Written by Malbion2013


Those who have read part 1 will know that my sweet, innocent and virgin Amy within days of gifting it to me had now given me an ultimatum that either I agree to her shagging other men when she wanted and with whom she wanted or she was dumping me. This was right out of the blue. Just what was I supposed to do, feel or even react? Well I can tell you that even if my brain was confused my cock most certainly was not. It now stood fully erect and throbbing so hard that I thought it might break off with the lightest of touches. Of course it didn't but it did shout out that I actually liked the idea. I soon came to realise that my Amy was already turning into a very delicious and stunningly beautiful slut of a girl ( she was after all not long legal at 16 years of age). She quickly learned the joys of quite a number of her work colleagues. My only Suprise was that other than me they were all old enough to be our fathers. It started with Don (he became one of her regular favourites) and progressed through John and Steve untill she had fucked the entire lot of dirty old and all married colleagues in her department. As far as I knew they all had kids as old as us too!

I left in part 1 where Amy had just returned home from work with a Contact Magazine. In the late 50's and early sixties this was the one and only way to find others with the same desire of swapping wives (and husbands of course) for sex. I too after the initial suprise of being presented with magazine was now excited and sporting a boner. Amy and I soon wrote to 4 of the advertisers and sealed them in stamped envelopes with the code numbers of them pencilled on the back of the envelopes. Next they all went into a larger stamped envelope which Amy ran to catch the post that night. As soon as she returned we shagged ourselves to sleep and could only dream of what was follow. After almost a week the first response fell through our posting box and we quickly opened it and found that they lived only 4 miles from us and Amy phoned and arranged for us to meet them at their house on the Saturday night at 6-30pm.

We must have been very naive as we soon learned that it was advisable usually to initially meet at a neutral venue just to maintain some control over the potential problems that could have occurred. Luckily Liz and Frank proved to be perfect. As soon Amy rang the bell Liz and Frank opened the door and we felt right at home and confident in our new friends. A glass of wine a little small talk had Amy explaining why she had 'persuaded' me to let her expand her horizons and to experience the freedom to shag who she wanted and when she wanted. How first new lover was in his sixties, married and with two grown up offspring of the very same ages as us! How Frank was both an an experienced and expert lover. Now she was about to add Frank to her resume if of course we all agreed. Well it took all of 10 seconds for him to cross the room and lay Amy down on the rug just in front of me! I was instantly herd and erect as for the first time I actually watched my Amy enjoy the most erotic of fucks I could have imagined. To see how she responded to having her tits kissed, bitten, pulled and twisted should not have surprised me as this was how she reacted to my administrations. The big difference was that she was now reacting to someone else! Frank soon had his tongue wriggling around Amy's sweet fanny. His fingers (one, two and then three) pumping in and out of her cunt. She was almost uncontrollable as Frank started to feed her his cock. It was probably a little longer than mine but lacked the girth of mine. Nevertheless he knew how to use it and was touching places I don't think Amy had been touched in before. Very soon she breathing erratically and I saw her face redden and her body was now shaking violently as she screamed out in the throws of orgasm after orgasm. I still vividly recall how proud I felt and of how stunningly beautiful she looked at that moment sublime ectasy. Wonderful and also I felt no jealousy only joy. How any man who like me professed of love could deny these joys proves to me how shallow that man is. I knew of our love for each other. Sex was sex and love was love. We never confused the two.

If you like I will continue with our journey into the wonderful world of sexual freedom in part3.