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Unintended consequences

"When a pragmatic solution creates a whole new problem"
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Published 1 month ago

Like the rest of us here, I’m on a swinging site because I love having great sex. Touch and physical pleasure are important to me, and a regular part of my life. 

I’m also single and have a job that can be quite demanding, so during lockdowns it’s just easier not to have my teenager with me. He stays with his dad - which means I’m alone, for weeks. 

Last lockdown was hard on me, so this time I made sure my management team colleagues knew that I wasn’t doing well. Honesty is the best policy. 

Unexpectedly, my work bestie offered to overlap bubbles with me. We’re always having coffee together at work and he’s also living alone, not far from me. It made good sense and was a very kind offer; he’s not bothered by being alone. 

I said yes - perfect sanity saving solution, right? 

Wrong. So wrong. 

He works out, so he has these deliciously huge arm muscles, a broad chest, and strong legs. His hands are elegant, his skin is lightly tanned and smooth, so I know his body hair will be sparse - exactly how I like it - and his face is movie-star handsome. 

My swinger friends, I have never felt so horny in my life! When he’s here, we don’t drink coffee. We play board games, I make us dinner, we drink wine, and last time he was here until 1am, because we can talk for hours. But it’s all platonic and well behaved; his body language suggests no interest in me and we’re colleagues so I can’t risk hitting on him. 

Farrkkk! I can’t sleep, and the days we don’t catch up, I’m so agitated it’s just not funny. I’m looking at his face on a zoom call and squirming on my chair. 

It’s almost exquisite being this aroused the whole day. I’m nipping to my room between zoom meetings to put the Satisfyer Pro to work but that’s not reducing the torture. 

There’s a constant tingle in my pussy and I’m wet between my legs. I wake up wet, I go to sleep wet, and I can’t get a good night’s sleep because my dreams are about fucking him. 

I don’t know when my first KS date after lockdown will be, but that guy, whomever he is, is going to be fucked within an inch of his life. And just quietly, I’ll be thinking of my work bestie the whole time. 

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