I was in Frankfurt.

Just 1x block away from the main railway station, theres an adult shop called Dr Muller. 2 floors of toys, books and video booths. I had an XXX directory with me as to places to have some fun. And this place did not disappoint.

I arrived about 11.30pm. Unbeknown to me was it closed at midnight. The lady at the entrance told me to go away, they were closing. I told her I didn't care, even a 5 minute look around would be a start. After much haggling, she let me in for free. She just wanted me out of her sight.

They had numerous video lounges. Mostly about the size of say 2x double bedrooms. They were all empty. Then I stumbled across one large lounge - a mini theatre. A video was playing on the screen, but none of the room occupants were watching the movie.

In the room, was like a single bed, but raised up to "above knee height". On it lay a woman, wearing only high heel shoes. The men were surrounding this structure. They could fondle her, as they waited their turn to penetrate her. Her head was extended over the end of the table, so she was taking a mouthfull, while her lower orifice was being rammed. She had a minder there, who was ensuring the guys were wearing a condom and she wasn't being abused against her wishes.

There would have been 14 guys around the bed. All stroking their cocks, as they played with her in eager anticipation. I slotted myself in between some of the German customers. All the men were shoulder to shoulder and I can still remember feeling my neighbours arm moving rhythmically against mine, as he stroked himself.

As 1x guy finished, the next guy stepped up to take his place.

As it was close to closing time, some guys realised they weren't going to get a turn, so they peeled off to one of the other quieter video rooms to deal to themselves. I went back to my hotel unsatisfied, but very happy.

It was one of the hottest scenes I've ever witnessed. Sadly, although the place still exists as an adult entertainment area, the upstairs video lounge has been turned into a video cruising area. What was once a spotlessly clean place, is now a rather grubby dive.

The experience I had there inspired me to create a group on this website "Porn Evenings, Auckland"

And then, I found a wonderful adults only internet cafe in my XXX directory. Thats my next story.