Written by naughtywesty62


The evening stars were sending morse code to eachother as they do nearly every cloudless night. Saturday night I found myself craving to go out between the sheets of the earth below me and the star studded night sky above me. I felt like I was being charged by what I saw above me, a sence of belonging and knowing I too was being watched from afar.. I filled my glass placed it on the bench ready, the music was already playing in the background encouraging me, seducing me, as if they were the hands of a lover that I had not met yet.

I had a shower earlier and now that brought those memories to the surface. Tonight I will wear my black satin robe which feels soft, silky and smooth against my bare skin. I took the phone off the hook, grabbed my glass, pulled back the curtains opened the door and steeped out on to the deck. The wind was just a whisper through the tree branches as if it was calling me. I heard the busy world outside moving, sirens going off in the distance, cars speeding and a few people talking way off in the distance as the soft breeze carried their voices for all to hear...

As I started moving towards the my spot on the grass where I would lie down and get lost in wonder, I took a sip from my glass instanly my body felt warmer than moments before. My body reacted as it touched the ground through my satin robe, it felt so different so damp and rather sexy this time. I positioned my body so I could feel the night,be captured by the breeze and feel what needed to be felt.

I slowly untied my robe, it slid down on both sides of my body and in doing so uncovered my hard nipples that were reaching towards the heavens and my shaven pussy that was ready for me when i was.. My breathing started to get a little faster as I could feel my thighs start to tingle, that wave that happens. I started moving my fingernails all over my body, from my hair down passed my ears, slowly passsed my chin, between my breasts, over my hard erect nipples, down my stomach and towards my inner thighs. My body arched as I felt these feelings, I could feel the creature inside me wanting more and more..I pressed a little harder with my fingers and my hands knew from that moment they had to do more... My fingers started teasing slow at first then a little faster, my other hand surrounded my breast and squeezed, taking my nipple between my fingers rubbing back and forward. My attention now turned towards the hottest part of me at this point, between my legs. I was moist, hot and needed attention. I placed my fingers inside me and with that moist became wet, wet became soaked and soaked became saturated. I was overpowered by emotion that I came all over my fingers,which ran all over my robe soaked through to the earth beneath me. I reached for my glass had another drink and repositioned my robe, thanked the night sky and the earth for taking part in another memory that had just been created,took myself inside and freshend up, if the weather had been different and if it was raining then I would be doing it again UNDER THE STARS.......