 6 times before she finally said there’s a nice man who’s moved in and I’m going to start dating him.

I won’t be able to entertain you any more but one of my friend would like an intro...

Would you be interested...

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